Two Approaches to Download Album Songs to Windows/ Mac

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Nov 5, 2020

Download Album Songs

People listen to music for different reasons. Some want to relax themselves through streaming soft music; others just want to find a way to distract their attentions such as while doing workout. No matter for what reasons you want to enjoy music, you can find free resources for listening on the most popular platforms for video/music, which are YouTube and Spotify. So for providing more convenient music streaming experience, this blog will offer you two methods to download album songs from these two platforms for more flexible offline music playback. Have a look now.

CONTENT Method 1. Download Albums Songs from YouTube - VideoHunterMethod 2. Download Spotify Album Songs to MP3 - SpotiKeep Converter

Method 1. Download Albums Songs from YouTube - VideoHunter

To download album songs from YouTube, you can choose a reliable YouTube converter to help. VideoHunter is a professional and efficient YouTube converter provides brilliant YouTube video converting and downloading services to users. It can download both singles and playlists from YouTube with high quality in 320kbps MP3, thus bring you convenient and enjoyable music streaming experience offline.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Also available to download videos from other 1,000+ platforms except for YouTube; Support to convert SoundCloud music to MP3 as well; Offer built-in converter for converting offline video/audio to 20+ mainstream formats (on Mac now); Provide high resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, 8K for selecting. Free Download Free Download

The best part of VideoHunter YouTube Converter should be its compatibility to convert and download the whole YouTube playlist offline. This brings convenience for people to save a whole album playlist without repeating the same downloading process one-by-one. In the following, you can go through a simple tutorial and see how VideoHunter performs to download YouTube playlist easily.

Step 1. Copy URL of the YouTube Playlist
After installing VideoHunter, you need to navigate to your web browser and turn to YouTube for finding the album playlist you want to download offline. After open the playlist and a video is ready to play, move to the top address bar and copy the URL from here.

Copy URL of YouTube Album Songs Playlist

Step 2. Paste URL to VideoHunter and Wait for Analysis
Now please launch VideoHunter and paste the URL into the downloading input box provided in Downloader. Subsequently, tab the Analyze button to resolve the link. For analyzing the URL of YouTube playlist, VideoHunter needs to take some time because there are many videos contained in it. Please wait for the analysis complete patiently.

VideoHunter Analyzing Playlist URL

Step 3. Select Format and Quality
When VideoHunter resolves the URL and generates the YouTube playlist for you, select format, quality, and the album songs you wish to download. After making all these selections, directly tab the Download icon provided to start downloading album songs offline.

Download Album Songs from YouTube Playlist

Tips for you:

1. VideoHunter will save the downloaded video/audio in its default folder. If you need to change to another folder, move to the Output section in the bottom of the interface before starting the analysis process (Mac users can change the output folder during the process of selecting output format).
2. VideoHunter supports batch download. So after selecting the songs and adding them to the downloading list, you just need to wait for the download completed without doing anything.

Method 2. Download Spotify Album Songs to MP3 - SpotiKeep Converter

Now let's move to see how to download Spotify album songs to MP3 with one-shot. SoptiKeep Music Converter is the tool that can realize this very easily. It helps to remove DRM from Spotify songs (an encryption technology used to protect digital content), then people can realize their aims to save Spotify songs out of the app and enjoy offline at anytime and anywhere.

Here I'll offer you a tutorial on downloading Spotify album songs with the help of SpotiKepp Music Converter.

NOTE: You need to install both SpotiKeep Music Converter and Spotify apps to your desktop in advance.

Step 1. After you install both apps, please launch SpotiKeep Music Converter, then it will also awake Spotify app, open and synchronize it for you.

Step 2. In Spotify app, search for the album you wish to download with SpotiKeep Music Converter. subsequently, please copy the URL of the whole album by right clicking its album cover. Then move to SkpotiKeep Music Converter.

Copy Album Link Spotify

Step 3. Please input the URL of the Spotify album into the analysis bar, and tab the Add File button beside the bar. Immediately, all the album songs contained in the playlist will be added to SpotiKeep Music Converter.

Add Spotify Album to SpotiKeep Music Converter

Step 4. Now you can select output format for the Spotify album songs. Select one for all or one-by-one. Eventually, click on Convert All and all the album songs will be converted to your selected format automatically.

NOTE: To converter all songs, tick Select All beside the convert button. Also, you can just select the songs you need to converter by ticking them instead of converting all.

Convert Spotify Album Songs to MP3

Getting both tools is available for you to download album songs from two most popular platforms with most comprehensive music resources. No matter you discover new albums on which platform, you can download them for offline playback easily. Take them now!

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