An unlisted YouTube video is invisible and inaccessible unless the uploader shares the video link with you. Also, unlisted videos become unavailable once the uploader deletes them or makes the videos private. Therefore, it's a good idea to download unlisted YouTube videos. Plus, this guide will show you how to find unlisted YouTube videos in 3 methods. Now, let's grasp the idea here.

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3 Workable Ways to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos

Unlisted YouTube videos don't show up in YouTube search results and the YouTube Channel page. Therefore, it's impossible if you want to search for unlisted videos on YouTube. However, you can easily download the unlisted videos in YouTube Studio - Content - Videos if you are the uploader. If not, let's learn how to search YouTube videos of others in 3 workable ways.

Method 1: Unlisted YouTube Videos Website
This website is simple to use with a search bar. You can type your thoughts into the bar and click the Magnifier icon to search unlisted YouTube videos. It takes no while to list all the results related to your search. You'll see some information including Title, Channel, Description, and date submitted. Also, you can directly stream and view unlisted YouTube videos online on this site.

Unlisted YouTube Videos Website

Method 2: Use Google Search Operators
Also, there is an advanced way to find YouTube unlisted videos. If you know about Google search operators, you can do an accurate search for unlisted YouTube videos effectively and precisely. Or, you just need to make a note of this advanced Google search operator - intext: unlisted "YOUR SEARCH".

Simply copy and paste this search operator in the search bar in Google and replace YOUR SEARCH with a topic that you want to look for. Then, you'll be able to check out related unlisted videos on YouTube. However, this way can only work for those indexed by Google, and it may miss some of the unlisted videos.

Search Unlisted YouTube Videos in Google

Method 3: Search in Public YouTube Playlists
The final method can take a lot of work. Though unlisted videos are invisible on YouTube Channels and cannot be shown in the results, they actually can be viewed if it was added to a public playlist. Therefore, you can easily view and download unlisted videos from a public playlist. If you want to check out whether the influencers or channels have unlisted YouTube videos, this method can help you out.

Download Unlisted YouTube Video

[Solved] How to Download Unlisted YouTube Videos

YouTube Premium allows you to download public videos in 720p or 1080p to its app for offline playback, but unfortunately, it cannot download unlisted YouTube videos even if you have the video link. Currently, YouTube Premium doesn't enable subscribers to download unlisted and private videos from YouTube. Therefore, you'll need to consider a professional YouTube video downloader.

VideoHunter is an expert at downloading all content from YouTube including unlisted videos, private videos, YouTube Shorts, and the entire playlist/channel for flexible offline playback with ease. Thanks to its powerful DRM removal technology, the downloads will be totally DRM-free, shareable, and playable. For more sparking features, let's check out the following.

Ultra-Fast Download Speed - With brilliant acceleration technology, VideoHunter can speed up the whole download process up to 6X faster under stable internet connectivity.

YouTube to DRM-free MP4/MP3 - VideoHunter can decrypt and convert YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4 without DRM protection. Therefore, you can enjoy free offline playback as you wish.

Best Video Quality Ensured - According to the original video quality, VideoHunter can reach 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 8K. This dedicated software attaches great importance to your watching experience.

1,000+ Video Sites Supported - Better yet, VideoHunter supports not only YouTube, but also 1,000 others including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Pornhub, and so on. The support list keeps updated all the time.

Batch Video Download - VideoHunter allows multithread tasks at the same time, which means you can download as many YouTube videos as you want without hassle.

First off, you should take a minute to download and install VideoHunter on your Windows or Mac. Then, launch the program and it takes only 3 steps to get it all done. Let's check it out.

Free Download Free Download

STEP 1. You may have already had the URL address of the YouTube unlisted video. So you just need to open VideoHunter and go to its "Downloading" interface.

STEP 2. Now, directly paste the unliste YouTube video's URL into the downloading frame bar, then also press the "Analyze" button to proceed the conversion.

Paste Video URL from YouTube to VideoHunter

STEP 3. When the conversion finishes, you will get some output choices to encode the unlisted YouTube video. Select the output format and quality you want, then hit the "Download" button to download it immediately.

Select High Resolution to Download Video

VideoHunter is a lightweight program and its function to help download online videos can be simply learned. With this tool, you can save more YouTube public and unlisted videos as your collection for accessing offline anytime.

Something You Should Know about Unlisted YouTube Videos

In 2017, YouTube released an update to enhance security for new unlisted YouTube videos, so the unlisted videos prior to 2017 will be made private by default. However, unlisted YouTube videos and private YouTube videos are different kinds of videos with different restrictions. You may want to learn your way around private and unlisted videos in the following parts.

1. What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

When you're uploading a video to YouTube, you can set the visibility among Public, Private, and Unlisted in the privacy settings before it's successfully uploaded to YouTube. If you opt for the Unlisted option, your video will not be listed in the Videos tab under your Channel, nor will be displayed in YouTube results.

Moreover, your unlisted videos will not be indexed, so they will not be fetched and shown on all search engines. Only you and the people with whom you share the video link can access and view the unlisted videos and unlisted playlists directly without a YouTube account. Therefore, unlisted videos are meant to be unavailable publicly on your channel page, and it doesn't mean you can't download unlisted YouTube videos.

2. What are the Differences Between Unlisted Videos and Private Videos?

Some people may be confused by unlisted videos and private videos on YouTube. To be honest, they have a lot in common. However, they are unique to some restrictions. To have an overview of their differences, take a look at the table chart below.

Unlisted YouTube Videos Private YouTube Videos
Invisible on YouTube Channel × ×
Display on YouTube Results × ×
Show in feeds and recommendation × ×
Add to a public YouTube playlist ×
Share the video link with others ×
Embedded in other sites ×
Require account login to view ×
Can be commented on by others ×

3. How Can I Download Private YouTube Videos?

Different from unlisted YouTube videos, private YouTube Videos mean only invited YouTubers can see the contents. What's more, YouTube has a very restrictive limit that only up to 50 people can be shared a private YouTube video. Invitee should also own a Google account and log in to watch the video. Most importantly, if you want to download private YouTube videos, you should become an invitee first. Then you can choose a reliable private YouTube video downloader – VideoHunter now supports downloading private YouTube contents without hassle.

As mentioned above, private YouTube videos are impossible to access only if the uploader invites you to view the private YouTube videos via email. Indeed, an uploader can share a private video with up to 50 emails. However, you'll need to log in to your YouTube account in order to view the private videos on YouTube.

As long as you have the link to a private YouTube video, VideoHunter can work as the best Private YouTube video downloader as well, and let you download the private YouTube video to local storage on your computer in a direct way.

This full guide will lead you through how to find unlisted YouTube videos and how to download unlisted YouTube videos to your Windows and Mac. Since YouTube Premium doesn't allow subscribers to download unlisted videos from YouTube, VideoHunter can be a great helper for you.

Free Download Free Download

Better yet, it keeps the downloads forever even if the original unlisted YouTube videos are deleted or made private. If you want to keep the unlisted videos from YouTube to offline playback, you'd better follow this guide and take a shot.

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