As a big hub for sharing creative ideas such as videos, images, etc., Pinterest becomes a palace for those to spread their inspiration. When you are discovering more and more amazing videos on Pinterest and desire to download Pinterest videos offline, it would be frustrating to realize the fact that Pinterest doesn't offer the official download options to get them. Hence, some easy tools and guidance will be provided in this blog to show you on how to download Pinterest videos on PC and mobile. Seek for the answer? Have a look!

How to Download Pinterest Videos

CONTENT Part 1. How to Download Pinterest Videos on Windows/Mac for FreePart 2. How to Download Pinterest Videos with Mobile AppPart 3. How to Free Download Pinterest Videos via Online Tools

Part 1. How to Download Pinterest Videos on Windows/Mac for Free

Ahead of all, let's see the workable options to download Pinterest videos on Windows and Mac freely and stably. Considering the efficient performance, software security, stability, and output quality, the following 2 Pinterest video downloaders are collected here for you.

1. VideoHunter

VideoHunter stands out among a majority of video downloaders on the market, providing users with outstanding service to download online videos from 1,000+ video streaming sites. Its stability and ads-free in-app environment are both the important elements attributing to its high-ranking reputation.

VideoHunter avails extremely high-quality outputs, which enables users to download online videos to HD 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K at max, thus guaranteeing enjoyable video playback after downloading the videos. The software also functions as a music converter, which works to convert YouTube, SoundCloud music to MP3 without hassle.

Free Download Free Download

Highlighted Features of VideoHunter

#1. 1,000+ Sites Supported:
With VideoHunter, you can download HD videos from popular media sites conveniently and speedily. All the videos will be preserved in their original quality without re-encoding. Normally, the provided quality of VideoHunyter can reach 1080k, 4k and 8k at maximum.

#2. Mainstream Output Formats:
To enable the higher compatibility of the output videos/audios, VideoHunter provides the mainstream MP4, WEBM formats to encode output videos and MP3 for audios. Users are able to transfer them to any device for offline playback.

#3. YouTube Playlist and Subtitle Downloader:
VideoHunter can also perform to download YouTube playlists for getting a batch of videos downloaded at once. Additionally, it also enables a built-in subtitle downloader to detect the original subtitles from the videos and integrate them together for downloading videos with subtitles embedded directly.

Note: The subtitles can also be downloaded and preserved as extra SRT or TTML files.

#4. Proxy Settings to Bypass Limitation:
To overcome the inconvenience brought by the regional restrictions, VideoHunter provides built-in proxy settings to help users bypass the region limitations and download videos from any country for offline playback without hassle. You are available to set the proxy manually or enable the auto-proxy to bypass the region automatically.

#5. 6X Faster Speed and Batch Download:
For ensuring the high efficiency in downloading online videos, VideoHunter accelerates the downloading speed to 6 times faster. Also equipped with the batch download feature, users are able to batch download videos simultaneously with great speed for saving much time.

NOTE: VideoHunter provides free download services for users to download online videos from Pinterest and other popular platforms only by registering the account for using the software. With the responsive and skillful technical support team, users can enjoy the hassle-free downloading service brought by VideoHunter regardless of any issue because there always has a team standby to help.

How to Download Pinterest Videos via VideoHunter

With an intuitive interface, VideoHunter also enables users to download Pinterest videos with ease. Now, let's see this brief guide to grasp how to download Pinterest videos via VideoHunter on Windows/Mac.

Step 1: After installing VideoHunter on your Windows/Mac, launch the software and sign up for an account to use the software. After login successfully, you will be navigated to the main interface of the downloaded.

Log in VideoHunter

Step 2: Now, you should go to Pinterest using your web browser and access the video you desire to download via VideoHunter. You need to copy the URL of the Pinterest video in this step.

Step 3: Then, go to VideoHunter, directly paste the Pinterest video URL to the frame bar and hit the "Analyze" icon beside the bar. After that, VideoHunter will function to convert the video for you.

Paste Pinterest Video URL

Step 4: Just wait for seconds and the output choices will be provided for you to select. Simply pick your preferred output format and quality for downloading the Pinterest video. After hitting the "Download" icon, the Pinterest video can be downloaded directly.

