How to Download ASMR Video for Instant Sleep

"So I've found a video (link) that I'm really fond of. It's just rain sounds but it's just the perfect type of rain. I'd love to download the video to save it to my phone so I can play it anywhere I go without having to worry about internet connection." - From a Reddit user

When you discover any long ASMR videos on YouTube, how to download the audio from such long video for offline playback? So today, we focus on how to help download ASMR videos so that you can have a better sleep at night.

CONTENT [Extend Reading] What Is ASMR?Part 1. A Simple Way to download ASMR Videos From YouTubePart 2. How to Download ASMR Videos to MP3 Directly[Recommendation] ASMR Videos on YouTube to Foster Sleep

[Extend Reading] What Is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which can triggered by the stimulation from some soft sounds such as whispering or scratching. When your scalp receives the triggers, the sensation will then moves down to your limbs through the spine. So by listening to relaxing ASMR, people can help their brains relax and then quickly get asleep.

Common ASMR Triggers

# 10 Most Common ASMR Triggers

Whispering - The most common ASMR trigger, and it is easy to create by speaking in a soft voice.
Tapping - By tapping surfaces with long fingernails or with the tips of the fingers for a softer sound can create such trigger.
Physical touch - You can discover this trigger easily such as when simulating hair playing or face touching.
Page turning - This trigger is suitable for people who want to concentrate on studying or working. The page turning voice can help focus on books easily.
Eating - This is popular today for people to do eating live streaming. The sound of chewing and eating foods make audiences fall into the delicious cuisines quickly.
Crinkling/Squishing - This trigger includes crinkling or squishing a different kinds of materials, including plastic wrappers, aluminum foil, or bubble wrap for making some soft voice.
Natural sounds - Water drops, breezing, sound of the waves, etc. can all contribute to soft ASMR triggers for enabling better sleep at night.
Writing - Some people consider that the instant writing sound can also bring a strong tinglng sensation that could quickly send a person to sleep.
Typing - Typing ASMR can bring you message to let you concentrate or assist you to fall asleep quickly.
Buzzing - This trigger are mostly generated using some electric items such as razors. They can create soothing feeling for people to get relaxed.

Part 1. A Simple Way to download ASMR Videos From YouTube

As a platform with full resources, you can absolutely find ASMR videos on YouTube for free playback. But as for playback at night, you would prefer to download ASMR videos offline and transfer them to your portable devices for more convenient playback even without network connection. Hence, here I'd like to recommend you the best YouTube video downloader to download ASMR videos offline, which is VideoHunter.

VideoHunter is a desktop video downloader which is available on both Windows and Mac systems. It offers fast-speed and stable performance, letting users to download online videos from more than 1,000 sites easily. So using VideoHunter, you can easily download ASMR videos from platforms like YouTube for playing back offline.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Download online videos with 1080p, 4K, or 8K quality; Save video/audio in MP3, MP4 formats; Convert YouTube music to the highest 320kbps; Download YouTube playlist within one-shot; Get 6X faster downloading speed to save time; Batch download feature allows you to save several tasks at once. Free Download Free Download

In addition, VideoHunter tries to make everyone know how to use the software as faster as they could. Therefore, VideoHunter has set all the functions simple to use. With a pretty simple interface, users can quickly handle this program and begin to download the videos they need from online platforms. Scroll down to see part and have an overview about how VideoHunter works.

Part 2. How to Download ASMR Videos to MP3 Directly

Download ASMR videos from YouTube to desktop offline with VideoHunter can be a really simple task. You only need to go through three easy steps for getting the ASMR videos you need offline. When the videos are downloaded, you can transfer the videos to any of your portable devices such as Sony Walker, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, etc. For listening during your sleep at night. Here is the procedure of how VideoHunter works.

STEP 1. At first, you need to find out the ASMR videos you want for listening offline at nigh. So please go to a platform which is supported by VideoHunter and discover the ASMR videos you like.
For example, YouTube contains many ASMR video resources for free streaming, so you can go to YouTube and find the ASMR videos you need. When you decide the one that you are going to download, please copy its URL.

Copy ASMR Video URL

STEP 2. After getting the URL of the ASMR video, open VideoHunter and enter the interface of VideoHunter's "Downloader". You will see a frame bar, where you should paste the URL of the video into. So please insert your ASMR video's URL to the box, and then hit the "Analyze" icon beside the bar.

Paste ASMR Video to VideoHunter

STEP 3. After a minute, VideoHunter will finish analyzing the URL and pops up a window of output choices to you. To download ASMR video in MP3 format, just move down to "Download Audio" and then choose the quality you want. VideoHunter offers the highest 320kbps quality. After selecting, click the "Download" button and you can save the ASMR video to MP3 directly.

Download ASMR to MP3

Full Guide on How to Download ASMR Videos with VideoHunter

[Recommendation] ASMR Videos on YouTube to Foster Sleep

If you have no idea of what ASMR videos you should use to foster your seelp at nigh, here we'd like to recommend 5 popular ASMR videos on YouTube you can try.

1. Soft & Gentle ASMR For Sleep

2. 99.9% of you will SLEEP to this asmr video

3. THUNDER and RAIN Sounds for Sleeping BLACK SCREEN

4. [ASMR] ~Brain Melting~ Sleep Treatment

5. 99.9% of YOU will sleep to this asmr video

Having sufficient sleep enables us to have an energetic and powerful day for both working and studying. When you suffer from insomnia, try downloading some ASMR videos for listening at night to help foster your sleep!

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