5 Ways to Download Private YouTube Videos (100% Success)

For users' convenience, YouTube enables video creators to set videos as private and share them with those who get invited. This brings convenience when creators just want their friends and families instead of the public to view. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't allow for downloading private videos except for the video creators.

So what if you want to keep a private YouTube video offline? Or even download someone else's private videos? In this blog, we'll share all methods and tools to download private YouTube videos, be it yours or others. Check these 5 methods and start downloading private YouTube videos now.


Due to YouTube's attitude toward private videos, no video downloader is allowed to download others' private videos without access. Currently, third-party YouTube downloaders can download private videos if you can access them. This means you can watch them after getting invited.

Can You Download Private YouTube Videos

Normally, video owners can download their private videos from YouTube Studio (click here for detailed steps). And the videos are downloaded with quality loss. For viewers, they can not download them from YouTube. They are only allowed to watch private videos on YouTube with the invitation and the links of private videos.

Considering the limitations brought by YouTube, you can turn to YouTube video downloaders for help. With these feature-rich downloaders, you can download private videos from YouTube with original quality. In the following parts, several helpful YouTube downloaders for private videos will be introduced. Keep reading and pick one to download private videos from YouTube easily.

Unavailable Private YouTube Videos

Best Way to Download Other's Private YouTube Videos Without Permissions

For desktop users, there are many excellent private YouTube downloaders capable of downloading private YouTube videos of high quality offline. Among so many private video downloaders for YouTube, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader stands out as the best one with its private playlist downloads and high video quality.

Free Download Free Download VideoHunter YouTube Downloader only needs a video link to download a private YouTube video or private playlists of high quality (options like HD 1080P, 4K, and even 8K are provided to select). It offers popular formats, such as MP4, to save YouTube private videos offline, making it easy for you to watch them on different devices and no need to worry that they suddenly disappear.

When you download a private video with VideoHunter YouTube Downloader, the video creators won't know at all. As long as you can access the private video, you can download it.

Best as Top Private YouTube Video Downloader

  • Download YouTube videos of all types, such as private and unlisted videos.
  • Best at 8K resolutions to save private YouTube videos with the best quality.
  • Grab YouTube private playlists and channels at a 6X faster speed.
  • Download private YouTube videos to MP4 or MP3 for offline playback.
  • Grab subtitles to merge with YouTube videos.

Now, take one more minute and grasp how to download a private YouTube video via VideoHunter YouTube Downloader:

STEP 1. Launch VideoHunter YouTube Downloader on your computer. Now, directly paste the link of the private YouTube video you get to the bar. Hit the "Analyze" icon.

Free Download Free Download

Paste Private YouTube Video Link


STEP 2. Just several seconds later, the output choices with optional formats and quality will pop up for you to select. To download the private YouTube video in HD, choose "MP4" and "1080P". If the video has subtitles, the powerful private YouTube video downloader can also download them. Hit the "Download" icon to save the private YouTube video.

Choose MP4 and 1080P

STEP 3. When VideoHunter YouTube Downloader downloads the private video, no notification will be sent to the uploader. Once it finishes, go to the "≡"icon in the upper right corner and choose "History" to watch private YouTube videos offline.

VideoHunter YouTube Downloader also supports YouTube playlist download. So if you get a link of private YouTube playlist and you can access each private video, you can also use the software to batch download all private videos from it at once without wasting much time.

Free Download Free Download

Watch Private YouTube Videos Offline

3 Alternatives to Download YouTube Private Video (100% Work)

Apart from professional VideoHunter YouTube Downloader, there are other YouTube private video downloaders. Here we've collected 3 more options to help download the private video. Each of them is great with special features.

4K Video Downloader - High compatibility

4K Video Downloader is available for macOS, Windows, Linux and Android, which can help download private videos from YouTube to your computer and Android phone. Similar to VideoHunter YouTube Downloader, 4K Video Downloader also downloads private YouTube videos in batches. This feature is needed if you try to download tons of private videos your families share with you.

