If you have ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you can notice that you can change the privacy settings of the video to three options - "Public", "Private", and "Unlisted".

Public videos refer to those common videos that can be viewed by every YouTube users.

Private videos only allows the people who you have invited to stream. Also, they would not be showed up in YouTube's search results.

Unlisted videos are those videos that will neithor come up in the search results nor in your YouTube channel. By those people with the video link can stream it freely, even they are not invited or have no YouTube account.

YouTube Private and Unlisted Videos

So actually, unlisted YouTube videos are invisible public videos, and they can still be viewed by everyone who owns the link. But some people want to download unlisted YouTube videos because they are afraid of losing the video URLs by accident. The best way to do it is to use the best YouTube downloader to help.

Best Unlisted YouTube Video Downloader

To download YouTube public videos in 720p or 1080p on mobile devices, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for enjoying its provided services. But to download YouTube unlisted videos, you have to get the URLs for accessing them at first. Also, YouTube doesn't provide service to download unlisted videos for offline viewing. As a result, you need to turn to a third-party software to help. Here, the best unlisted YouTube video downloader, VideoHunter, is strongly recommended.

VideoHunter supports to download YouTube pubilc/unlisted videos, playlist, and subtitles for offline saving. It performs stably and smoothly, which can even reach 6X faster downloading speed. VideoHunter is regarded as an expert in downloading YouTube videos.

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VideoHunter performs well to download YouTube public as well as unlisted videos. But for private videos, VideoHunter still not supports to save them offline. If you need to get the original or a copy of the YouTube private videos, in case you have been invited to access them, you can contact the authors for gaining their permissions to save the videos directly. This also gives respect to them.

How to Download YouTube Unlisted Videos

You only need several simple steps to download YouTube unlisted videos under the assistance of VideoHunter. Here is a simple tutorial for you to preview the process.

STEP 1. You may have already had the URL address of the YouTube unlisted video. So you just need to open VideoHunter and go to its "Downloader" interface.

STEP 2. Now, directly paste the unliste YouTube video's URL into the downloading frame bar, then also press the "Analyze" button to proceed the conversion.

Paste Video URL from YouTube to VideoHunter

STEP 3. When the conversion finishes, you will get some output choices to encode the unlisted YouTube video. Select the output format and quality you want, then hit the "Download" button to download it immediately.

Select High Resolution to Download Video

VideoHunter is a lightwright program and its function to help download online videos can be simply learned. With this tool, you can save more YouTube public as well as unlisted videos as your collection for accessing offline at anytime.

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