3 Best Ways to Download Bandcamp Album to MP3 with Ease

As a fantastic online music store, Bandcamp delivers niche music created by independent musicians for people to enjoy the awesome musical world or stimulate the inspiration of those who wish to write a song. Nevertheless, although people can feel free to upload and try playing Bandcamp music on the platform, it's not so handy to download from Bandcamp through the links it provides. Some people may ask if they can download Bandcamp album to MP3 after purchasing for listening offline without an Internet connection. Hopefully, the answer is affirmative. With a reliable program, you can easily download Bandcamp albums to MP3 files for saving offline. In the following post, we will walk through the detailed guidance. Please scroll down and read.

CONTENT 1. Desktop Bandcamp Downloader - Batch Download Bandcamp Songs at once2. Bandcamp Downloader Extension - Chrome/Firefox Available3. Hassle-Free Online Bandcamp DownloaderFAQs on Bandcamp Downloader

1. Desktop Bandcamp Downloader - Batch Download Bandcamp Songs at once

For desktop users, VideoHunter is regarded as the best Bandcamp playlist downloader for its sparkling features. The desktop program runs smoothly on the latest Windows and Mac computers for providing the high-definition outputs to download online videos from more than 1,000 popular sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, and so format. Despite videos, VideoHunter also performs the great ability to convert and download music playlists from global music streaming sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and so forth to MP3 with the best quality at 320kbps. Furthermore, the amazing program also contains the following criteria that make it an out-performing downloader of 2022:

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Support to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and 1,000 more websites; Offer high resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K to output; Offer mainstream formats like MP3, MP4 to encode the videos; Allow to download subtitles in an extra file offline; Enable 6X faster speed and batch download to save much time; Ensure 100% clean and safe environment for everyone to use. Free Download Free Download

• The best 320kbps and 256kbps are provided to select for converting music to MP3 offline. • It supports high definitions such as HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 8K to output videos. • The batch conversion feature is delivered to ensure higher productivity in converting and downloading a list of videos or music. • Playlist and subtitles download are both supported by VideoHunter. • It can perform the downloading process to 6X faster. • The built-in proxy setting facilitates no-border video/music download regardless of regional restrictions.

VideoHunter provides 3 free downloads each day for registered accounts to download online videos and music for free. You can immediately register an account for trying to download Bandcamp music for free following the steps below.

# Step 1. Register A VideoHunter Account

To access the free service, you need to register and log in to the VideoHunter account first. Please go to the Membership Center on the official site or directly launch VideoHunter for completing the registration process in the pop-up sign-up window. If you have an account already, directly log in and access the main feed of the program.

Log in VideoHunter

# Step 2. Copy and Paste Bandcamp Music URL

You ought to get the URL of the Bandcamp music you desire to download. Please go to the platform and access the Bandcamp song for copying its URL. Subsequently, bring the URL back to VideoHunter and paste it to the downloading bar. Tap the Analyze button and VideoHunter will start resolving the URL.

 VideoHunter Windows Main Interface

# Step 3. Download Bandcamp Music

Just a moment, the output options will be provided. You can select an output format and quality for downloading Bandcamp music offline now. Simply click on the Download button, the downloading process will be initiated.

 Choose Bandcamp Music Format

You can finally check the downloading history in the Finished module for accessing the downloaded Bandcamp music for playback offline. Simply open the output folder by clicking on the Open Folder and you can access them on your computer.

Free Download Free Download

2. Bandcamp Downloader Extension - Chrome/Firefox Available

Downloading a third-party program occupies certain storage space, and it may not be compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, some people would prefer utilizing web-based tools to download Bandcamp music. This part will introduce the two reliable Bandcamp downloader extensions you can try to download Bandcamp music in the browser.

# Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is an add-on for both Chrome and Firefox users to download videos and music from a lot of popular sites, including Bandcamp, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitch, and more. When it detects the Bandcamp music play icon, right-click on it and the download option is provided to save the song directly.

