Solutions to Extract Videos from Website [2020 Guide]

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Aug 20, 2020

Videos are becoming a main source for people to have fun and spend their spare time. However, a pity is that many online videos provided by mainstream websites are not available for downloading. Some of them are uploaded by different users in a common video format, while others are posted in an embedded way, regarding as part of the website. So how can we extract videos from websites and enjoy the content offline freely? There are two ways you can try to use.

CONTENT Solution 1. Extract Videos from Websites with VideoHunterSolution 2. Extract Videos from Websites with Screen Recorder

Solution 1. Extract Videos from Websites with VideoHunter

The simplest way to save videos from different video streaming websites is to download them in original quality. In this way, you can enjoy the same quality video playback offline but without many annoying playback errors. The problem for this solution is to find a multifunctional video downloader that can help extract videos from more websites. Hence, we brought VideoHunter here and recommend it to all of you.


VideoHunter has very high compatibility, which holds the ability to download online videos from 1,000+ websites! That means it can be helpful to let you extract videos from websites more conveniently without changing video downloaders frequently. Except for this brilliant feature, VideoHunter can actually bring more to users:

Free Download Free Download

1. 1080p, 4K, and 8K output options;
2. MP3, MP4, WEBM (Windows only), FLV (Bilibili video) mainstream formats;
3. Ads-free and 100% product interface;
4. 6X faster conversion and downloading speed;
5. YouTube playlist download features (Mac);
6. Subtitles download for YouTube, Vlive (Mac), CNN, and TED;
7. Batch download feature.

Now you can follow the next described steps to try extracting video from website via VideoHunter.

STEP 1. Go to the website and find an online video you need to extract from the web page and save offline. Then, copy its link.

STEP 2. Then launch the well-installed VideoHunter on your computer. As you enter the main feed of the program, directly paste the link of the online video to the frame bar. Don't forget to press the "Analyze" button there to start converting the video.

Paste URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. When some output choices pop up in a selection window, you can choose the format and quality you need for saving the video offline. After making one or more choices (you can save the video in different formats or quality at the same time), hit the "Download" button and all the tasks will started to be downloaded immediately.

Download Video VideoHunter

Solution 2. Extract Videos from Websites with Screen Recorder

Although VideoHunter works powerfully and professionally to help extract videos from popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, VLIVE, Twitter, Reddit, and so forth, it has restrictions in downloading video/audio files from some niche platforms. To cover this shortcoming, we offer an alternative method here to let you extract videos from the websites which VideoHunter doesn't support to directly download the videos from them.

The best way to extract videos from the websites which are not supported by all kinds of video downloaders is to record the content with a reliable screen recorder. There are many options on the screen recorder market, so I picked one reliable (according to many users) for introducing, which is RecordAnyVid.


RecordAnyVid's Main Features:

* A very simple interface for everyone to operate easily;
* Three recording modes offered - Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Screenshot;
* Mainstream formats such as WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V provided to save recordings;
* Webcam recording available;
* Mouse effect, video editing, clipping and trimming (paid version) available;
* Original quality recording.

Likewise, here we would also come to the operation process of using RecordAnyVid to extract video from websites. Have a look!

STEP 1. After installing RecordAnyVid on your device, launch the program and enter the interface of its "Video Recorder".

RecordAnyVid for Windows

STEP 2. Open the web page of the video you need to extract from the site. Now, customize the recording area using RecordAnyVid for fitting the video window. You can also select to record the full screen instead.

Then basing on your own needs, select whether to turn on Webcam mode and microphone sound. In addition, adjust the system volume to make sure it is in an ideal level.

Video Recorder for Windows

STEP 3. By clicking on the gear icon above microphone setting box, you can enter "Preferences" and make more advanced as well as detailed settings. This is basing on your requirements.

RecordAnyVid Preferences Windows

STEP 4. Now, the recording can be started. Play the video and also click "REC" to run the video recorder for starting to record the video content. When its completed, press the stop icon on the recording toolbar and you will be turned to the previewing window for saving the content.

Save Video Recording

STEP 5. Click "Save" to output the video recording directly. But a small tip for you is that the free trial of RecordAnyVid can only record video/audio for less than 3 minutes. So if you need to unlock this limitation, please upgrade it to the registered version in advance.

Recording Limitation

Do you get these two ways to extract videos from websites? Both of them are workable and are simple to grasp. They can be alternative ways to catch different online videos without hassle. So it is recommended for you to take them both! Try now to extract your first video from online site!

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