5 Helpful Tips Get More YouTube Subscribers

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Oct 5, 2020

Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Many YouTubers are struggling for getting more subscribers to boost their channels. As YouTube has became the second platform with large volume, getting more attention on it means that your online businesses can be much easier to success. Some people consider that getting more YouTube subscribers is not a simple task, but actually, it is not difficult once you grasp the tricks. So today, we'd like to offer you 5 helpful strategies to get more YouTube subscribers. Let's start now!

CONTENT 1. Customize Your YouTube Channel
2. Give a Strong Impression
3. Upload High Quality Videos Consistently
4. Interact with Your Audiences and Motivate Them to Subscribe
5. Promote Your Channel on Social Media

1. Customize Your YouTube Channel

It is important for you to customize your YouTube channel well for attracting more viewers. A well-customized YouTube channel can be outstanding in the following aspects.

Customize YouTube Channel

* Theme

Firstly, your YouTube channel has to present a clear theme to all the audiences for what content will your channel covers. According to the popularity of the content, your channel may gain success on different level. For example, if you have selected a trending topic recently, your video content may be easily noticed by more people and thus gain more YouTube subscribers.

The popular categories on YouTube include Vlogging, Cooking, Gaming, Tech, Comedy, Travel, Beauty and Fashion, Reactions and Commentary. As there are many YouTubers have doing such content right now, you can do simple researches and select a topic included in such topics in-depth for providing more professional and high-quality content to make your channel become more competitive.

* Settings

Except for the content, the most direct way to attract more YouTube subscribers is to customize the interface of your YouTube channel to be amazing and attractive. You can make fantastic banner for your channel page, and make the thumbnails of your videos to be in the same attractive style, and so forth. Making your channel have the ability to make strong impression on audiences and lead them to click "Subscribe" is also a strategy.

2. Give a Strong Impression

The best way to give a strong impression on potential subscribers is to attract them with your video content. So making great thumbnails for your videos can be a really important thing to do. If you want more people to click into your video and enjoy the content, thumbnail will be the thing that depends your success or failure. So grasp this chance!

Make YouTube Thumbnails

For making an eye-catching thumbnail, you still need to include some basic elements that you want to express to audiences about what this video is going to share. A good thumbnail (1280 x 720 pixels) that can make deep impression on audiences should contain:
* Contrasting colors;
* Clear title of the video;
* Funny/attractive image elements.

Also, even you have prepared all these materials well for making an eye-catching thumbnail, you should design them to be well-organized. You can ask your friends with good design ability for help if you fail to do well in this task. So in one word, no matter what ways you use, just try to make your YouTube video thumbnails to be better for calling to click.

3. Upload High Quality Videos Consistently

As the world's largest video streaming platform, YouTube contains the most video resources covering all categories. Because of its user-friendly video uploading process, there are more and more people join YouTube for sharing content on YouTube. According to some research data, on YouTube, there are over 600 hours of videos being uploaded within every minute in average. So to make your YouTube channel has the possibility to attract more subscribers, you need to keep updating your video content consistently.

Upload Regularly on YouTube Channel

But pay attention that high-quality video content is what people need, especially during this age when video content explode on the Internet. You need to use better video materials while make a YouTube video. To download them with better quality, VideoHunter is recommended to help.

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Simple Steps to Download Video Materials in HD Quality

Step 1. Search for the high-quality video materials on VideoHunter's supported sites. When you access one, copy its URL.

Step 2. Navigate to VideoHunter and paste the URL to the "Downloader" interface, then, press the "Analyze" button.

Paste URL to VideoHunter

Step 3. Select HD quality for saving the video material. Finally, hit "Download" to start downloading it offline to your desktop.

Select Format and Quality

4. Interact with Your Audiences and Motivate Them to Subscribe

People are more likely to follow those YouTubers who would give response and interact with them. So, maintaining a give-and-take relationship with your YouTube subscribers can keep them and attracts more audiences to press on the "Subscribe" button. It will be so exciting to receive a comment or a like from your appreciated YouTuber. Therefore, you can interact with the audiences under every video content you upload and in this way to motivate them to subscribe for your YouTube channel.

Interact with Audiences

You can try to leave some call-to-action comments for attracting audiences to express themselves. For example, you can ask for content ideas and take one or two of them for making your next videos. This is a way to show that your channel is a friendly place where welcomes audiences to speak out. Then you may probably see the amount of your YouTube subscribers is increasing!

5. Promote Your Channel on Social Media

Connecting your YouTube channel with other high-volume social media platforms is also a considerable way to boost your channel's subscribers. You may be more successful on other social media like Twitter or Instagram, so you can promote your YouTube channel there and ask your followers to subscribe it directly.

Promote YouTube Channel on Social Media

If you are writing blog or article content on other forums, you can introduce your videos by embedding them into the content which has connection. This is quite a natural way to help switch the readers of your blogs into YouTube channel and make them become your YouTube subscribers. According to many people, improve the number YouTube subscribers by making full use of other social media platforms is a quick way to gain success in a short term. So you can really try.

All in all, getting more YouTube subscribers is not a one-day work and it requires you to follow strategies in a long term. I am sure that once you get these major tips to run your YouTube channel, you will become more successful in getting more YouTube subscribers! Good luck!

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