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Scream! Top 10 Scary Halloween Movies to Watch for A Spooky Night 2020

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Oct 27, 2020

2020 Halloween Movies

This year, when most people prefer to stay at home and celebrate Halloween night with family for the safety of not getting infectious by coronavirus, the top option to create spooky atmosphere for the night should be watching a scary Halloween movie. There are so many classic and scary Halloween movies that are free for playback. So in today's blog, I'd like to bring 10 highly recommended Halloween movies to you. Are you ready for a horrible Halloween night of 2020? Let's get started!

CONTENT Top 10 Scary Halloween Movies for 2020How to Download Halloween Movies for Smooth Playback

Top 10 Scary Halloween Movies for 2020

These 10 Halloween movies are available for free playback on YouTube. You can open the YouTube video for directly streaming online. If you need to download them and transfer the movies for playing back on your television, you can learn the method to download YouTube Halloween movies in the next part. Now, let's see the top 10 list of the scary Halloween movies 2020.

1. The House of the Dead (1978)
Directed by: Sharron Miller
John Ericson
Ivor Francis
Judith Novgrod
Burr DeBenning
Charles Aidman
Bernard Fox
Richard Gates
Plot: The movie is consisted of 4 short stories, which are mixed together and tell a time when a man tries to avoid a rainstorm and then enters a mortician. The 4 stories are reated to four corpses laid in the mortician. The main characters that lead this movie include a modern-day Scrooge and a pack of evil children.

2. All Hallows' Eve 2 (2015)
Directed by:
Bryan Norton
Jesse Baget
Elias Benavidez
Andrés Borghi
Jay Holben
Mike Kochansky
James Kondelik
Jon Kondelik
Antonio Padovan
Ryan Patch
Marc Roussel
Cast: Andrea Monier, Damien Monier, Helen Rogers
Plot: At the beginning of the movie, a woman discovers a VHS tap in front of her house on the step by accident. She then plays the tape and finds that iit records several terrible real stories. However, a more horrible fact is that this tape doesn't not appear without reason. It is the tool used by a pumpkin-faced killer to find his next victim.

3. Campfire Tales (1991)
Directed by: William Cooke, Paul Talbot
Gunnar Hansen
Robin Roberts
Tres Holton
Courtney Ballard
Plot: This movie is all about a serial killer, pot smokers, a murderous yuppie and pirate zombies. There contain 4 stories and they are told by a group of youngsters during a night when they gather together and stay around a campfire. All these stories can bring you a scary night on Halloween.

4. The Child (1977)
Directed by: Robert Voskanian
Laurel Barnett
Rosalie Cole
Frank Janson
Richard Hanners
Ruth Ballan
Plot: In a place where there are not so many people and living creatures, a governess gets hired to take care of a girl. As he lives there, the governess discovers that the girl has supernatureal power, which can summon zombies. And now she is trying to make use of these zombies to find revenge for those things that lead to her mom's death.

5. Clownhouse (1989)
Directed by: Victor Salva
Nathan Forrest Winters
Brian McHugh
Sam Rockwell
Michael Jerome West
Plot: The movie focuses on three brothers, who are Casey, Geoffrey, and Randy. They are mistakenly trapped in an old house, where there are also three horrible and cruel killers with clown suits inside. The three brothers have to escaped from the three killers for keeping themselves safe.

6. Ginger Snaps (2000)
Directed by: John Fawcett
Emily Perkins
Katharine Isabelle
Kris Lemche
Mimi Rogers
Jesse Moss
Danielle Hampton
Plot: The movie is about two outcast sisters, who are Ginger and Brigitte. It happens at night in a suburban town of Bailey Downs, when Ginger is attacked by an unknown wild creature. However, a strange thing is that Ginger's wounds just heal automatically. It seems that the thing is so strange. When Brigitte discovers more, she realizes that she must do something to save both her sister and her own life.

7. Grotesque (1988)
Directed by: Joe Tornatore
Linda Blair
Tab Hunter
Donna Wilkes
Guy Stockwell
Brad Wilson
Nels Van Patton
Charles Dierkop
Luana Patten
Robert Z'Dar
Plot: This movie is all about a man, who works as a plastic-surgeon and is a young lady's uncle. However, a fact is that, the man's real aim is to arrange their family 's massacre by punks.

8. Halloweenight (2009)
Directed by: Mark Polonia
Cindy Wheeler
Todd Carpenter
Ken Van Sant
Brian Berry
Bob Dennis
Dave Fife
Matt Satterly
S.A. Diasparra
Plot: The story happens because a student who is always bullied by others wants to revenge on those who hurt him. So when it comes to a college party on Halloween night, he starts to revenge them by using a living scarecrow and causes a horrible massacre. There only has one lady can stop this.

9. Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street (2008)
Directed by: P.J. Starks
Cast: John Page, Katie Green, Megan Fuller
Plot: There is a strange thing - every year when it is several days before the opening of Slaughter on Second Street, there has haunted attraction, and a tragedy happens. So this attraction has kept closed until the mistery is solved. So in the movie, people would begin to inversitage this strange thing, then horrible things happen. Who will survie and who will die?

10. Hayride (2012)
Directed by: Terron R. Parsons
Jeremy Ivy
Sherri Eakin
Richard Tyson
Corlandos Scott
Jeremy Sande
Kara Riann Brown
Plot: The movie focuses on a college student. He is returning home from school because of the Halloween holiday. However, an escape murder takes refuge in his family's "Haunted Hayride". So the poor student has to faced the fear and avoid being killed by the terrible killer.

How to Download Halloween Movies for Smooth Playback

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Download Halloween Free Movies from YouTube

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Download Scary Halloween Movie

After downloading the Halloween movie, you can play it with your TV or computer during the Halloween night with your family. Enjoy the screaming night!

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