13 Best Free Movie Downloader Sites & Apps [2024 Lastest]

Watching movies has become one of many's main entertaining ways. It is not just for killing time or gaining fun from movies. Sometimes the visual art, the acting, and the story bring splendid enjoyment for movie lovers. And the places for watching movies are not limited to cinemas anymore, you can easily gain movie sources from YouTube, Vimeo, and so on, and watch them online or offline.

Here we've compiled a list of 13 free movie downloaders, including websites, desktop apps, and phone apps to help you free watch and download full-length movies you like and enjoy flexible smooth movie playback offline. What's more, these tools are all free of registration and user-friendly while giving the best resolution for downloading movies.

7 Best Free Movie Downloaders Online 3 Best Free Movie Downloaders for PC 3 Best Free Movie Downloaders for Phone

7 Best Free Movie Downloaders Online

I pick up 7 free online movie downloaders to introduce to you in this part. With these online websites, you can download classic or latest full movies for free and enjoy them offline. Keep reading and pick one to download a movie you like.

Note: Though these online downloaders are convenient and free, most offer limited and old movies with unsteady download speeds. If you find any movie you like online and its link, we highly recommend you directly use desktop apps like VideoHunter to download them quickly and easily.

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123 Movies

123 Movies is an online movie player and downloader. One of its significant features is providing classic movies as well as the latest movies for you. If you don't want to go to the cinema, 123 Movies is an ideal online player and downloader to enjoy the new movie.

Pros: Free registration, easy to use, new movie sources, available for downloading.

Cons: The download link is not steady and contains viruses.

Download Free Movie on 123movies


From YouTube, you can find movies, TV shows, vlogs, and any kind of videos. The YouTube video channel of YouTube provides high-quality movies with subtitles in different languages. And if you want to download these movies on your device, you can go to the YouTube movie channel to download them for free or watch free yet ad-supported full-length movies.

Pros: High-quality movie, a great number of sources, safe and steady.

Cons: Need to register an account.

Download Free Movie on 123movies

My Download Tube

My Download Tube offers movies from different countries. You can search Hollywood movies, Asian movies, and even Hindi movies through this website. The quality of movies from My Download Tube can be from 480p to 1080p. Just click to get to the page of your selected movie, and you can watch the movie completely free.

Pros: HD movies, free registration, 100% free without ads.

Cons: The download link is not steady.

Download Free Movie on MyDownloadTube


Crackle is another completely free streaming service. It has a huge number of movies and TV shows that largely satisfy the needs of movie lovers. With Crackle, you can watch various full-length unedited movies online for free, including genres like action, horror, sci-fi, crime, and comedy. Using Crackle is an easy thing, you can search your favorite movie on the "Search" frame on the upper right side, and click "Watch Now" to enjoy your movie instantly.

Pros: Offer a vast collection of movies for free, free of registration.

Cons: A lack of new movie sources.

Download Free Movie on Crackle


Vimeo is a platform for streaming ad-free movies online free of charge. It has a wide variety of categories for you to find the movie you want. Vimeo also offers the download of movies in mp4 format and a variety of file sizes.

Pros: No registration is needed, smooth and safe.

Cons: Not available to download movies directly.

Stream Free Movie on Vimeo


1337X is a movie source website that gives you the download UPL directly. It provides many categories for movie lovers and contains movies from different regions. You can even find Hollywood movies and download them from 1337X. It shows the list of movies that are available to download, and you can find the one you want to start downloading absolutely free.

Pros: Free registration, direct downloading.

Cons: Limited movie sources.

Download Free Movie on 1337X


MoviesFoundOnline is a free movie download website that does not provide movie sources directly. Instead, it gathers sources from different online movie websites and classifies them into categories for you to select. It offers a massive library of all categories, including action, horror, sci-fi, documentaries, animation, and comedy.

Pros: Clear categories, free registration.

Cons: Not available to download movies directly.

