Today, YouTube becomes indispensable in people's lives, because it has occupied very high active user volumes, and provides a smooth playback experience to all its dear users. There are lots of useful video resources uploaded on YouTube every day, and you can discover the video resources in all kinds of categories. Music is also an important component of YouTube. However, without a downloading service provided, how can people convert YouTube to MP3 and save the audio resources they like for playing offline? This blog will list 3 easy ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on both PC and mobile devices without hassle. Check out what they are now!

NOTE: Downloading YouTube videos to MP3 or any other formats to make money or downloading copyrighted content is against YouTube’s terms of service.

CONTENT 1. Convert YouTube to MP3 320kbps on Desktop with VideoHunter (Windows/Mac)2. Convert YouTube to MP3 with All-in-one YouTube Downloader (Windows/Mac)3. Convert YouTube to MP3 on PC with ByClick Downloader (Windows)4. How to Download YouTube Video to MP3 Online5. How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android/iOS

1. Convert YouTube to MP3 320kbps on Desktop with VideoHunter (Windows/Mac)

Frankly speaking, this is a completely simple task because there are many video downloaders provided to save YouTube videos without hassle. But for people who are new to this field, they would consider a reliable one, which should be 100% safe, easy to use, and of high quality. Based on these needs, VideoHunter will be the best YouTube to MP3 converter that always provides stable and fast YouTube to MP3 downloads.

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VideoHunter is a brilliant YouTube music video downloader as well as YouTube audio converter. It works stably to convert YouTube common videos, music videos to MP3 format with high output quality such as 320kbps and 160kbps. You should never worry about how to turn a YouTube video into an MP3 because VideoHunter is completely simple to use due to its intuitive interface. In addition, VideoHunter can also work as a YouTube playlist to MP3 converter, which is able to convert a whole YouTube playlist to MP3 format in 320kbps at once.


Highlighted Features of VideoHunter:

• It provides the best 320kbps and 256kbps quality options to select for converting music to MP3 offline.
• It’s available to download YouTube video longer than 2 hours, which is more competitive than other YouTube downloader on the market.
• It supports the output of high-definition videos such as HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K.
Batch conversion feature to ensure higher efficiency in converting and downloading a list of videos or music.
• It allows to download YouTube playlists and merge subtitles after downloading with only simple clicks.
• It performs 6X faster than other downloaders with the highest quality guaranteed.
• The built-in proxy settings facilitate successful downloads when there are regional restrictions on the videos/audios.

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Guide on how to convert YouTube to MP3 via VideoHunter:

STEP 1. Move to YouTube platform at first and go to the YouTube video you want to convert its soundtrack to MP3. Then, copy its URL.

STEP 2. Paste the URL of the YouTube video to the interface of VideoHunter's downloader. After that, press the "Analyze" icon provided there to start converting YouTube music to MP3.

Paste YouTube Link

STEP 3. Just wait for a minute, the output choices will be showed up to you. You should move to the cursor to "Download Audio" section and choose the preferred quality such as 320kbps to save the YouTube video.

NOTE: You can also download the YouTube video in MP4 format or its embedded subtitles separately. VideoHunter will solve the downloading processes at the same time because of its batch download feature.

320kbps Audio Option

STEP 4. Finally, just by clicking on the "Download" button in the format menu, you can begin to turn YouTube video into MP3 or other formats. VideoHunter performs quickly and will save the content for you very soon.

Convert YouTube to MP3 320kbps

A Tutorial Video on How to Convert YouTube to MP3

YouTube video

#Tips of VideoHunter:

VideoHunter launches the YouTube playlist downloading feature on both Windows and Mac. So you can use this function to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 at once. It can help a lot to save your time!

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2. Convert YouTube to MP3 with All-in-one YouTube Downloader (Windows/Mac)

YouTube Downloader as a light-weight and desktop program, develops excellent YouTube downloading features to meet the needs of all YouTubers. By using this best YouTube to MP3 converters, you will realize how simple it is to convert your favorite YouTube music videos to MP3. You're able to save YouTube to MP3 in 128kbps, 320kbps for high-quality audio enjoyment. More importantly, without any bundled software, this easy-to-use YouTube to MP3 downloader provides 3 free downloads every day.

Steps on How to Download YouTube to MP3 with YouTube Downloader:

Step 1. Copy and paste YouTube URL to the Analyze box.

Step 2. Click "Analyze", wait for seconds and this downloader will show up all the output quality and format options in list.

Step 3. Choose MP3 as output format, and you can directly select "best" by default to save the highest quality of every video. Then just let YouTube Downloader to do the rest.

Download YouTube to MP3

3. Convert YouTube to MP3 on PC with ByClick Downloader (Windows)

ByClick Downloader is another useful YouTube to MP3 downloader which works only on Windows. It supports to download YouTube to MP3, AAC, and M4A for audio formats. Meanwhile, it also works as a powerful YouTube video downloader with MP4, FLV, MKV and other mainstream video format provided. However, it now does not support YouTube playlist download neither the private YouTube video download in the free trial.

