Video is a great thing for people to entertain today. Except for the most popular video/music streaming platform, YouTube, there has one website you should not neglect, which is Dailymotion.

But some people would not satisfy with online video streaming because sometimes playback errors will occur, or network interruption. Under such situation, grasping a reliable Dailymotion video downloader will be the best option to figure out these problems. Today, we gonna to introduce you the best Dailymotion video downloader in 2020. Scroll down and have a look!

CONTENT Part 1. VideoHunter - Dailymotion Video DownloaderPart 2. [Guide] How to Download and Save Dailymotion Videos?Part 3. Can I Download Dailymotion Video to MP3?

Part 1. VideoHunter - Dailymotion Video Downloader

The best video downloader for Dailymotion, I would strongly recommend VideoHunter to you. With a simple-designed interface and easy-to-use functions, VideoHunter can easily satisfy people's demands to download Dailymotion videos. This powerful video downloader has hidden so many features that you should really know in advance.

Free Download Free Download

# 1. High quality and fast downloading speed

VideoHunter offers the best quality for downloading all kinds of videos from online websites. For example, the high qualities such as 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 8K are offered to select. For audio, 320kbps, 256kbps, 160kbps and 128kbps are provided. In addition, don't worry that it has to take a long time for downloading videos because VideoHunter ensures 6X faster speed for users to save the videos quicker.

# 2. Support over 1,000 sites and different formats

VideoHunter has high compatibility, which is supported on Windows and Mac for downloading online videos from1,000+ platforms. For outputting the videos, audios, different formats such as MP3, MP4, and WEBM are offered.


# 3. A built-in converter is offered

Don't have the formats you need? Don't worry! A built-in converter has provided inside VideoHunter to help. More than 20 formats are provided so users have more flexible choices for saving their media content in the formats they need. But pay attention that this converter feature is currently provided on Mac, and we will add it to Windows version as soon as possible!

VideoHunter will show more advantages it can bring as you use it for downloading online video/audio. Why not explore it now? For downloading the Dailymotion video, just follow the tutorial below if you are the first time using VideoHunter.

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Part 2. [Guide] How to Download and Save Dailymotion Videos?

Here are the detailed steps that you should follow in order to download the Dailymotion video successfully. For free trial users, you have 10 times for downloading the HD videos from VideoHunter's supported sites, and this is enough for you to get familiar with this program.

If you decide to purchase the pro version of VideoHunter, you need to first register the program before using it to download Dailymotion video. Just copy the license code from your email and then paste to the registered window in VideoHunter when launch it, then you can successfully subscribe to the registered VideoHunter.

Register VideoHunter

For downloading Dailymotion video, these steps are required to be followed.

STEP 1. Go to Dailymotion platform using your browser and then find the Dailymotion video you extremely want to download. After that, copy the URL of it.

Copy Dailymotion Video URL

STEP 2. Now launch VideoHunter and go to the Downloader for pasting the URL of the Dailymotion video to the frame bar. After that, hit "Analyze" button to convert the Dailymotion video immediately.

Paste Dailymotion Video URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. When some output choices showed by VideoHunter, just select your preferred option and then hit the "Download" button to download it offline on your device for playing back later.

Download Dailymotion Using VideoHunter

Part 3. Can I Download Dailymotion Video to MP3?

Some people consider to strip the soundtrack from Dailymotion video and then save the audio in MP3 file for having a more convenient audio playback offline. But the pity is that VideoHunter still not supports to download Dailymotion to MP3 currently. Therefore, I would like to introduce another alternative way that you can use to save Dailymotion to MP3, which is to record the soundtrack with a great screen recorder, RecordAnyVid.

RecordAnyVid can be the best alternative to help you capture the soundtracks of Dailymotion videos and then save them in MP3 files. It is rated as one of the best screen recorder for the following features it owns:

1. The ability to capture any screen activities, including online meetings, gaming videos, movies and TV shows;
2. Four modes are provided for using, including Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Webcam Recorder and Snapshot;
3. Available to save the recordings in different video/audio formats;
4. Preferences settings to customize the program to be your ideal tool;
5. Easy to use and no adware, malware, virus contained;
6. Offer both free and pro versions for Win/Mac users.

So now, let me show you the way to record and save Dailymotion to MP3 under the help of RecordAnyVid.

STEP 1. Prepare the Dailymotion video, and at the same time, launch RecordAnyVid for going to the "Audio Recorder" inside the program.

STEP 2. In "Audio Recorder", preset the System Sound volume to be ideal. To have a better recording quality, I recommend you to turn off the Microphone option.

STEP 3. For selecting MP3 as your output format, you need click the gear icon above Microphone setting box. In "Preferences", go to "Output" section and then drop down the format list for selecting MP3.

Select MP3 for Dailymotion Audio

STEL 4. Now play the Dailymotion video and also start the recording by pressing the REC button in RecordAnyVid. When the video is ended, press the Stop button on the menu bar and you can end the recording.

Recording Dailymotion Audio

STEP 5. When RecordAnyVid shows you the previewing window, you just need to check the recorded Dailymotion MP3 audio. Finally, hit "Save" and you can save the Dailymotion video in MP3 local file!

Save Dailymotion Recording to MP3

After going through this blog, you exactly know the way to download Dailymotion videos with the best Dailymotion video downloader. To convert Dailymotion to MP3, you also get RecordAnyVid to help. Don't hesitate and try to save Dailymotion videos now!

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