How to Download NicoNico Videos [Safe & Free]

"Hi, I tried downloading MMD and music videos from niconico thru a variety of methods. All of them to no avail... I found nothing can solve that on Google."

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Niconico is a Japanese online video streaming platform, which provides high-quality Japanese video content such as the latest anime episodes and music videos for people to enjoy in high quality. However, for those who want to download Niconico video, it seems that a few solutions can help. So today, this blog will introduce a reliable and stable NicoNico Downloader to help download Niconico videos for offline playback in 1080p, 4K, and 8K. Scroll down and preview it!

CONTENT Prerequisite before You Download NicoNico VideoHow to Download NicoNico Videos [Safe & Free]

Before You Download NicoNico Video: Access NicoNico Video Outside Japan

Niconico is a Japanese web-based video sharing platform. It is owned by Dwango and is very popular. However, the site is geo-blocked and cannot be accessed outside of Japan.

The way geo-blocking works is simple. Everyone who uses the Internet has an IP address. This IP address can be used to track your location, so NicoNico can detect your location and block you from accessing its content because you are outside of Japan. This is common with streaming sites, they geo-block their content because they only have the right to stream it in certain countries/regions.

Therefore, you will need to use a VPN to bypass the geographical restriction before you download NicoNico videos. A VPN allows you to access the Internet through an encrypted server, which makes it impossible to trace back to you. This server is usually located in a different location than your physical location, and for sites like Niconico, you can use a Japanese server to access the site from anywhere outside of Japan. The site will read the address of this server as your address and grant you access to the site.

Download NicoNico Video

How to Download NicoNico Videos on Your PC/MAC

An Awesome Niconico Downloader for PC & Mac

To download Niconico videos safely and efficiently, the best way is to find a professional NicoNico video downloader. The brand-new and powerful Niconico downloader I would like to recommend today is VideoHunter, which provides excellent NicoNico video downloads for people to enjoy offline anime playback at your own pace. With VideoHunter, you can download NicoNico anime, BGM, and live replay to your computer with one click, and it also supports you to choose the download quality and output format.

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VideoHunter is selected by many users now for all the benefits it can bring. Its great performance, fluent and stable downloading process, clean interface, are all beneficial for enjoying an efficient and safe video saving experience.

Easy Steps to Download Niconico Video in High Quality

After getting the overall features of Niconico downloader, VideoHunter, do you want to try this amazing tool for downloading your first Niconico video in high quality? Welcome! VideoHunter offers a free trial to all of you, so you can enjoy its full features immediately! Download them on your device right now by clicking the button here.

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As you get VideoHunter installed, you can follow the tutorial here to download Niconico video for offline playback.

STEP 1. Copy Niconico Video URL
In a web browser, go to Niconico video platform and search for the anime episode you want to download. When you access the video page, copy the URL from the video page's address bar.

Copy NicoNico Video URL

STEP 2. Paste Niconico Video URL to VideoHunter
Paste the URL of the Niconico video to the URL bar, and click on the "Analyze" button.

Paste Niconico URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. Download Niconico Video in High Quality
When VideoHunter resolves the URL and generates some downloading options to you, you can select a HD quality such as 720p or 1080p for saving the Niconico video. Please note that the output quality options are determined by the original video quality, so please select HD video whenever possible. After selecting an output option, just click the "Download" button and you can download the Niconico video for offline playback.

Download Niconico Video in HD

That's all for how VideoHunter can act to be a great Niconico downloader for you! It provides really simple interface and easy operation so that everyone can easily learn how to download online videos, not only from Niconico but also other 1,000+ platforms. The pofessional download functions are the reason for why I made it my choice.

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