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Steps on How to Download YouTube to MP3 with ByClick Downloader:

STEP 1. Copy and paste the YouTube URL to the Download input box.

STEP 2. Choose output format as MP3 and customize the output quality. To best enjoy the music video in audio format, you can choose 320kbps as output quality.

STEP 3. After all the settings are done, click to download and wait till the YouTube to MP3 download finished.

ByClick Downloader

4. How to Download YouTube Music as MP3 Online


YT5s is a delicate online YouTube video downloader which allows you to download videos without any extra app. You should never neglect its great ability to convert files to high definition. In the meanwhile, it’s highly compatible with all devices like Windows, Mac or Linux, Android and iPhone. By just copy and paste the URL of the videos that you want to convert, it will provide you with output format options including MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM, MO formats, etc.

What surprises you most might be that it also supports to download YouTube videos longer than 2 hours, which would be the best option to download long YouTube music videos. Although this online tool is a totally free YouTube to MP3 converter and will always be, you may be bombarded with annoying ads with every click on this website.

Guide on how to turn a YouTube video to MP3 with YT5s:

STEP 1. Go to Copy and paste the YouTube URL of the video or song you want to convert to mp3.

STEP 2. Paste the URL to the download box and click "Start" to analyze it.


STEP 3. In this step, you could preview information of the video you would like to download. Choose the output format as MP3 or the other options such as MP4 or OGG if you need. Then click "Get Link" to get the download sources.

YT5s Choose Output Format

STEP 4. Now click the "Download" button to convert YouTube to MP3 free.

YT5s Click Download


As name suggests, YTmp3 works smoothly on YouTube to MP3 downloads. This free online YouTube to MP3 converter is supported on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone devices and requires no registration or extra apps to download, which is pretty convenient. However, YouTube to MP4 downloads is only available on PC. Moreover, there is no quality output options for you to choose and all you can do is to download the video/audio in the quality it provides. Having said that, over 90% of the downloaded files will reach at least 128 kbps and some of them can be 320 kbps.

This YouTube to MP3 downloader works fast to analyze the URL you paste, which often takes only seconds to parse. The point is that it now does not support to download YouTube videos longer than 90 minutes or YouTube playlist. If you only require a small quantity of YouTube to MP3 downloads, YTmp3 could be a fast and free option.

Guide on how to Download YouTube to MP3 with YT mp3:

STEP 1. Copy and paste the YouTube URL to the input box.


STEP 2. Click convert. Then YTmp3 will analyze the URL in seconds. You can click MP3 under the input box, then click the blue button named “Download mp3”. Be careful not to click on the green or red button below or it will lead you to the ads.

YTMP3 Download YouTube to MP3

5. How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android/iOS

This part is for mobile devices users. If you are using an iOS or Android devices instead of desktop, here is still a way for you to convert YouTube to MP3. All you need is a simple online YouTube to MP3 Converter - U2Convert. Now, let's just move direct to the tutorial on converting YouTube to MP3 on iOS and Android devices.

# On iOS Devices

NOTE: If you are using iOS 13 or later iOS systems, you can directly use Safari for converting YouTube to MP3 with U2Convert. In addition, for users using iOS systems that are lower than iOS 12, you need to use the built-in browser of Documents to proceed with the conversion process.

STEP 1. At first, you should go to YouTube and copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert to MP3 for offline listening.

STEP 2. Move to Safari/Documents browser, and go to U2Convert. Then, directly paste the URL of the YouTube video to the frame bar on U2Converter's YouTube to MP3 Converter interface. When you paste the URL, it will directly convert the video for you.

U2Convert Paste URL

STEP 3. When different output qualities provided for the MP3 files are offered by U2Convert, just choose your needed one and hit the icon of "Download" to save the converter MP3 YouTube video to your iOS device.

Convert YouTube to MP3 U2Convert

# On Android Devices

STEP 1. Unlike iOS devices, you can use any browser to convert YouTube to MP3 on Android devices. So open a browser you use often, and go to YouTube for copying the URL of the YouTube video.

STEP 2. Open another tab, and navigate to U2Convert YouTube to MP3 Converter. Then, input the link to the frame bar, and U2Convert will analyze it for you.

STEP 3. When U2Convert offers the output choices to you, select MP3 with the quality you need, and press the "Download" to turn YouTube video into MP3.


That's all! You now get 4 ways to convert YouTube to MP3 using different devices. They will be helpful especially for those who rely on YouTube for listening to all kinds of music. So when you also need to convert YouTube video to MP3, or extract the soundtracks out of the videos you like, turn to this tutorial to figure it out! If you still want to try other YouTube to MP3 converters, major factors you need to consider are audio quality, ease of use, security, and speed. We will still work on searching for more competent and reliable tools for downloading YouTube to MP3. Thanks for your support!

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