If you want to save your own private YouTube videos and other private YouTube content you have access to, trythis desktop YouTube private video downloader. Interested in it? Check out our full review of 4K Video Downloader.

SnapDownloader - Impressive Free Version

For those who have access to YouTube private videos, SnapDownloader is an excellent option with features you'll need. It can download private YouTube videos to MP4 at the best quality up to 8K. For private YouTube playlist downloads, it performs well with a batch download feature and fast speed.

Best of all, SnapDownloader is free for 48 hours. This means you can use all its features to download videos for free. Overall, you can use this private YouTube video downloader once to save all the private videos you want from YouTube.


After 48 hours, you can turn to VideoHunter YouTube Downloader for help. It offers 3 free downloads every day. With similar features and 6X speed, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader can be your solid option.

ByClick Downloader - Reasonably-priced Paid Plans

Designed for Windows users, ByClick Downloader is helpful for private YouTube video downloads with up to 8K video quality and multiple video and audio formats. Offering MP4, WMV, MP3, and other common formats, ByClick lets you save private videos or just their music from YouTube easily.

What makes this private YouTube video downloader stand out is the cheap paid versions. It only requires $7.99 for a monthly subscription and $9.99 for a lifetime version, making it suitable for longtime YouTube users who want to download private videos from time to time. The bummer is no free version. So you may check ByClick Downloader's full review before committing to its paid plans.

Easy Way to Download Private YouTube Videos via Extension

Don't neglect the powerful video download function brought by some browser extensions! With these lightweight extensions, you can easily download private YouTube videos to MP4 online for free. In the following, take the two most popular ones for Google Chrome and Firefox to easily download private YouTube videos with access for free!

For Firefox

Video Downloader Professional helps Firefox users download private videos from the YouTube web player to MP4. If you can view the private video on YouTube, follow these steps to install the extension and download a private YouTube video online right now:

Step 1. Firstly, add Video Downloader Professional to the Firefox browser.

Step 2. Then open the video page of the private YouTube video you want to download offline and click the extension button. It will detect the video to download.

Step 3. When Video Downloader Professional detects the video embedded in this private page, the download button will turn green. Click it to download a private YouTube video offline immediately.

Video Downloader Professional

For Chrome

If you are a Chrome user, Internet Download Manager could be a reliable and free Chrome extension to help you download private YouTube videos online. For those who want to download private videos from YouTube while watching them, try this online and free YouTube private video downloader now. Before starting, make sure you can access private YouTube videos.

Step 1. When you have added Internet Download Manager to Chrome browser, directly go to YouTube and open the private YouTube video you need to download. Play the video.

Step 2. When you see the "Download This Video" button appearing in the top-right corner, click it.

Step 3. Next, Internet Download Manager will allow you to select format as well as quality to save private YouTube videos.

Step 4. Finally, simply click the "Start Download" button and the private YouTube video will directly be downloaded as common video files offline.


If these unstable browser extensions fail, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader has you covered! It guarantees easy, stable, and higher-quality private YouTube video downloads.

Internet Download Manager

Two Ways to Download Private YouTube Videos on Android

For mobile users who want to know how to download private videos from YouTube directly on mobile, here are two efficient ways for both iOS and Android systems.

Method 1. Download Private YouTube Videos Via VideoHunter for Android

For Android users, downloading private videos on phone can be incredibly easy with VideoHunter for Android. With the best 8K resolution and batch download feature,VideoHunter for Android lets you easily download private videos of the best quality in bulk. Better yet, it is free to use, making it perfect for downloading YouTube private videos for free on Android.

After making sure you can access the private content, follow the steps below to download private YouTube videos via VideoHunter for Android for free:

STEP 1. Firstly, install VideoHunter for Android from its official product page.

Free Download

STEP 2. Once complete the installation, open the app and directly paste the private YouTube video link to the built-in browser.

