Full Guide: How to Download Videos from Dailymotion for Free

Dailymotion is one of the most popular platforms for people around the world to upload and view videos. However, it costs if you want to download videos from the program. If you are still seeking a way that can allow you to download videos from Dailymotion and enjoy offline playback for free, you've come to the right place!

Feasible methods will be introduced in the following, including different types of Dailymotion video downloaders. Check them out.

CONTENT Method 1: Download Dailymotion Videos with Best Video DownloaderMethod 2. Download Dailymotion via Chrome ExtensionMethod 3. Download Dailymotion Videos OnlineFAQs on Dailymotion Downloader

Method 1: Download Dailymotion Videos with Best Video Downloader-VideoHunter

As an all-featured HD downloader for both Windows and Mac, VideoHunter provides user-friendly features and speedy performance to download videos/audios from more than 1000 sites to MP3/MP4 formats, which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bilibili, Ted, CNN, SoundCloud, Pornhub, Niconico, etc. Furthermore, the output quality of VideoHunter can reach 1080k, 4k and even 8k, which can allow you to enjoy offline videos of high quality.

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Features of VideoHunter

Download Online Videos in High-Definition(HD) Quality: With VideoHunter, you can download HD videos from popular media sites conveniently and speedily. All the videos will be preserved in their original quality without re-encoding. Normally, the provided quality of VideoHunyter can reach 1080k, 4k and 8k at maximum.

Save Videos in High-quality MP3/MP4 formats: The videos being downloaded will be preserved as popular formats such as MP3 and MP4 that are compatible with almost all media devices for playback. With VideoHunter, you can easily download and enjoy your desired videos on your PC, laptop and other electronic devices.

Download Videos Simultaneously: VideoHunter can get multiple videos downloaded simultaneously and you don't have to wait for each video to be downloaded successively, which can help save a large amount of time and bring great convenience to you.

Download and Generate Subtitles Easily: If subtitles are included in the videos that you desire to download, they will be extracted and downloaded as text with the built-in subtitle downloader. VideoHunter will help generate an SRT/TTML file with all annotations and subtitles.

Download YouTube Playlists Quickly and Efficiently: With VideoHunter, you can download the entire YouTube Playlist to your media devices for offline playback. By simply pasting the URL of the target playlist to VideoHunter's download field, the downloader will smartly save all videos from the playlist so that you can download all of them in one go.

Download Videos for Free: VideoHunter offers free version once you register. When using the free version, you can download up to 6 single videos for free per day. Furthermore, responsive technical support is provided so that you don’t need to be panic if encounter any problems.

Guide on How to Download Videos from Dailymotion with VideoHunter

Step 1: Download and Launch VideoHunter Click the “download” button to download the VideoHunter software to your PC/laptop. After that, launch the program and then register, you can enjoy the free version offered.

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Step 2: Copy URL from Dailymotion Video In your browser, go to Dailymotion and reach the video that you want to download, then copy its URL.

Step 3: Paste to VideoHunter and Analyze Paste the URL of the Dailymotion video into the downloading bar inside Downloader. Subsequently, click the “Analyze” button to start converting the Dailymotion Video.

Paste Dailymotion URL

Step 4: Download Video from Dailymotion After VideoHunter analyzes the URL and generates output options for you, please select your preferred format and quality from the provided menu. After that, click the “Download” button to save your Dailymotion video to your media devices immediately.

Download Dailymotion Video

Step 5: Access to Your Downloaded Dailymotion Video When the downloading process completes, VideoHunter will preserve the downloaded video to its default folder on your PC/laptop/other media devices locally. To access your downloaded Dailymotion video, please navigate the "Finished" part and click on the "Open Folder" (Windows) or "Open"(Mac) button. Now, you can enjoy your downloaded Dailymotion video.

Access to Downloaded Dailymotion Video

Overall, VideoHunter is a reliable and high-quality video downloader that also offers free edition. In the following second and the third part, another two methods that can be used to download videos from Dailymotion will be introduced; however, both are somewhat limited.

Method 2. Download Dailymotion via Chrome Extension

Some browser extensions support saving Dailymotion videos without the need to install any software. For different browsers, you need to examine and evaluate various extensions for your own use, which might be somewhat time-consuming.

Take Video Downloader Get Them All as an example, a popular browser extension, which can help you download almost all the Dailymotion Videos. However, the original quality of the downloaded video cannot be guaranteed since the provided quality of the browser extension is limited.

Guide to Use Chrome Extension to Download Videos from Dailymotion

Step 1: install Video Downloader Get Them All to your Chrome browser. Step 2: open the Dailymotion video that you want to download. Step 3: click on the extension icon shown on the top right corner of your Chrome, select the format for the video from the provided menu, and click on the “Start Record” button to download the video.

Video Downloader GetThemAll

Method 3. Download Dailymotion Videos Online

Some online downloaders can be also used to download videos from Dailymotion, such as KeepVid, SaveMedia, Savevideo.me, etc. You can use these online downloaders conveniently without the need to download any software program. However, this kind of method might have many problems. For example, these online downloaders may have a lot of pop-up ads. Meanwhile, the provided formats of videos are fewer. What's more, some unknown plug-in extensions are bundled to be downloaded and installed.

Guide on How to Download Dailymotion Videos Online (Take Keepvid as an Example)

Step 1: Access Dailymotion with a browser or open Dailymotion app on your media device. Step 2: Copy the video URL you wish to download. Step 3: Access the Keepvid with a browser and paste the URL into the search box. You can also enter the keyword to look for the video you want to download Step 4: Select your preferred format for the downloaded video and click on the "Download" button. After a few seconds, you can download the file.


FAQs on Dailymotion Downloader

How can I download Dailymotion videos to my computer?

You can download Dailymotion videos by selecting and using an appropriate video downloader. VideoHunter, as a reliable and safe video downloader for both Windows and Mac, is strongly recommended. After a quick registration on VideoHunter, you can use the free edition offered by the program. VideoHunter can be used to download multiple videos simultaneously and convert the downloaded videos to MP3/MP4 that can be played on almost all the media devices, Furthermore, there are no pop-up ads or any malicious plug-in of the software program.

Dailymotion VS YouTube: What is the Difference?

Dailymotion and YouTube might be similar to some extent since they all provide a platform for people to upload and view videos, but there are some key differences as shown in the below table:

  Dailymotion YouTube
Content Best for entertainment, sports and lifestyle Best for entertainment
Price Free Free/$9.99/month for YouTube Red
Monthly visitors 122.7 Million (Second-largest) 7.2 Billion (Largest)
Video limitation  Video length can't be more than 60 mins and video size can't exceed 2GB No upload limit
Other Features / Supports 3D videos; Offers analytic tools: YouTube Insight


In general, three methods to download videos from Dailymotion are introduced, including the VideoHunter software program, browser extension and online video downloader, among which the first one is most recommended since it is safe and stable. And more importantly, VideoHunter offers a free edition to help you decide whether it can meet your requirement.

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