Download Pinterest Video

2. ByClick Downloader

Another trustworthy Pinterest video downloader for Window should be ByClick Downloader. The software enables users to download online videos from over 40 sites, including Pinterest. With ByClick Downloader, users are able to output Pinterest videos with all kinds of video quality settings in personal preferences. Also, the intuitive design of the software makes the downloading operations easy to grasp, thus boosting higher efficiency in downloading online videos from Pinterest.

How to Download Pinterest Videos via ByClick Downloader

The easy steps provided here will show you the correct way to download Pinterest videos via ByClick Downloader.

Step 1: The easy steps provided here will show you the correct way to download Pinterest videos via ByClick Downloader.
Step 2: Now, you should go to Pinterest in the browser for getting the URL of the Pinterest video you need to download. Then paste the URL to ByClick Downloader for converting it.
Step 3: When ByClick Downloader provides the output options, choose format, quality, and also folder to downloading the video.
Step 4: Start downloading the Pinterest video and ByClick Downloader will perform to resolve it.

Download Pinterest Videos Using Byclick Downloader

Part 2. How to Download Pinterest Videos with Mobile App

Finishing introducing the video downloader for PC to download Pinterest videos, now we move to the mobile app that works smoothly to grasp videos from Pinterest with ease, which is Video Downloader for Pinterest, being compatible with most popular mobile systems such as Android. It brings the easy-to-grasp function for users to download Pinterest videos in different formats, and also maintains the output quality at the best state to ensure high-quality offline streaming on mobile devices.

How to Download Pinterest Videos via Video Downloader for Pinterest

This hassle-free Pinterest video downloader only requires several simple steps to download videos from Pinterest. Here we will show you how.

Step 1: Install Video Downloader for Pinterest on your mobile device. You can find it in Google Player Store if you are an Android. Simply install it.
Step 2: Go to Pinterest app or the online website for copying the URL Of the Pinterest video you desire to download.
Step 3: Launch Video Downloader for Pinterest and paste the URL for converting and downloading it to your mobile device directly.

Video Downloader for Pinterest

Part 3. How to Free Download Pinterest Videos via Online Tools

Instead of installing extra software or app to download Pinterest videos, some people may prefer an online tool to complete the process directly. Here are 4 recommendations deserving a try. Have a look now.

1. Expertsphp

Expertsphp is an open-source online service provided for users of all devices to download videos from different sites in HD quality. It separates a Pinterest video downloader for saving videos and also images, GIFs from the platform with the best quality. It only requires 3 easy steps to download Pinterest videos, here is a brief guide for you:

Step 1: Navigate to Pinterest for copying the URL of the Pinterest video you are going to download for preserving offline.
Step 2: Then, paste the URL to the frame bar for converting the video.
Step 3: When the output format and quality are provided, hit the "Download Link" icon and the Pinterest video is able to be downloaded right away.


2. Keepsaveit

Designed with an intuitive and much cleaner interface, Keepsaveit provides more enjoyable functionality and an online platform for users to download videos from Pinterest without hassle. The tool supports to download online videos with high resolutions such as HD 1080p, and even 4K at max. More than Pinterest, you will discover that Keepsaveit is also compatible with more video sharing sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and so on. This all-in-one online video downloader can fulfill almost all your needs to download videos from different popular sites. However, you may encounter too much analyze failures if you're in areas with poor network connection.


3. Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest Video Downloader is also an easy-to-grasp online video downloader for Pinterest users to grasp any video they like from the platform for saving offline. Its operation is highly similar with Expertsphp. You only require the Pinterest video URL and several simple clicks to output the videos in HD quality for offline viewing. Pinterest Video Downloader is accessible on any device as the web browser is installed.

Pinterest Video Downloader Online

4. Pastedownload

The final recommendation is Pastedownlod. With high compatibility, the online video downloader is supported for users to download online videos as well as audios from any popular sites, including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. With no software installation required, Pastedownlod is especially for users who desire the simplest process to download Pinterest videos. Nevertheless, although this tool is completely free of charge, the download speed is not that fast and sometimes the downloaded content doesn't match the URL.


NOTE: Online services do bring much convenience, but they are less stable and sudden download failure would occur during the downloading process. In addition, most of them are listed with messy ads, which are not user-friendly and may bring harm to the security of your devices (like bringing you to some fishing sites). Hence, you should pay much attention while selecting the online services to download Pinterest videos.


No matter which method you choose, there is always a way to download Pinterest videos with the best quality for offline collecting and viewing. Just pick the ideal option for yourself based on your own requirements.

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