Refund Policy

Updated on March 26, 2020

VideoHunter highly values each piece of feedback from all users of our services and software, for maintaining a good relationship between us and customers. Technical team and sales support team of VideoHunter would always standby for solving your problems and confusion. The software developed by VideoHunter also insists on the "user-oriented" basis, and we will provide a free trial version for each software to make sure that users understand its functionality, avail them to have enough time for consideration before making a purchase. Also, for ensuring users' rights, VideoHunter also guaranteed a Refund Policy to make sure that users can purchase our products for using with relief.

30-day Refund Gurantee

VideoHunter provides an up to 30-day Money Back Guarantee. However, if a purchase was made before 30 days after your initial purchase date, no refund would be granted. Refunds will be approved only under the accepted circumstances below. Please be sure that you are qualified to apply for a refund within 30 days.

1.VideoHunter provides full refund of your payment in the following cases:

Purchase the same software twice.

Purchase the incorrect software within 30 days and then the desired software from VideoHunter. A refund will be given for the wrong one.

Software has fatal technical issues and no solution is offered within 30 days.

2.VideoHunter reserves the right to decline refund requests in the following cases:

A refund request for the purchase exceeds 30 days after the initial purchase date.

A refund applied out of no proper reasons.

Inability to activate or operate software due to an operator error.

Software purchased for the wrong platform.

Software purchased from other platforms other than VideoHunter official website.

Inability to operate the software in your computing environment.

Did not update software when an upgrade is available.

Purchase of wrong software will not be refunded, but a discount on desired software will be offered.

A refund request due to credit card fraud or other unauthorized payment. If there is any suspicion of fraud or unauthorized payment, please contact the card issuer immediately.

Customer applies for a refund for technical problems, but refuses technical support provided by VideoHunter.

Refund request claiming the failure to receive the license code within several hours.

In such cases, if you disagree with our grounds for refund refusal, you can apply to your bank and initiate a chargeback.

3.To initiate a refund, please contact through e-mail.

Refund request will be solved within 3-5 working days.

Once the refund or chargeback will be processed you will not able to use the license key for activation.

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