Efficient Ways to Download Streaming Video from Any Sites

How to Download Streaming Video Online videos play a more and more important role in people's daily lives. People rely on videos not only for entertaining but also for the needs of working or studying. When we see some wonderful streaming videos online, sometimes we may need or want to download them offline. It is simple to do so with the assistance of a reliable streaming video downloader, which is VideoHunter. CONTENT Part 1. A Reliable Streaming Video Downloader - VideoHunterPart 2. How to Download Streaming Video from Any Website?Additional Tool for MacBook to Convert Video Format

Part 1. A Reliable Streaming Video Downloader - VideoHunter

VideoHunter is an excellent video downloader that provides outstanding service to help people save streaming videos from over 1,000+ sites. From popular videos streaming platform like YouTube and Dailymotion, to traditional social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it can download the streaming videos easily with only very simple clicks. Now, let's learn about VideoHunter comprehensively from its functions to features.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Offer high resolutions to download video: 1080p, 4K, 8K; Up to 6X faster downloading speed; Built-in converter with 20+ formats for Mac (Windows soon); Easy to use functions and user-friendly in-app design; 100% safe environment without ads or virus. Free Download Free Download

# Supported sites:

Here we only list some popular sites that most users would use VideoHunter to download. YouTube - available to download YouTube videos with up to 1080p, 4K, and even 8K (if the original video offers the option); convert YouTube video to MP3; download YouTube uploaded subtitle files (not embed subtitle). Facebook - offer HD and SD options to save streaming video as a local file; no audio options provided to download Facebook videos in audio files; Twitter - only offers video option to download the streaming videos (up to 720p in most cases); Dailymotion - available to download streaming videos with up to 1080p resolution. VLIVE - available to download streaming videos with up to 1080p resolution; subtitle downloads available; TED, CNN - available to download streaming videos with up to 1080p resolution; subtitle downloads available. SoundCloud - convert SoundCloud soundtrack to MP3; no video download options available. ... VideoHunter performs to analyze the URL of the online streaming video and grasps its provided resolutions, then provides corresponding options for users to download the video/audio directly. So remember that if the original video doesn't offer the streaming options, VideoHunter will not detect and provide some different ones to you.

Part 2. How to Download Streaming Video from Any Website?

After learning about more features and the basic functions of VideoHunter, let's also go through the tutorial to see how VideoHunter works to help download streaming videos offline with high quality from any sites. Step 1. Copy the Link of the Streaming Video First, navigate to the online website which is supported by VideoHunter. For example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all supported by it. Then you need to copy the link of the streaming video. Step 2. Analyze the Link with VideoHunter Then please run VideoHunter on your desktop. Subsequently, you should enter its Downloader for inputting the video link to the downloading bar. Also, press the Analyze button aside. Paste URL to VideoHunter Step 3. Download Streaming Video After VideoHunter completes its analysis and resolves the link, it will generate several options for you to download the streaming video. Select one and click on the Download button. Select Output Format and Quality Step 4. Get the Downloaded Streaming Video When the download is completed, the video will be moved to Finished module, where stores all the downloaded tasks. You only need click on the Open Folder button to quickly find the output folder that saves the streaming video on your desktop. Open Streaming Video Offline VideoHunter is a good helper to assist you to download streaming videos from online platform to desktop for offline playback. It is also available to download HTML5 videos in 1080p (a kind of video embed on websites for online streaming) from more than one popular sites. VideoHunter will bring you outstanding online video downloading service.

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