Find Free Movie on Movies Found Online

3 Best Free Movie Downloaders for PC

Though these 7 online movie downloaders are convenient, their download speed is slow. That's why we also picked desktop movie downloaders to help you download long movies quickly and effortlessly and save you time. Here, I will introduce 3 best free movie downloaders for PC to you. Read on to find the best one for you.


The first one I will show you is VideoHunter . It is a powerful free tool that helps you download full movies with ease. And it is the best one among these 3 free movie downloaders for pc. Using VideoHunter, you will be able to:

  • Download movies from multiple websites in an easy and speedy way. No matter where the movie sources are, you can copy the URL of the movie, and then paste it to VideoHunter to parse to download. The whole process is smooth and simple.
  • Output downloaded movies to MP4 in high quality. This feature fills the gap between online downloaders. You can adjust the output format and quality based on your preference.
  • Download movies in bulk. VideoHunter allows you to download multiple movies at the same time. You can download as many movies as you want instead of using online movie downloaders to download 1 movie.
  • Grab subtitles automatically. VideoHunter automatically recognizes and downloads the multilingual subtitles with the movie.

VideoHunter is designed for every movie or TV show lover and is also an easy-to-use tool for everyone. You can click the Download button below to install it on your PC, and then follow the steps to download your movie.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1. No need to register an account, just run VideoHunter on your PC directly and copy the URL of the movie you've found, paste it into the frame of VideoHunter.

Step 2. Click "Analyze" to start analyzing the URL.

Step 3. Choose the output format, quality, and subtitle language for your movie. Click "Download" to start downloading the movie. With the 6x downloading speed, the movie will soon be saved on your PC in seconds.

Select Out Put Parameter On Video Hunter

4K VideoDownloader

The second free movie downloader for PC I introduce to you is 4k VideoDownloader. Just like VideoHunter, 4K VideoDownloader supports downloading movies with URLs from many websites, and it is also free of registration, fast, and safe. It could help you gain high-quality movies with just a few simple steps.

Download Movie through 4k Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader

The final one is Freemake Video Downloader. Just as its name tells you, it is a free movie downloader for computers, free of charge, and user-friendly. Freemake Video Downloader supports downloading videos from more than 10000 sites and offers 500 formats. But the shortcoming is the slow download speed.

Download Video From Freemake Video Downloader

3 Best Free Movie Downloaders for Phone

For those who prefer watching movies on mobile phones, I've selected 3 of the completely free movie downloaders for mobile, which can download full-length movies from the internet for free, and won't take up too much of your phone space.

VideoHunter for Android

VideoHunter for Android is a free and safe app specially designed for Android movie lovers. This free movie downloader app can download unlimited movies from websites to MP4 as long as you have the links. The downloaded movies would be full-length and HD with subtitles.

You can find this app on Google Play or its product page. Or click the download button below and use the app to download a movie right now!

Free Download

Step 1. Tap on websites and search for your favorite movie on the search bar.

Step 2. Copy and paste the video URL to the browser on VideoHunter for Android to parse.

Step 3. When parsing is done, choose the download link and select an output format and quality for your movie. Click "Download" to start the downloading.

Free Download Movies


PopcornFlix is another free movie-streaming app. It has a large movie library of free movies available in HD, thus, you can directly watch full-length movies from PopcornFlix paying a single penny. The problem with PopcornFlix is that you have to watch ads before watching movies.

Download Video from Popcorn Flix


The final app I would like to introduce for you to download movies on your phone is Tubi, a free and legal app that provides more than 40000 movies for you to select. You don't have to create an account or pay, just enjoy the movies listed on Tubi! The available regions to use Tubi are USA, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. If you are in these regions, you can not use Tubi to download free movies to your phone.

Download Video fom Tubi


I have presented many different methods and tools for you to download movies to your device. All these methods and tools are legal, free, and user-friendly. If you ask me to pick the best way to download movies, I would say using the desktop app VideoHunter is the best. With the app, you can download any movie, be it the latest or classic, and watch it offline without any interruption. Compared with other desktop downloaders, VideoHunter can download more movies at a blazing-fast speed and make sure they are HD and full-length.

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