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By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Jun 12, 2020

YouTube Video Downloader

What qualities do you expect from a mature YouTube downloader?

The most important contributions that an excellent YouTube downloader can bring in 2020 should include the following things:
1. Fluent, stable and speedy downloading experience;
2. High resolutions for outputting the online videos as the original sources;
3. User-friendly;
4. Multifunctional.

Meeting all these standards, today we are going to introduce the latest YouTube downloader you can turn to in 2020. With this tool, you can discover even more fun while enjoying YouTube videos without encountering with any playback errors. Now, check it!

CONTENT 10 Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTubeVideoHunter - The Best YouTube Downloader of 2020The Simplest Way to Download YouTube Videos in 1080P, 4K, 8KExtra Bonus - The Most Efficient Video Converter for Mac

10 Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube

Before introducing the downloader, let's get a quick glance at the types of videos on YouTube you may be interested in.

As the world's largest video sharing platform, YouTube provides lots of original video resources uploaded by people from all over the world. You can discover many video categories on YouTube. So what are the 10 most popular types of videos among users on YouTube?

YouTube Video Types

1. Product Reviews - People are likely to search for some product reviews videos on YouTube before purchasing, especially the newly-launched electronic products. By previewing these videos, people can grasp the overall features and functions of the products and see if they suit their needs.

2. Tutorials - YouTube is a heaven for learning because many experts in all aspects would like to share some free tutorials here. From cooking/baking tutorials to PHP/C++/Java lessons, you can find them on YouTube for free learning.

3. Music Videos - On YouTube, you can access the latest music videos released by artists from all over the world and enjoy the most trending music for relaxing.

4. Vlogs - From celebrities to ordinary people, they are likely to share their daily life through YouTube by uploading Vlogs (a kind of video for recording daily moments). You can know about the people's living habits and even customs of an area through watching others' Vlogs.

5. Gaming Videos - Now is an online video gaming ages, with lots of RPG games released for people to have fun. Thus, this also leads to the prevails of online gaming moments sharing. Many players would share their gaming videos online and interact with other players through YouTube.

6. News Videos - Many authority News publishers would also create a YouTube channels so people can get up-to-date world news much faster.

7. Haul Videos - This kind of videos are typically include those tutorials like makeup and clothing purchase, which attract many female audiences.

8. Comedy/Funny Videos - Some people would create really funny videos for sharing on YouTube to let people have much fun. This is also a way to boost the views because this kind of videos are really popular for time-killing!

9. Best of - This kind of video is also related to products reviews. YouTubers would share some best choices that they make basing on certain functionality, or their own experience while using the products/services.

10. Educational Videos - According to some specific topics, parents and teachers can search for some meaningful and educational videos for students to watch.

YouTube Video Categories

Except for these 10 types of videos, you can discover more categories on YouTube platform. It would be the best place for you to access the videos you need and enjoy online.

VideoHunter - The Best YouTube Downloader of 2020

For YouTube, the best video downloader should be VideoHunter. No matter you are downloading videos of any aspects, VideoHunter can process and generate the best downloading results to you.

Free Download Free Download

By using VideoHunter, you will get these highlighted features for downloading YouTube videos:

1. High output resolutions

VideoHunter offers the best output qualities for people to choose. If the YouTube video you are going to download provides high resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, or 8K, VideoHunter will grasp these results and provide them as a choice for outputting the downloaded video as well. Therefore, VideoHunter will help you get the 100% original YouTube videos from the online platform.


2. Various output formats

VideoHunter offers multiple output formats so that people can save the video/audio in the format they need the most. For downloading, MP3, MP4, and WEBM, are offered. If you need more formats like OGG, M4A or MOV, you can turn to the built-in converter provided by VideoHunter to convert the local files to other 20+ formats. Although this feature now is only available on Mac version, we look forward to the fact that Windows will also add it soon.

3. YouTube playlists download available

Want to download multiple videos from a YouTube playlist? VideoHunter for Mac now makes this feature available to users. By copying the URL of any video included inside the playlist, VideoHunter will read the whole playlist and offers all the videos allowed you to choose to download. This brings really great convenience.

Free Download Free Download

More than being a professional YouTube video downloader, VideoHunter also holds the ability to download video/audio resources from other 1,000+ popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc. So getting VideoHunter, you have gotten 1,000+ video downloaders at once!

The Simplest Way to Download YouTube Videos in 1080P, 4K, 8K

After having a comprehensive understanding of the features of VideoHunter, now we should also go through the steps for seeing how to download YouTube videos via VideoHunter. I will show you the way to download a single YouTube video and a YouTube playlist separately.

Download YouTube Video in VideoHunter

STEP 1. To begin with, you need to get the URL of the YouTube video. So please turn to YouTube and access the video you desire to download. Then, copy its URL from the address bar.

STEP 2. Open VideoHunter program on your computer. Now please paste the URL of the single YouTube video into the frame bar inside Downloader. After that, hit the icon of Analyze for analyzing the URL and VideoHunter will convert it for you.

VideoHunter for Mac

STEP 3. When the output choices are generated, you can select from the list for making the preferred format and quality for saving the YouTube video. Finally, pressing the Download icon and you can get the YouTube video for offline playback.

Download YouTube Video VideoHunter

Download YouTube Playlist in VideoHunter

STEP 1. Downloading YouTube playlist is simple if you use VideoHunter. Just go to YouTube platform and copy the URL of the video which is listed in a playlist, the move to the Downloader interface of VideoHunter.

STEP 2. Input the URL of the playlist video into the frame bar and press Analyze button. Then VideoHunter will ask you whether to download the whole video playlist or the single video clip. Select Download Playlist and it will present the whole list of the YouTube Playlist. And you only need to select multiple choices from the playlist.

Paste YouTube Playlist URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. You can select output format and quality for them. As hitting the Download button again, these video clips will be added to the list for downloading right away. Now just wait for the process to be completed patient and you can get the YouTube video playlist at once.

Download YouTube Playlist VideoHunter

Extra Bonus - The Most Efficient Video Converter for Mac

For a new-started YouTuber to upload YouTube video successfully, you need to follow the guideline of YouTube, and make sure the video you are going to share meets the standard requirements of the platform. The most common upload failure should be the format incompatibility. For YouTube, it supports the media formats include these:

* .MOV
* .MPEG4
* .MP4
* .AVI
* .WMV
* .FLV
* 3GPP
* WebM
* ProRes
* CineForm
* HEVC (h265)

Free Download Free Download

When you find the video you have prepared is not in the format that stated on the list. What should you do? The simplest way if to convert your video to the YouTube supported formats with VideoHunter's built-in converter. Here is the guide you can follow.

STEP 1. Launch VideoHunter on Mac (the converter is only available on Mac currently), and enter Converter.

STEP 2. Drag and drop the video you need to convert its format to the interface of the converter.

Add Video to VideoHunter Converter

STEP 3. Go to Convert All to section in the top right corner of the interface, then from the menu, select Video > YouTube, and select the output quality accordingly.

NOTE: You can also select the direct format you need such as MOV and MP4. But make sure that YouTube supports this format.

Select Convert Format VideoHunter

STEP 4. When you have set the output format, the final step for you is just to press the Convert All button. Subsequently, the video can be easily converted to YouTube's supported format. Then you can upload it to YouTube successfully.

Convert Video in VideoHunter

YouTube is a brilliant video platform where you can not only enjoy all kinds of video contents but also have the ability to share your own created videos with others. Taking VideoHunter, you will overcome certain obstacles and enjoy YouTube videos better. Share it with your friends if you find VideoHunter useful!

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