STEP 3. When you have opened the video page, VideoHunter for Android will automatically detect the video and the download icon will turn blue. Tap the downward arrow icon in the bottom-right corner.

STEP 4. In just several seconds, the app will pop up the output choices of format and resolutions for you to select. Now you can select MP4 as the format to save the private YouTube video to MP4 on an Android device. Simply click "Download" and it will immediately download it for you.

For more apps, find one by yourself from YouTube video downloaders for Android.

Download Private YouTube Video on Android

Method 2. Download Private YouTube Videos with Commands

On mobile devices, another way to download private YouTube videos without permission is by using several commands. This method is available for both Android and iOS devices. But ahead of all, you are required to install Termux from the Google Play Store (Android) or A-Shell from the App Store (iOS):

  • termux-setup-storage Enter
  • cd ~/storage/downloads Enter
  • pkg install python -y Enter
  • pip install –upgrade youtube-dl Enter (Android) / pip install youtube-dl Enter (iOS)
  • youtube-dl [Private Video URL] -u [your account] -p [your password] Enter

After processing and entering these commands, you should successfully download the exact YouTube private video to preserve on your mobile devices without hassle! If this method doesn't work, iPhone users can try to record the private video with the built-in screen recorder and Android users can turn to VideoHunter for Android.

Free Download

Direct Way to Download Your Private Videos from YouTube

As the owner of YouTube private videos, you can directly download private videos without YouTube Premium.  The only downside is reduced private video quality. For example, if your original video is 1080P, the downloaded private video will be saved at up to 720P.


If you care about original video quality, try VideoHunter YouTube Downloader. It ensures the original quality at up to 8K, helping you save private videos with the details.

The following steps will guide you on how to do it step-by-step and save your private videos from YouTube as common files offline again.

Step 1. Open the YouTube app and log in with your account.

Step 2. Tap the profile icon and select to open YouTube Studio.

Step 3. In your YouTube Studio, click "Content" from the left panel and select "Videos" to open your uploaded library.

Open Video Library YouTube Studio

Step 4. Click the three-dots icon and select the "Download" option to save it offline right away.

Download Private YouTube Videos Studio

FAQs about YouTube Private Videos

How to watch someone's private YouTube videos?

If you are invited, you will receive the private video link via email. In this case, copy and paste the link to Google, and sign in with your Google account that is invited. Then, you can directly start playing the private YouTube video online.

Can you see who views your private YouTube videos?

Both viewers and the creator can't see who views private YouTube videos. But they can see how many views the private YouTube videos have gotten.

Can you watch and download YouTube private videos without access?

For watching private YouTube videos
If you just want to watch private videos without permission, try this one. Go to the private video that you wish to watch. Delete "watch?" from the private video link. However, this method doesn't work every time. The only proven method is to ask the owner's permission to view the private video.

For downloading private YouTube videos
Even if you get private video links, you can't watch or download YouTube private videos if you don't get invited by the video creator. Therefore, it's recommended to get in touch with video owners to get the invitation. For example, you can email them at the address on their YouTube account and provide your username. If the creator accepts your request, he or she can use it to send you the video link.

After you get the private video links, you can use private YouTube video downloaders, such as VideoHunter YouTube Downloader, to download private videos without permission or letting the owners know at all.

Free Download Free Download

What are the differences between private, unlisted, and public YouTube videos?

You probably wonder what are the exact differences among private, unlisted, and public YouTube videos. Now, you can read the simple comparison below.

Private Unlisted Public
Appear in search results No No Yes
Who can view Invited people People with URLs Everyone


To download private YouTube videos offline on different devices, you can rely on desktop private video downloaders, extensions, or Android apps. For the best method, here we recommend VideoHunter YouTube Downloader for its ability to provide high-quality (up to 8K), widely-supported formats, and fast performance to batch download YouTube private video playlists for you. With this desktop private YouTube video download, you can keep private videos on your device forever. Install it and try it now!

VideoHunter YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube videos, audios, playlists, channels, and subtitles easily.

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