Download Free Movies to Host a Christmas Movie Marathon 2024

Download Christmas Movie When the pandemic has robbed an outdoor holiday from all of us, we may want some new Christams celebration ideas for celebrating the upcoming 2020 Christmas holiday. This year, many people may choose to stay at home for holding an indoor party with the best Christmas music playlist, or enjoying a movie marathon night at home with their friends and families. Thus, we bring a list of recommended Christmas movies and an efficient way to download free movies for Christmas with high quality. Now, please scroll down and read! CONTENT Part 1. Top 10 New Christmas Movies of 2020Part 2. How to Download Free Christmas Movies to PC/MacTip: How to Enjoy Movie Marathon on Your Big-Screen TV

Part 1. Top 10 New Christmas Movies of 2020

We pick 10 Christmas movies that can be added to your Christmas movie marathon on the holiday night for enjoying. Check them below and get the resources!

# #1. The Christmas Chronicles 2

Release date: November 18, 2020 This is a sequel to The Christmas Chronicles, which was launched in 2018. Because Kate is so unsatisfied with her mother's new relationship, she escapes from home and goes to the North Pole. Unexpectedly, Kate meets a naughty elf there, who is planning to cancel the Christmas of this year. So how can Kate stop it and protect the Christmas holiday?

# #2. Operation Christmas Drop

Initial release: November 5, 2020 Erica is a congressional aide. This year, she gives up the Christmas holiday and decides to follow her boss's order to travel with him together. At the Air Force base, conflicts happen between Erica and Captain Andrew Jantz, who exactly knows her targeted mission. So how can Erica finishes her job?

# #3. Christmas on the Square

Initial release: November 22, 2020 A cold-hearted woman is trying to sell the land of her town without worrying about the people living there when the Christmas holiday is about come. Before she makes up her mind, can something, like the music, magic, or valuable memories make her change the decision?

# #4. Happiest Season

Initial release: November 26, 2020 This is a romantic comedy which is quite suitable for watching on Christmas holiday. A young lady is planning to propose her grilfriend on a family party. However, they are facing troubles because their conservative parents may not accept the marriage. So they are trying their best for not ruining the Christmas.

# #5. Holidate

Initial release: October 28, 2020 Two strangers are tired of being alone when it comes to holidays. Therefore, they decide to add a platonic plus to each other's life. So can they bring up some feelings for each other?

# #6. Christmas on Ice

Initial release: October 23, 2020 To prevent the mayor from closing down a local skating rink, a former figure skater and a former hockey player unite together and work to prevent this from happening.

# #7. Godmothered

Initial release: December 4, 2020 To prove the value of herself, a young and still in-training fairy godmother is trying to help a young girl, who has request but fails to receive help.

# #8. Midnight at the Magnolia

Initial release: November 5, 2020 In order to make a show syndicated around the nation, two friends as well as the radio hosts, who are Maggie and Jack, decides to fake themselves as a couple for cheating their families as well as listeners. But what will happen? Find out in the movie!

# #9. Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace

Release date: October 19, 2020 When it comes to the holiday season, miracle will happen. A second chance is offered by the god when a criminal goes across the paths with a little girl.

# #10. Just Another Christmas

Initial release: December 3, 2020 The Christmas time seems to get stuck in a loop. A man who hates he holiday, have to change his attitude towards Christmas, and learn about some valuable lessons that is truly important in his life.

Part 2. How to Download Free Christmas Movies to PC/Mac

As you can discover, some Christmas movies can find the full version on YouTube platform for enjoying freely. As a result, when you decide a Christmas movie list for your movie marathon night, why not downloading them in advance for having a more enjoyable playback? To help save the Christmas movies offline, VideoHunter is highly recommended. VideoHunter offers stable and speedy performance to download online videos from 1,000+ sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, TED, etc. If you are a movie lover and always want to download some YouTube free movies for enjoying offline, VideoHunter can be your best helper.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac High video output quality: 1080p, 4K, 8K; High audio output quality: 320kbps; Batch download feature; 6X faster converting and downloading speed; Built-in converter with 20+ output formats (on Mac now); 100% safe and ads-free platform. Free Download Free Download

# Steps to Download Christmas Free Movies from YouTube

Take these several simple steps and you can keep the Christmas movies offline for running your movie marathon night and celebrate Christmas holiday at home! Step 1. Please find and open the Christmas movie you'd like to download from YouTube. After that, copy its URL. Attention: The paid movies on YouTube can not be downloaded using VideoHunter. Step 2. Launch VideoHunter on your PC/Mac, subsequently, please paste the URL of the Christmas movie to the downloading bar in Downloader. Paste Christmas Movie URL to VideoHunter Step 3. To save the movie to a specific folder, please move down to the Output section and select your preferable output path. Then you can tab the Analyze for starting to convert the movie. Change Output Folder to Save Christmas Movie Step 4. When VideoHunter completes the conversion process, it will provide available output format and quality for you to select to download the Christmas movie. Please select the one you need, and click on the Download button to get the movie offline immediately. Select Format and Quality to Download Christmas Movie

Tip: How to Enjoy Movie Marathon on Your Big-Screen TV

When you get the Christmas movies downloaded offline, how to put them to your big-screen television for enjoying a fluent movie playback without using USB with large storage space? Here the ways for both PC and Mac user to connect laptops with TV for playing back the movies easily.

# Use Wired HDMI to Connect

If you have HDMI cable, you can connect your computers to TV through the cable, and then play the movies directly. But you need to be aware of which standard of the HDMI cable is the one that your computer supports. For example, if your computer is equipped with a full-sized HDMI output, then you should choose the standard HDML cable; if you need to use an adapter to connect, then a mini- or micro-HDMI cable is enough to help. Connect Computer to TV

# Connect Computers with TV Wirelessly

If you are using some devices that have been equipped with wireless connection ability to TV, you can directly use the connection function to enable your computer screen to be played on TV. For example, Apple has added AirPlay function into some devices like Apple TV, Apple TV 4K; Windows brings a similar function to some built-in software called Miracast. But your Windows PC should have equipped tech built-in such as Roku streamers, and wireless display adapters to enable the devices can be connected to your TV wirelessly. Enjoying a Christmas marathon during the holiday for celebrating with your family at home safely. Although COVID-19 has brought trouble to our lives, our minds with family will never change. So enjoy a safe adn warm Christmas holiday with popcorn and drinks with your family this year!

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