YouTube is a video app loved by many, especially when you are on a plane or a coach, binge-watching YouTube offline videos could be a great enjoyment and a nice choice to kill time. However, it could be tricky for many Mac users to download YouTube videos due to many limitations. Won't it be marvelous if there is a tool that can solve the problem?

Yes, of course, yet we won't be satisfied with just one tool. Instead, today we are going to recommend five ways to download YouTube videos on Mac in the following article, and they will definitely meet all kinds of needs, such as professionalism, high speed, safety, convenience, no charge, etc. So, let’s have a look at these practical methods one by one together, and see which one is the optimal one for you!

CONTENT1. How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac with YouTube Download App2. How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac with Online YouTube Downloader3. Download YouTube Videos on Mac with Chrome Extension/Firefox Add-on4. Save YouTube Videos on Mac via Screen Record5. Extra Tip: How to Download YouTube Videos with VLC (Free but Tricky)Conclusion

1. How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac with YouTube Download App

First of all, let us introduce you the safest and most stable way: VideoHunter, a professional YouTube download app which is best for those who pursue high quality and speed. Compared with other downloaders, it features numerous powerful functions listed below:

Bulk downloading: Download multiple videos and audio simultaneously.

Playlist and channel downloading: It supports downloading YouTube playlists and YouTube channels in one click, which will save you lots of time

Subtitle downloading: It’s available to download online videos that are uploaded with subtitle footage. Furthermore, it supports merging subtitles or downloading them as separate files based on your needs.

Long YouTube video downloading (with length up to 2 hours): It outperforms many online or desktop YouTube downloaders as most of them can’t download long YouTube videos. Some of them can only download YouTube videos of less than 15 minutes.

If professionalism comes first when you think about YouTube downloaders, then VideoHunter with all these wonderful functions will be the one for you. Now let’s see how you can download YouTube videos on Mac using VideoHunter step by step.

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Step 1. Download and Install VideoHunter on Mac.

Step 2. go to YouTube and copy the URL of the online video that you want to download.

Copy the URL of the Video

Step 3. Paste the URL of the online video to the download bar on the home page, click "Analyze" button and the software will start to parse the video URL;

Paste the URL in the Area and Parse the URL

Step 4. When the output option window pops up, select an output format and video quality you need. When it’s done, click "Download" button to start the downloading process.

Select Format and Quality to Download

2. How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac with Online YouTube Downloader

If you don’t want to download an extra application, then the online tool BTCLOD might be your optimal choice. This tool is fast at parsing and downloading YouTube playlists. However, there are some disadvantages that you need to know in advance:

  1. The number of free downloading is limited to 5;
  2. At most 2 videos can be downloaded at the same time;
  3. The length of the videos for downloading is limited to 15 minutes at maximum;
  4. In-app advertisements. And for mobile version, playlist downloading is not open to mac users.

BTCLOD Downloader

All in all, BTCLOD is a nice way if you only take convenience into consideration (all you need is a browser where you can open the website), but you will also need to take the risk of being exposed to viruses, pop-up advertisements, as well as malicious plugins. Let’s see how simple it is to download YouTube videos with BTCLOD:

Step 1. Copy and paste the YouTube video URL to the search box for analyzing the download options.

Step 2. From the download options BTCLOD provide, choose your preferred formats and output quality. Then click the download icon beside the videos.

BTCLOD doesn’t support to download multiple videos in one click. You will have to click to download the video you like one by one.

3. Download YouTube Videos on Mac with Chrome Extension/Firefox Add-on

Speaking of small and convenient tools, we can also use browser extensions, which can easily get YouTube videos downloaded to your Mac device, too. Here, we are going to introduce two extensions available for Chrome and Firefox browsers in the following paragraphs: Video Downloader Plus and Video DownloadHelper.

Video Downloader Plus - for Chrome

Video Downloader Plus is an available Chrome extension for people to download YouTube videos in fast speed. SD and HD quality can be chosen to save the downloaded videos. Additionally, you may also choose various formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, MPG, etc., which enables you to play the downloaded videos on different devices. FYI, this extension will charge you some fees to download YouTube videos.

Video Downloader Plus Extention

Video DownloadHelper - for Firefox

For Firefox browser users, Video DownloadHelper provides a simple way to download YouTube videos by automatically detecting the videos. That is, when the video is being played on the web page, this add-on will automatically detect it and present you with the option to download the YouTube video.

