How to Download YouTube Videos

According to reliable data, on YouTube, there are over 500 hours of content being uploaded within every minute. The rich video resources and the high volume of YouTube platforms make it to be indispensable in many people's daily life.

Although you can easily find the content you need on YouTube, when it comes to downloading YouTube videos, you will feel frustrated because YouTube doesn't provide a direct download option to allow you to save a copy of the videos from YouTube. Luckily, this post is brought here to help. In the following, you will get three ways to download YouTube videos on different devices. Now, please check for your need.

CONTENT 1. Subscribe to YouTube Premium to Download YouTube Videos2. How to Download YouTube Videos on Desktop in 1080p3. Save A Copy of YouTube Videos from Your YouTube Studio

1. Subscribe to YouTube Premium to Download YouTube Videos

People wish to download YouTube videos for watching offline because they can get rid of different kinds of YouTube playback errors, and enjoy a fluent playback experience. YouTube knows users' needs, so it brings YouTube Premium to us. After knowing what is YouTube Premium in advance, you can realize a fact that YouTube Premium provides the video downloading feature to allow users to save YouTube videos offline for playing back without an Internet connection on mobile devices. So, the first official method to download YouTube videos is to simply subscribe to YouTube Premium.

STEP 1. YouTube Premium enables mobile users such as Android and iOS users to download YouTube videos on their mobile devices for offline playback. As a result, the first step for you is to subscribe to YouTube Premium on YouTube's official website.

NOTE: YouTube offers a one-month free trial for trying YouTube Premium features at first. After the free trial expires, users have to pay $11.99/month for continuing using this service.

Subscribe for YouTube Premium

STEP 2. When you have paid for the fee and subscribed for YouTube Premium, move to the YouTube app on your mobile device and log in with your YouTube account. After that, directly navigate to the YouTube video you'd like to download offline.

STEP 3. Open the video page and scroll down, you can find the download icon is activated now (because you have subscribed to YouTube Premium). Now, you can directly hit the download icon for saving the YouTube video with your preferred quality for offline playback.

YouTube Premium Download YouTube Video

# Limitations of YouTube Premium:

1. The downloading feature is only available on mobile devices. For the web platform, it is not available to download YouTube videos even you have subscribed for the YouTube Premium service.
2. The downloaded YouTube videos can only be played inside the YouTube app, which means that you could not transfer them to other devices or use other media players to play the videos.
3. When the YouTube Premium service expires, you will fail to access these downloaded videos again.

2. How to Download YouTube Videos on Desktop in 1080p

Instead of subscribing to YouTube Premium, another method to save a copy of the video from YouTube is to use the third-party software, the so-called YouTube video downloader. But using such software you need to be aware of a few things:

* Users have more options to encode the downloaded YouTube videos such as using different formats and quality;
* Users don't need an account for using the service, so no personal information needs to be given out.
* All users can use such a third-party YouTube video downloader even you don't subscribe to YouTube Premium.

* Such a third-party YouTube video downloader needs to keep updated with YouTube's latest coding rules. So if YouTube has changed the algorithm, the software normally takes a certain time to update to continue providing the downloading service.
* Most YouTube video downloader is only available on Windows and Mac.

YouTube Downloader VideoHunter

So to choose a reliable YouTube video downloader is essential for people who want to turn to such third-party software to help download YouTube videos. Here, we'd like to recommend VideoHunter.

VideoHunter offers a stable and high-quality video downloading service to help download videos from YouTube and other 1,000+ platforms. With an experienced technical support team, VideoHunter will ensure its service can always function well for serving its dear users.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Support to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and 1,000 more websites; Offer high resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K to output; Offer mainstream formats like MP3, MP4 to encode the videos; Allow to download subtitles in an extra file offline; Enable 6X faster speed and batch download to save much time; Ensure 100% clean and safe environment for everyone to use. Free Download Free Download

# How to Download YouTube Videos via VideoHunter

The software is simple to operate, so you need only three steps to keep YouTube videos for offline playback easily. Now, please walk through the brief guide below.

STEP 1. Navigate to the YouTube platform and access the YouTube video you'd like to download. Then, open its video page and copy the URL of it.

STEP 2. Run VideoHunter and enter its "Downloader". After that, paste the URL of the YouTube video into the input box, and click the "Analyze" icon.

Paste YouTube Video URL and Analyze

NOTE: If you have pasted a playlist URL, VideoHunter will ask you whether you want to download a single video or the whole playlist. Just make your choice.

Select to Download A Playlist

STEP 3. After pressing the "Analyze" button, VideoHunter will function to convert the YouTube video for you. When output options pop up for selection, simply choose the format and quality you need, and press "Download" to save the YouTube video offline directly.

NOTE: VideoHunter offers original resolutions to download YouTube videos. So the output quality selections will base on whether the original video offers such options.

Download 1080p YouTube Video

3. Save A Copy of YouTube Videos from Your YouTube Studio

The above two methods are both available to download public videos from YouTube. If you wish to save a copy of the YouTube videos from your personal YouTube Studio, it would be much simpler.

You only need to login into your YouTube account and go to your YouTube Studio. In the Content module, go to the video you'd like to save a copy from the studio, hit the "Options" icon, and submit "Download". After that, the video can be downloaded to your desktop directly.

Download Video from YouTube Studio

Downloading YouTube videos is not a difficult task because you now get such methods to save a copy of the videos you like from the platform. But you should pay attention to whether the method you choose is available on your device.

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