4 Ways to Download YouTube Channel Easily (Free)

Sometimes it is frustrating to discover that not all videos on a YouTube channel can be accessed and streamed online, because YouTubers may delete them or set them as private YouTube videos to limit your access. To view your favorite YouTube videos at any time without worrying about their disappearance someday, it is a nice idea to download YouTube channel in advance.

Hence, this blog has collected all 4 easy ways to help download all YouTube videos from a channel efficiently. Now, go through them one by one and select the most convenient way for yourself to download entire YouTube channels without hassle!

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Best Way to Download YouTube Channel with YouTube Downloader

To process efficient YouTube channel download, you will need help from a professional YouTube channel downloader with advanced performance to quickly analyze all channel videos within a short period, but keep high quality to download all videos for you at once. Fortunately, the best YouTube downloader, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader offers such professional help.

VideoHunter YouTube Downloader is specially designed for YouTube streaming video download, with up to 8K resolution and mainstream formats like MP4 to encode YouTube videos for playing offline on any device at the best quality. Its powerful functionality can decode and download whole YouTube channel videos by only a single URL, then offers at least 6X faster speed to accelerate the batch download process to download all YouTube videos from a channel simultaneously for you.

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NOTE: VideoHunter YouTube Downloader is free for registered users to download YouTube videos. Freely install it and register an account to get started with the powerful YouTube channel download function provided by the software!

What VideoHunter YouTube Downloader Can Do?

  • High-quality Media Output - Support best at 8K resolution to download YouTube channels at original quality as the sources.
  • All YouTube Videos Download - Work to detect and download all types of videos from YouTube regardless of the public, private, or unlisted videos without a YouTube premium subscription required.
  • Mainstream Video Formats - This transcodes online YouTube videos to the most popular video or audio formats and users are free to play, transfer, and share the downloads.
  • 6X Faster Batch Downloading Speed - The software is embedded with acceleration tech to speed up the batch download performance at 6X faster.
  • YouTube Playlist Download - Not just YouTube channels, this best YouTube playlist downloader can help you download the entire YouTube playlist in one click.
  • Download and Merge Subtitles - VideoHunter YouTube Downloader can download YouTube videos with subtitles, and even grab subtitles from entire channels.

How to Download Entire YouTube Channel with VideoHunter

You must find it a lot of work to download all videos from a channel if you are a YouTube Premium subscriber. However, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader utilizes ONE BUTTON to download the entire YouTube Channel.

STEP 1. Register and log in
Launch VideoHunter YouTube Downloader after installing it on your desktop. To get started, you are required to register and log in via a VideoHunter account. For every registered user, the software offers 3 free quotas to download YouTube videos. You can download YouTube channel videos without paying a penny.

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Register and Log in VideoHunter YouTube Downloader

STEP 2. Copy and Paste YouTube Channel URL
Now, you can turn to YouTube and access the YouTube channel you desire to download all videos from it. Move to the top address bar and copy the URL. After that, paste it to the downloading frame bar on the main interface of VideoHunter YouTube Downloader.

Copy YouTube Channel URL and Paste to VideoHunter

STEP 3. Analyze YouTube Channel Videos
Once by inputting the YouTube channel URL and click the "Analyze" icon, select "Playlist" and VideoHunter YouTube Downloader will process to analyze the whole channel for you. It will take a bit more time than converting one video as there may be tens of videos contained in a YouTube channel.

NOTE: By the way, if you need to download a YouTube playlist, the process is basically the same. For more details, you can read this guide: BEST Ways to Download YouTube Playlists [Fast and Free]

Select Downloading YouTube Channel

STEP 4. Select Downloading Options
Once complete the YouTube channel analysis, all detected videos will be listed for you to select. Meanwhile, you are able to choose the format and video/audio quality to download YouTube channel at once.

Choose Channel Videos and Settings to Download

STEP 5. Download All Videos from YouTube Channel
After clicking the "Download" button, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader will process and start downloading the YouTube channel. You are able to get all downloads within a short period thanks to the quick performance of this efficient YouTube channel downloader.

Two Ways to Download All Videos from YouTube Channel Online

Despite installing an extra YouTube channel downloader to download YouTube channels, there are also free online tools working to process it for you to download YouTube channel videos efficiently in a software-free way. Grasp the two popular tools below and try them.

Method 1. YouTube Multi Downloader Online

A reliable online YouTube channel downloader providing efficient help to download YouTube channel without software can be YouTube Multi Downloader Online. It has great compatibility and is able to perform on a majority of operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone.

YouTube Multi Downloader Online also works with quick speed, availing you to download YouTube channels and playlists efficiently and output them as regular MP4, 3GP, or WebM formats for preserving offline. Hence, YouTube Multi Downloader Online can be an ideal option you should not miss to easily download all videos from YouTube channels at once.

NOTE: As YouTube Multi Downloader Online doesn't offer high resolutions (only offers the highest 720p to select), if you desire higher quality like 1080p, 4K, or even 8K, you are recommended to turn to VideoHunter YouTube Downloader to help.

