VideoHunter is a leading brand delivering multiple solutions to improve the video streaming experience for users around the globe. Since its foundation, VideoHunter has launched multiple video downloaders to download online videos and audio from 1,000+ streaming sites, including an all-in-one video downloader, VideoHunter, and some lightweight software specializing for certain demands in downloading videos and audio from exact sites powerfully, such as VideoHunter YouTube Downloader, VideoHunter Pornhub Downloader, and VideoHunter TikTok Downloader.

To provide an opportunity for users to get familiar with those software and the powerful video/audio downloading services brought by VideoHunter first, a compelling event is now released by VideoHunter's official, from which you can get free chances to use its software without paying a penny. From today, by writing a review for any of the 5 VideoHunter downloaders, you will be awarded an annual license to use the software for free!

Get A FREE VideoHunter License Code

How Does VideoHunter Free License Work?

For anyone who wants to get a free VideoHunter license, we offer 3 available ways for you to leave a review for any VideoHunter software! Once complete, reach VideoHunter support team with your verified review content, and we will issue you the free license for the VideoHunter software you have reviewed!


The free review license will stay valid for a whole year! During this period, you can use it to register VideoHunter software and use full features delivered to registered users completely for free! No hidden cost or strings attached!

Now, keep reading and grasp a look to get your VideoHunter free license right away!

Option 1. Post A SNS Review on Your Website

If you are a blogger or website owner, you can get a free license by posting a review for VideoHunter software on your blog/ website. Once the review post is published, send its URL to us by email. If it meets our requirements, we will then send you the free registration code which lets you access all advanced features of the software. Specific requirements of the review are listed below:

Content Sharing Requirements:

  • The followers of your blog or daily active users of your website should exceed 20,000;
  • The review post should be 600 or more words;
  • Please keep your review accurate and original. Copying from others or existing posts is not allowed;
  • At least one internal link given to back to VideoHunter’s product page should be contained in your review post.

Option 2. Upload a Video Review on Your Channel

For any YouTubers or video creators, you can create a review video about VideoHunter and post it on your channel on video-sharing sites, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Send the video link to our support team after posting the video. Once we receive and confirm it, you will get the free registration code. Please check the requirements below for a qualified video review of VideoHunter:

Content Sharing Requirements:

  • Make sure your accounts have over 300 followers;
  • The video should be of the "software review" theme;
  • Make sure your video review is longer than 90 seconds;
  • One or more backlinks to VideoHunter’s product page should be embedded in the video description.

Option 3. Share A Post on Your Social Media

For those who don’t have websites or a qualified video platform account, you can share a VideoHunter post on your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, and capture the screenshot on your post. Send it to us and you will get a VideoHunter free license which unlocks all features right away! Also, make sure your post meets the following requirements:

Content Sharing Requirements:

  • The social media account you used to post a VideoHunter review should have at least 1,000 followers;
  • Your review post should be more than 100 words and with at least 1 backlink for VideoHunter’s product page.


  1. Besides the above 3 methods, if you get any ideas on giving a review to VideoHunter, please contact us by email:
  2. The review content should be kept at least 1 year after getting the free license. Otherwise, your free qualification will be canceled.

Available VidoHunter Products

Now, just choose one VideoHunter product you are interested in and give it a complete review to invite more others to join! The following software is available in this "free license for review" event!

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