 Video DownloadHelper

• It supports all popular streaming sites.
• The usage of the extension is simple.
• Popular formats such as MP4, FLV, and 3GP, MPEG are supported to output videos or music.

• Doesn't support to download a whole playlist at once.
• MP3 is not supported as an audio output format.

# Bandcamp MP3-128 saver

As one of the top-3-ranking Bandcamp downloader extensions in Google's extension store, Bandcamp MP3-128 saver is also a great partner to help download Bandcamp albums without help from any other third-party tools. After installing this extension, users can apply one click to extract the whole Bandcamp album song list for downloading all of them in the extension at once. You will find Bandcamp MP3-128 saver extremely helpful and easy to use.

 Bandcamp MP3-128 saver

• Downloading a whole Bandcamp album is supported.
• The detecting and converting speed are both fast.
• The extension is completely free to use.

• It doesn't provide selectable quality options to download Bandcamp music.
• The speed of its performance highly relies on the network status and browser performance.

3. Hassle-Free Online Bandcamp Downloader

Now we come to the other 3 online Bandcamp downloaders, which allow the downloading process to be completed in browsers regardless of what devices you are using. Even you are a mobile user, you can utilize them to download Bandcamp music within one shot.

# 9xbuddy

9xbuddy is an online video downloader helper for people to easily download videos and music from a lot of supported websites. The platform is still adding more supported sites for covering the demands of most people. Without messy ads and with a clear interface, 9xbuddy will be a nice partner for you to download Bandcamp music online.


• It offers a clean interface without ads unlike other online downloaders do.
• The analyzing and downloading speed is fast.
• Keep updating the supported sites to help cover more user demands.

• Some supported sites claimed by the platform are not supported actually.

# Tubeninja.net

Another popular online video downloader should be Tubeninja.net. This online helper supports both some popular and also regional niche video or music streaming sites, in that provides people with a wider range of video/music download supports to save any online resource they like for offline playback. You can use Tubeninja.net to download Bandcamp album simply by copying and pasting the URL. The manipulation will be very simple to learn.


• Many niche regional video/music sites are also supported by the platform.
• TThe service is entirely free and safe to utilize.

• Include some pop-up ads that would disturb the downloading process while using.

# Locoloader

The final online video downloader you can utilize for downloading Bandcamp music is Locoloader. The design of this online tool is extremely simple. It also utilizes the simple copy-and-paste method for getting the Bandcamp music analyzed, converted, and downloaded. You can trust Locoloader for utilizing on any device, which is entirely secure.


• Offer a clean interface without messy ads listed.
• It supports unlimited times of downloads per day.
• The downloading process is easy to manipulate.

• You would need to register an account after the trial.

FAQs on Bandcamp Downloader

As you may come up with confusion towards Bandcamp cause you are less familiar with this music platform, these FAQs could help you get a better understanding of it. Please check.

Is Bandcamp Downloader Safe?

Bandcamp is one of the best sites developed for sharing and streaming music. It provides an entirely secure environment and musicians can also earn profit from their uploaded works. People are required to purchase the songs for enjoying to show regard to the authors. Therefore, you can trust the security of Bandcamp and enjoy your music trip on it.

Which is better: Bandcamp VS SoundCloud?

Unlike music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, Bandcamp and SoundCloud are friendly for musicians to distribute their creative works and win audiences to enjoy the music. The similarities of the two platforms refer to that they both provide a platform for people to listen to songs online and also share the created music for free. They both offer a platform for independent musicians to earn profit through selling their songs to the targeted audiences.

The most distinguishing difference between Bandcamp and SoundCloud should be the core music category they focus on. Bandcamp would much emphasis on stereotype, so people who prefer twee indie music would discover more songs of this type on the platform; while SoundCloud contains music of much popular types such as hip hop and other mainstream music.


Even though Bandcamp is not so popular as SoundCloud or other music streaming platforms, there are still tools perform to help download Bandcamp album or music to MP3 for offline streaming. The introduced methods in this post are all reliable and secure to try. Simply select the most appropriate method for yourself to download music from Bandcamp.

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