Best Video Downloader for Desktop in 2020

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Aug 13, 2020

Thanks to the boost of various video-sharing websites, we can easily obtain more up-to-date information as well as multifarious knowledge. However, some unavoidable cases may spoil our experience while we stream videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. For example, we may find it unsmooth to watch online videos because of the network speed or be upset about the videos we collected in our favorite list being deleted by the uploader. Actually, a video downloader for desktop can be helpful to solve all these cases.


To possess an excellent video-watching experience, we can download these online videos on our computer before watching. As for the way to download videos, my preference will go to VideoHunter, an excellent downloader for Windows/Mac desktop no matter you are using Samsung, Lenovo or any other brands.

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Part 1. Best Video Downloader for Desktop

VideoHunter is a cross-platform software that enables you to download online videos from different websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter on both Windows and Mac computers. Centering around the concept of user-friendly, VideoHunter covers all basic demands you expect from a downloader, such as fast downloading experience and simple steps to operate.

Free Download Free Download

Except for these basic attributes, VideoHunter boasts more amazing features that will enrich your digital life:


1. Over 1,000 websites supported

You may need videos from different platforms to meet your diversified needs. With VideoHunter in your computer, you can download tutorials, vlogs, reviews, music videos, etc. from over 1,000 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Vlive, Tumblr, Dailymotion and so on. VideoHunter can be your YouTube Video Downloader, Facebook Video Downloader, and Any Video Downloader for desktop.

2. Various output resolutions

If the video you desire to download offers 720p, 1080p, 4K、and even 8K resolutions, VideoHunter will provide these qualities for you to choose before outputting the video. Therefore, you can get an original video of the highest quality for an excellent visual feast, or a lower resolution for just information acquisition.

3. Various output format

VideoHunter provides many mainstream formats for users to select, including MP3, MP4, WEBM, etc. Besides, a built-in converter is available for Mac users to convert downloaded files to more formats compatible with different devices. For Windows users, you can check ConvertAnyVid to convert videos.

Part 2. How to Download Online Videos to Desktop?

Now that we get to know this great desktop video downloader, it's time for us to experience its excellent service! Next, let's follow the easy tutorial below to download online videos to desktop computers. Here we take downloading videos from YouTube (single video) as an example.

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Step 1. Download and install VideoHunter video downloader on your desktop computer. After that, launch VideoHunter, which includes Free version and Registered version. You can click Continue Trial to enjoy the free version.

Register Window

Step 2. Access YouTube, search for the video you are going to download and copy its URL.

Step 3. Next, paste the URL into the following bar. By clicking "Output" at the bottom left corner, you can select the saving path of the downloaded video. After that, press "Analyze" button beside the bar for the next step.

Paste URL to VideoHuner

Step 4. A window of all download options will pop out, just select your preferred format as well as resolution and then click the "Download" button. Pretty soon you will get the offline MP4 video.

Select Output Format VideoHunter

When the download process is done, you can find the downloaded video on the "Finished" section. And this is the end of the tutorial on how to download online videos on desktop videos with VideoHunter.

Stream Video Offline

What's the Difference Between Free Trial and Register Verison?

After downloading VideoHunter, you can choose to use Free Trial or turn to Register Version, both of which are entitled to lifetime upgrades and technical support. However, there are several limitations for Free Trial:

1. You can only download 10 videos at most;
2. You can only use it for just 15 days;
3. You can only convert 2 min of each video (just for Mac users so far).

Given these limitations, I will recommend you to try the Register Version to enjoy unlimited service.

Part 3. Video Tutorial on Downloading Online Videos to Desktop

If you do not have much time to read an article about how to download videos via VideoHunter, please check the following links to watch vivid tutorial videos so you can follow the instructions very quickly.

Nowadays, video-sharing platforms play an important role in our daily life. We often resort to these videos for killing time. I believe that at some moment you may discover with dismay that you cannot enjoy your favorite video offline. Now let VideoHunter video downloader for desktop erase you dismay and enrich your daily life!

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