8 Best Reddit Video Downloaders for PC, Mobile, and Online

Reddit is one of the most popular forums where people can share videos such as funny memes, life videos, news, etc for people around the world to watch and leave comments. However, Reddit doesn't provide the video download feature to let you save the Reddit videos you like offline. But still, you have ways to get it solved - that is to use the best Reddit video downloader. So in this article, the 8 best downloaders will be recommended to let you easily download Reddit videos on PC or mobile with good quality. Let's have a look.

CONTENT Comparison of the 8 Best Reddit Video Downloaders1. VideoHunter2. 4KDownloader3. Redditsave4. Video Downloader Professional5. Keepvid6. Slide for Reddit7. All Video Downloader8. ES File Explorer

Comparison of the 8 Best Reddit Video Downloaders

This table previews the basic information about these 8 Reddit video downloaders such as the supported systems, output formats, and compatible sites.

Software Systems Formats Supported Sites
VideoHunter Windows, Mac MP4, MP3, WEBM 1,000+
4KDownloader Windows, macOS, Ubuntu MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, and more 13
Redditsave All devices MP4 Reddit
Video Downloader Professional Chrome browser MP4 Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo
Keepvid All devices MP4 Reddit
Slide for Reddit Android, iOS MP4 Reddit, TikTok
All Video Downloader Android MP4, MP3 All online sites
ES File Explorer Android MP4 Reddit

The following parts will introduce these 8 best Reddit video downloaders to you with details. Let's check.

1. VideoHunter

VideoHunter is a desktop software providing high-quality online video/audio download service for people to download videos or audios from more than 1,000 sites. It supports the popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and so on. VideoHunter is developed with a user-friendly UI so that people can easily know how to use the software to download Reddit videos even for the first time using it. VideoHunter is suitable for everyone to try. Features:

• Supports to download videos from over 1,000 sites • Reaches 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K output qualities • Improves the downloading speed to 6X faster • Supports YouTube playlist downloading feature • Allows to download videos in bulk for saving time • Supports to download subtitles to SRT/TTML files with all annotations • Provides built-in proxy settings to download videos without regional restrictions • Offers a clean and user-friendly UI to download videos easily

Free Download Free Download How to Download Reddit Videos: Step 1. After installing VideoHunter on your Windows/Mac, open the software. Step 2. You should go to Reddit and open the Reddit video you want to download. After copying its link, come back to VideoHunter and paste the link for analysis. Paste Reddit Video URL Step 3. When the output format and quality are provided to select, choose your favorite ones and click the "Download" button to download the Reddit video immediately.. Download Reddit Video

2. 4KDownloader

4KDownloader also offers a user-friendly UI for people to easily control the software for downloading online videos offline. It supports Reddit video download and offers good quality to output the videos, as a result, 4KDownloader is selected as one of the best Reddit video downloaders for PC users to use. Also, 4KDownloader provides a clean and safe platform to ensure the 100% safety of your device.


• Supports Windows, macOS, Ubuntu systems • Allows downloading subtitles in over 50 languages • Provides quick download speed • Supports popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, SoundCloud, etc.

• The free version will have ads

3. Redditsave

Redditsave is an online Reddit video downloader supported for saving Reddit videos online so that people don't need to install extra software for downloading Reddit videos. Once you navigate to Redditsave on your browser, you just need to open the Reddit post with the video you need to download, then copy its link from the "Share" option and paste it to Redditsave. Then the tool will analyze the video and provide options for you to download Reddit videos for offline playback.


• Doesn't need to install software to download videos • Converts and downloads Reddit videos fastly • Offers the simplest-to-use service • Supports to download videos in HD and SD

• Has ads on the site

4. Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader Professional is a Chrome browser extension that can be installed on the web browser, so people can directly download videos from Reddit and other sites without using other software. When you open a Reddit post with a video contained, the extension can detect it and provide the option to download the video offline. The extension is helpful and easy to use. However, your network status will be put to the test. And you will find that although you reduce the actions to copy URL and paste, the analytic ability of this chrome extension is not as competent as online tools.

Video Downloader Professional

• Offers intuitive service to download Reddit videos • The service is free to use • Provides different video qualities to select

• Some protected Reddit videos can't be downloaded • Only provides quality that is lower than 2K

5. Keepvid

Keepvid provides an online video downloader that allows people to download videos from online platforms for offline playback freely. People can use Keepvid to download Reddit videos with very easy clicks. The best part of Keepvid is that the downloader will automatically integrate audio with the Reddit video so that you can save Reddit videos with audios for playback offline. So this is one of the best Reddit video downloaders.


• Offers user-friendly UI • Provides very easy steps to download Reddit videos • Provides different downloading options to output videos

• The downloading speed is slow sometimes • The output quality is not clear as desktop software

6. Slide for Reddit

Slide for Reddit is an application developed for Android and iOS users to download Reddit videos on mobile phones easily. When you open the app and also the Reddit video, you will find the hamburger menu, by clicking which and there will be the "Save MP4" option provided for you to download the Reddit video directly to your mobile. Slide for Reddit is a popular tool for Android and iOS users to download Reddit videos offline.

Slide for Reddit

• Offers Reddit video download service for free • Provides very easy-to-use steps to download videos • Also supports to download TikTok videos

• No video quality options to be selected for downloading.

7. All Video Downloader

All Video Downloader is developed for Android users to download Reddit videos to the SD card without very complex operations. You can go to Reddit and access the Reddit videos in the app directly, and there will be a download button provided when the app detects the video. When the video is converted, you just need to choose a format and quality, then the Reddit video can directly be downloaded on your Android device.

All Video Downloader

• Provides the simplest operations to download Reddit videos • Offers fast downloading speed • Supports good quality to output videos

• The app has lots of ads inside • The interface is not friendly enough

8. ES File Explorer

The final recommended Reddit video downloader is ES File Explorer. This is also an Android application, which offers many different functions, including the video downloader for people to download videos from the Reddit platform. You just need to go to https://redv.co/ in ES File Explorer, and paste the Reddit video URL to it, then the Reddit video can easily be downloaded.

ES File Explorer

• Works more than a simple video downloader • Provides the services for free • Also works as a web browser to access all online videos for streaming

• The process to download Reddit videos is more complex


These 8 best Reddit video downloaders include those supported on PC, mobile phones, and also the online services that allow people to use all systems to use. Just by comparing their advantages as well as disadvantages, you are able to choose out the best tool for yourself to download Reddit videos in different situations. For me, I would select VideoHunter for its more professional, high-quality, and safety functions. You can also have a try.

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