Video Downloadhelper Firefox

Next, let’s see how to download YouTube videos using browser extensions step by step. Since the steps of using the browser extensions to download YouTube videos are similar, here will only take Video Downloader Plus on Chrome as an example.

Step 1. Install Video Downloader Plus on the Chrome browser.

Step 2. Go to YouTube, open the video page with the video you want to download offline, click the setting icon>>More tools>>Extensions, and search for Video Downloader Plus. When you find the extension, add it to the browser.

How to Add Extensions on Chrome

Step 3. After being added to Chrome, the extension will detect the YouTube video automatically and present you with download button, as well as with different output quality options for you to choose. When the quality is selected, click on the "Download" button to start the downloading procedure.

4. Save YouTube Videos on Mac via Screen Record

If none of the methods mentioned above can meet your needs, you may also consider recording the videos with a screen recorder, which has the same effect brought by downloading. Although it could be time-consuming since you need to play the videos from beginning to end, it works perfectly. To use this method, you can either use the screen recording function, or directly use the powerful software--VideoSolo Screen Recorder--to record the videos.

  1. With this screen recorder, you can record any on-screen activity with high quality, and enjoy a clean screen (no watermarks).
  2. It enables you to draw, leave annotations, or take snapshots.
  3. You can add a webcam overlay to your recordings.

The detailed steps for recording the YouTube videos are as follows:

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Screen Recorder to your computer. Launch the software, and click on "Video Recorder" to start recording the videos being played on the screen.
Main Interface of Screen Recorder

Step 2. Choose the recording area and set preferences. You can choose to record the videos in full screen or to customize by dragging the rim of the frame. There are also other options such as system sound and microphone.

Adjust Recording Area

Step 3. After setting up, click the "REC" button on the ride to start recording. During recording, you are free to draw, annotate, and take snapshots as you like. When the recording is finished, click on the "stop" button, and you can preview and clip your recordings before saving.

Setting During Recording

5. Extra Tip: How to Download YouTube Videos with VLC (Free but Tricky)

After introducing so many practical methods to download YouTube Videos on Mac, here we want to share an extra tip: using VLC. We all know that VLC Media Player as open-source software provides great convenience to our video streaming experience. Meanwhile, it serves as a backup for YouTube video downloading. However, as a free way to download YouTube videos on Mac, it does have some limitations. The steps are complicated and it can’t guarantee 100% success, let alone videos longer than 2 hours. Let’s see how to download YouTube videos with VLC on Mac:

Step 1. Download and Install VLC Media Player

First of all, we need to get the tool ready. We can go to the official website of VLC Media Player and click the inverted triangle icon to select the macOS version from the drop-down list. When the package is downloaded, click it to install VLC to your device.

Select to Download VLC

Step 2. Copy and Paste the URL of the YouTube Video

When VLC Media Player is successfully installed, go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to download in the address bar.

URL of YouTube Videos

Go back to VLC Media Player, click “File”>>“Open Network” and paste the URL of the YouTube video to the URL bar and click “Open” on the bottom right.

Step 3. Copy the Direct Location URL of the YouTube Video

Once the analysis is finished and VLC starts playing the YouTube video, click “Window” >> “Media Information”, and then copy the URL from the “Location” bar at the bottom.

Step 4. Paste to Download the YouTube Video

Paste the URL to the searching bar of your browser. When the video page is presented, right-click on the video and choose “Download Video As...” from the drop-down list to choose a path to save the YouTube video to be downloaded, and click on “Save” to start the downloading procedure.

For Windows users, you can see the detailed guide on the article we wrote before:
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So these are the five ways you can use to download YouTube videos on Mac, and let's review them very quickly first:
In short, if you pursue quality, speed, and powerful functions, VideoHunter will be your BEST choice. If you only care about convenience, and you’re careful enough to get rid of some potential risks, then you can consider the online tool BTCLOD, or extensions of Chrome and Firefox. Yet, if you have the patience, you may also record YouTube videos via VideoSolo Screen Recorder, which will guarantee 100% success. and last, if you are fine with the tricky procedure, VLC could be an option, too.

Free Download Free Download

Now you must have your favorite one in mind, so just try them out and then tell us how you truly feel about these tools! And if you find this article useful, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends in need!