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Step-by-Step Guide to Download Any Resources from YouTube

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Nov 17, 2020

Download Any Resources from YouTube

YouTube contains many resources that people may have daily needs to stream, such as songs, audiobooks, or different genres of videos. But online streaming sometimes have problems, for example, when YouTube is down, or you are encountering with some YouTube playback errors, etc. As a backup, VideoHunter is recommended to be your reliable YouTube video downloader to download any resources from YouTube for offline enjoying.

CONTENT Part 1. How to Download Videos from YouTube One by OnePart 2. How to Download 320kbps Songs from YouTubePart 3. Quick Way to download A YouTube Playlist at Once

Part 1. How to Download Videos from YouTube One by One

VideoHunter is a brilliant video downloader for YouTube and other 1,000+ platforms. It provides very convenient and intuitive functions to allow users download videos from online websites easily. VideoHunter works extremely well to download YouTube videos, so using VideoHunter would be great to grasp any resources from YouTube.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Download YouTube videos with high resolutions (1080p, 4K, 8K); Convert YouTube soundtrack to MP3 in 320kbps; Download videos/audios from YouTube Playlist within one-click; Extract uploaded subtitle files from YouTube videos to TTML files; Enjoy 6X faster downloading speed offered by VideoHunter. Free Download Free Download

Now, at first, let's see how to download a single video from YouTube with high resolution for viewing offline.

STEP 1. Go to YouTube, and also find the video you'd like to download for offline watching. Then, you should copy its URL from the top address on the video page.
If you want to download a single video from a YouTube playlist, you should copy the URL by pressing the SHARE icon. Otherwise you would get the URL of a whole playlist.

Copy Single Video URL from SHARE

STEP 2. Now, turn to VideoHunter. You should enter "Downloader" for pasting the URL into the frame bar there. Then, hit the icon of "Analyze" to convert the video immediately.

Paste Single Video URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. After that, when VideoHunter provides the downloading options to you, you can choose video format for encoding the content. Also, select your preferred quality to save it offline immediately.

NOTE: If the YouTube video contains subtitle files, VideoHunter will also detect them and allows you to save its subtitles in provided languages as you need.

Select Output Format and Quality

Part 2. How to Download 320kbps Songs from YouTube

To convert a song from YouTube to MP3 for offline listening is also simple. VideoHunter offers the highest 320kbps quality for you to save the audio content. Here is a simple tutorial for you.

STEP 1. Likewise, go to YouTube and copy the URL of the YouTube music video, which you want to extract the audio file from. Also, pay attention to get the URL from the SHARE button or you will get the URL of the whole YouTube playlist (if the music video is contained in a playlist).

Copy Single Video URL from SHARE

STEP 2. After getting the URL, move to VideoHunter Downloader and insert the link to the frame bar. Then, hit the "Analyze" icon to get the song converted.

Paste and Analyze Song URL

STEP 3. Now in the format selection box, select "audio" option and VideoHunter will allow you to select MP3 as well as your preferred quality such as the highest 320kbps for downloading the song. After making your choice, directly hit "Download" for getting the song downloaded in MP3 320kbps for offline listening.

Select to Download 320kbps Song

Part 3. Quick Way to download A YouTube Playlist at Once

For more convenient download, VideoHunter adds YouTube playlist download to meet some users' demands in downloading several video/audio files from the same YouTube playlist. The process to use this function is simple. Let's see the guidance below.

STEP 1. Now on YouTube, you need to go to the YouTube playlist you want to download videos/audios from. Just open one video contained in the playlist. Then, copy the URL from the top address bar (not from the SHARE icon now).

Copy the YouTube Playlist URL

STEP 2. Then, go to VideoHunter and enter the playlist URL to the frame bar. After pressing the "Analyze" button, you need to wait for VideoHunter for detecting all the songs contained in the playlist.


If you are a Mac user, VideoHunter will pop up a notification after you clicking on the "Analyze" button, asking you to download this single video clip or detect the playlist for downloading more content. You need to select "Download Playlist".

Select Download Playlist Option Mac

STEP 3. When VideoHunter finishes detecting the playlist for you (the more videos contained in the playlist, the longer VideoHunter takes to analyze the URL), you can begin to select the video/audio format, quality, and the content contained in the playlist for downloading offline. Finally, just hit "Download" to start the downloading process.

Download Several Tasks from A Playlist

No matter you discover what kind of resources on YouTube (except for the paid content and videos in live streaming), VideoHunter can help you download within the most efficient and high-quality way. Try this brilliant YouTube downloader to get any resources from YouTube now!

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