Grasp the steps below to download YouTube channel via YouTube Multi Downloader Online right away:

STEP 1. Go to YouTube Multi Downloader in your browser. You'll see a simple website with 3 tabs ahead - Single Video, Playlist, and Channel. In this case, click Channel to proceed.

STEP 2. Open the YouTube channel you want to download and copy the channel link to the clipboard.

STEP 3. Paste the link to the bar in YouTube Multi Downloader and click the Download button.

STEP 4. It will start fetching data from YouTube and options will be loaded in the list.

STEP 5. Pick up the desired option and download the video to your device one by one.

Download YouTube Channel Online via YouTube Multi Downloader Online

Method 2. Video DownloadHelper

Despite a web-based online YouTube channel downloader, using an in-browser extension also offers convenient access to download videos from YouTube channel efficiently. Video DownloadHelper offers nice output quality and quick speed to detect YouTube channel videos and download them with just one tap.

Pay attention that Video DownloadHelper only works in FireFox browser. Meanwhile, it doesn't support batch download feature, so you have to wait for the YouTube channel videos to download one by one. For a faster process, seeking a professional YouTube channel downloader with acceleration teches applied like VideoHunter YouTube Downloader better helps.

Now, go through its operations if you are a Firefox user and desire to download YouTube channel videos with this free extension:

STEP 1. Firstly, you need to add Video DownloadHelper to the browser.

STEP 2. When you open a YouTube channel in the browser now, click the extension icon and it will detect all videos contained in the channel and enable you to download them with one tap.

STEP 3. Simply select the detected videos and click the download icon to save them offline.

Download YouTube Channel via Video DownloadHelper

How to Download YouTube Channel Using a Command

Instead of using a YouTube channel downloader, there is also a tricky way to freely download YouTube channel using a simple Python command. However, this solution works with certain Python basics, so it may be a bit difficult for users who are not familiar with Python to get started. Next, the steps will be guided to help you download YouTube channel via a simple command quickly:

NOTE: This method can be complicated, and no customized quality settings available to adjust. For a one-stop solution to download YouTube channel in your desired high-resolution convenience, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader is still the best choice.

STEP 1. Firstly, you need to get YouTube-Dl installed and fire up desktop software. Access the official site to install it and create a folder to preserve the youtube-al.ext file.

STEP 2. Press the "Windows" and "R" buttons on keyboard simultaneously to open "System Properties". Enter "systempropertiesadvanced" and submit to process it. Then go to "Advanced" > "Environment Variables" > "Path" to enter the location created to save the youtube-al.ext file in STEP 1.

STEP 3. Now, the YouTube-Dl command is ready. You are required to use Command Prompt to open it.

STEP 4. Once the command is opened, type "cmd" in the box and then submit to process.

STEP 5. Next, type YouTube-dl + space + paste the YouTube channel URL you desire to download. Then simply by pressing the "Enter" key YouTube-Dl will process downloading the entire YouTube channel for you right away.

Download YouTube Channel via Command

FAQs About YouTube Channel Download

Grasp more FAQs about YouTube channel download if you still have confusion or more problems you desire to solve.

Q: How to download entire YouTube channel on Android?

A: Likewise, you can select a reliable and professional YouTube channel downloader for Android to efficiently download the whole YouTube channel at once. For example, VideoHunter for Android delivers up to 1080P resolution and batch conversion features, ensuring the fastest speed to download YouTube channel with the best quality for you.

To download YouTube channel in VideoHunter for Android, only several easy steps need to be followed:

STEP 1. After installing VideoHunter for Android, open the app and go to YouTube within the built-in web browser.

STEP 2. Open the YouTube channel you desire to download at once. Then on the page, tap the blue download button to analyze all videos contained in the playlist.

STEP 3. Next, simply select the format and quality you like. By clicking the "Download" icon VideoHunter for Android will process downloading YouTube channel videos in batch for you.

Download YouTube Channel Video on Android

Q: Can I download from my own YouTube channel?

A: For sure, you can download your personal YouTube channel videos offline again without any restrictions or watermarks added. The operations are shown below according to different devices respectively.

In YouTube App:

STEP 1. Open the YouTube app and go to "Library".

STEP 2. Go to "Your Videos" > "Shorts" or "Videos" tab.

STEP 3. Select the video you desire to download and click the three-dots icon to "Save to device".

On YouTube Website:

STEP 1. Directly open youtube.com and log in via your Gmail account.

STEP 2. Tap profile > "YouTube Studio".

STEP 3. Select "Content" from the left panel.

STEP 4. Select a YouTube channel video, then click "Menu" > "Download" to get it offline again.


To download YouTube channel efficiently with high quality, the top 1 method should definitely be using VideoHunter YouTube Downloader for its high-speed performance, up to 8K great quality, and powerful compatibility to download all types of YouTube videos without limitations. As the software offers free quotas for registered users, install it and register an account to try it for free now!

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