Best Facebook Video Downloader for PC in 2024

Since Facebook doesn't include a download option due to privacy, people have to search for a reliable tool to download videos from Facebook. Good or faulty, plenty of Facebook video downloaders are available on the internet. What is the best choice? Don't waste your time getting lost. VideoHunter Facebook Downloader ranks top as NO.1 after hands-on testing. Now, you may want to learn your way around this amazing downloader in this review. Let's kick in.

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Best Facebook Video Downloader for PC - VideoHunter Facebook Downloader

VideoHunter Facebook Downloader was developed by VideoHunter, a giant that is dedicated to offering first-class and professional video download services. With its state-of-the-art technology, this downloader enables you to download videos from Facebook even though Facebook doesn't allow so. Only by providing the link of your desired Facebook video can this software do all the rest.

To help you save HD videos from Facebook, VideoHunter Facebook Downloader offers high resolutions of up to 4K, enables you to download them to MP4, and converts Facebook to MP3. No matter whether reels, stories, highlights, live videos, or private videos, the app can batch download them at an 8X blazing-fast speed.

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Why Choose VideoHunter Facebook Downloader from All Facebook Video Downloaders

Now, let's check out the features of VideoHunter Facebook Downloader and get to know why it stands out from a bunch of similar tools. Here are some main features for your reference.

Downloads of Videos, Stories, Reels

VideoHunter Facebook Downloader covers all the video types on Facebook. It enables you to download public videos, reels, stories, highlights, live recordings, group videos, etc. Meanwhile, it works as a private Facebook video downloader that makes it possible to download private videos and private group videos while no one knows.

Up to 4K Video Quality

While most downloaders can only download Facebook videos in SD 360p or HD 720p, this Facebook HD video downloader can provide a range of video resolution outputs including 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, and up to 4K. It ensures the best playback experience with lossless video quality.

8X Lightning-fast Download Speed

VideoHunter Facebook Downloader utilizes a tip-top acceleration technology that can boost the whole process up to 8X than other downloaders. It takes a few minutes to download a Facebook live video of hours under a good network. Also, it enables multiple download tasks or the entire playlist at a time. You can download as many videos in the blink of an eye.

Batch Download Facebook Videos at 8X

Common Formats

VideoHunter Facebook Downloader also supports various output formats. It allows you to download Facebook videos to MP4, or convert them to MP3 at up to 320kbps. Compared to other tools that can only download videos in MP4, this fantastic downloader gives you one more option, especially for music videos.

100% Free Android Version

Apart from the desktop software, VideoHunter Facebook Downloader also offers the Android version for mobile users. This safe and reliable app gives you the best way to download public and private videos from Facebook for free.

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How to Download Facebook Videos via VideoHunter Facebook Downloader

Now, let's go through the steps to download Facebook videos to MP4 in HD via VideoHunter Facebook Downloader. The operation would be quite simple and intuitive. After having a glimpse of this tutorial for once, you can master it completely! Let's take a close at the steps now!

STEP 1. Open Facebook in your browser, then, search for the Facebook video you desire to download. As you access it, click the share icon and copy its URL address.

VCopy Facebook Video URL

STEP 2. Launch VideoHunter Facebook Downloader. Now, paste the URL to the frame bar, and press the "Analyze" button to convert the video.

Paste Facebook Video URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. Next, choose the output format (MP4 or MP3) and the resolution (360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K). Finally, hit the "Download" button, and this Facebook video link downloader will immediately save your favorite videos offline.

Note: By selecting MP3, you can download audio from Facebook videos to an audio file.

Download Facebook Video in HD

Reminder: For a more detailed step-by-step tutorial, you can read How to Download Facebook Videos (Recently Updated)


VideoHunter Facebook Downloader is so far the best Facebook video downloader on the market. This top-rated downloader enables you to save HD videos in MP3 or MP4 from Facebook, including public videos, reels, stories, highlights, live recordings, group videos, and even private videos. The download speed can rocket up to 8X faster and it takes no time to download as many videos as you want. Better yet, it also offers a powerful and free Android app awaiting you. All in all, better try than never.

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