8 Best Private Facebook Video Downloaders 2024 [All Devices]

When sharing videos on Facebook, users can make their Facebook videos private or visible to someone. For viewers, you can't access these private Facebook reels or stories unless you are invited or get the links. So when you come across a funny yet private Facebook video, how to save the video?

Although Facebook doesn't provide the download function, you can make full use of Facebook video downloaders. In this post, we've covered 4 different kinds of private Facebook video downloaders (online tools, mobile apps, extensions, and desktop software) to help you. Read on to pick one and download private Facebook videos you like!

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Best Private Facebook Video Downloader for PC/Mac

Compared to the other 3 types of Facebook private video downloaders, Facebook downloaders for computers provide the most functions, better video quality, and faster speed to download private Facebook videos. Here we recommend the best private Facebook video downloader - VideoHunter Facebook Downloader.

VideoHunter Facebook Downloader

VideoHunter Facebook Downloader is specially designed for Windows PC and Mac users to download Facebook videos offline. All public and private Facebook videos shared in posts, reels, or stories can be downloaded with this app. To help you save Facebook's public and private videos in HD, it offers high resolutions of up to 4K to download videos from Facebook in high quality. No matter video or audio, the software offers MP3, MP4, and WebM formats to help you save them.

With 8X download speed, VideoHunter Facebook Downloader can batch download private videos from Facebook quickly. With it, you can download unlimited private videos from Facebook and keep them forever without worrying about disappearing.

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Key Features of VideoHunter Facebook Downloader

  • Downloads Facebook reels, stories, private videos, and public clips.
  • Offers common MP3, MP4, and WebM formats to download Facebook videos with up to 4K.
  • Fast batch downloading speed at 8X or even faster.
  • Ease of use.

How to Download Private Facebook Videos with VideoHunter Facebook Downloader

Follow the quick guide below to find out how to download Facebook videos on Windows/Mac with the help of VideoHunter Facebook Downloader.

Step 1. After installing VideoHunter Facebook Downloader, open and sign up for an account to log in.

Step 2. Get the private Facebook video link and then paste it to the search bar on the software. Click "Analyze".

Step 3. Select an output format as well as resolution as you like.

Step 4. Click "Download" and the app will start downloading the private Facebook video immediately.

Batch Download Facebook Videos

2 Best Private Facebook Video Downloader Apps

If you are using an Android or iPhone device, then you should not miss these 2 Facebook private video downloader Apps! They can provide easy and quick downloads of Facebook private videos for you.

VideoHunter for Android

As a powerful Facebook private video APK, VideoHunter for Android can download private Facebook videos to your Android device at a fast speed. Better still, this app is 100% free, which means you can download private Facebook videos on Android without costing a penny.

VideoHunter for Android provides a built-in browser to let you sign in to Facebook and download Facebook videos easily. Once you find a private Facebook video you want to save, just tap the download button next to it. Be it a private Facebook Reel or Story video, VideoHunter for Android can download private Facebook videos in HD to MP4 or convert their audio to MP3.

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Key Features of VideoHunter Facebook Downloader

  • Saves private reels, stories, and other videos from Facebook.
  • Downloads HD private Facebook videos to MP4.
  • Offers the batch download feature.
  • Provides two methods for downloading private Facebook videos.
  • Download various private Facebook videos for free.
  • Also supports downloading videos from other social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and so on.
VideoHunter for Android

Video downloader for Facebook

If you are an iPhone user, the Video downloader for Facebook can be an excellent Facebook private video downloader for iPhone. Featuring ease of use, this app enables you to use video links to download private Facebook videos. Besides, if you want to save HD videos from Facebook, it offers high output quality up to 1080P, so you can keep your favorite private Facebook videos on your iPhone for later playback.

Features of Video downloader for Facebook

  • Offers the simplest copy-and-paste method to download private Facebook videos.
  • Provides up to 1080P output quality.
  • Completely free to use.
Video Downloader for FB

4 Online Private Facebook Video Downloaders

Don't want to install an app or software? Check these 4 online downloaders for private Facebook videos! For those who only want to download several private Facebook videos quickly, these free online tools are the best choices you should not miss.


Best for Downloading Private Facebook Videos and Audio

FDownloader is a free online downloader for Facebook private videos with a fast download speed. This online tool can download private videos to MP4 and even extract the audio to MP3. It can reach the highest 320Kbps audio quality and offers different resolutions to download private Facebook videos for you. No matter if you are a desktop or mobile user, FDownloader can help you save the private video you want from Facebook.



Best for Easily Downloading Private Facebook Videos

Another free online Facebook private video downloader you can try is FDown.net. This online tool not only enables you to download private Facebook videos with their links but also provides a Facebook private video extension downloader to let you save private Facebook videos you like easily. With a fast download speed, the online Facebook downloader can download Facebook private videos quickly for free.



Best for Quickly Downloading HD Private Videos from Facebook

If you want to save HD Facebook private videos, then you should not miss SnapSave. This online tool offers the best video quality up to 4K to let you download Facebook private videos in high quality. Meanwhile, its fast converting and downloading speed can save a lot of time, especially when you try to save many Facebook videos. Providing fast download speed and 4Kresolution, SnapSave is an efficient Facebook private video HD downloader you can have a try.



Best for Saving Private Facebook Videos in HD

Vidsaver is an efficient private Facebook video downloader with 2 quality options (HD and SD). It can help you download private Facebook videos in high quality. Except for private Facebook videos, you can also use this online downloader to save public reels or stories. All you need to do is paste the video links and Vidsaver will download the videos to MP4 immediately.


Note: Online private Facebook video downloaders offer basic downloading functions and limited output options with pop-up ads appearing on pages. For fast and safe downloads of HD private videos, consider professional and reliable private Facebook video downloaders like VideoHunter Facebook Downloader.

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Free Facebook Private Video Extension for Chrome

For Chrome users, Facebook video extension downloaders can be helpful when it comes to easily saving private videos off Facebook without installing third-party software. Besides, these extensions are free to use while helping you download a private video from Facebook.

Social Video Downloader is one of the best extensions for the Chrome browser for downloading private Facebook videos for free. After installing it to your Chrome browser, when you are browsing a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, you only need to tap the extension icon and it will automatically detect and download videos at a fast speed. This extension also offers up to 1920P for you to save Facebook private videos at the best quality, and it is completely free to use!

Save Private Facebook- Videos via Social Video Downloader


Here are 8 private Facebook video downloaders. You can surely pick one to download private Facebook videos offline easily. If you want high resolution, fast download speed, and batch download function, consider VideoHunter Facebook Downloader. For mobile phone users, VideoHunter for Android can be the best option as it can download various videos from Facebook for free. Save Facebook private videos you like immediately with these useful tools!

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FAQ about Private Facebook Video Downloader

Can I download private Facebook videos?

Of course, you can. While Facebook doesn't offer a download button, you can use different private Facebook video downloaders above to save private videos from the platform.

But keep in mind that you should never share or upload others' private videos for commercial purposes. Besides, it is recommended to ask for permission before downloading these videos offline to avoid breaking copyright laws.

Is it safe to use Facebook Video Downloader?

It should be noted that not all Facebook video downloaders are safe to use, especially those online tools filled with intrusive ads, which may redirect you to malicious websites or download malware onto your computer. So it is recommended to use desktop software and mobile applications because they are protected.

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