On Twitter, the most popular feature that attracts people should be the "Trending" feature, by which people can easily know what are some hit news happening in certain areas. People can share videos, images, text, GIFs for expressing their thoughts freely. In that we made this blog to help you grasp some Twitter tips, which are practical for utilizing this platform to socialize. Now, I will break them down for you one by one.

CONTENT Tip 1. How to Download Twitter Video with High QualityTip 2. How to Save a Twitter GIFTip 3. How to Post Videos on TwitterTip 4. How to Record A Video for A Tweet

Tip 1. How to Download Twitter Video with High Quality

Twitter is a place where users can freely share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas to people from around the world. The most vivid way to express oneself today should be posting a video. Every day, there are countless of videos being uploaded to Twitter and people can absolutely indulge themselves online for grasping some fun.

But a pity for some video lovers should be that Twitter videos are not available for downloading because no such functionality is provided. However, by utilizing a third-party Twitter video downloader, we can still download Twitter videos with high quality for saving as our collections offline. This helpful downloader is VideoHunter.

# The Best Twitter Video Downloader

VideoHunter offers the most excellent online video download service to all people if they need. The high compatibility of VideoHunter makes it not only limited for downloading Twitter videos, but also video/audio resources from other 1,000+ platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.

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# How to Download A Twitter Video Using VideoHunter

The procedures to download a Twitter video with VideoHunter can be simple than since ever. Only with several clicks, you can easily get the video you like from Twitter platform. Here is the detailed steps.

STEP 1. To get started, you should utilize your web browser and go to Twitter platform. Inside the platform, search for accessing the Twitter video you like. Then copy its video URL.

STEP 2. Please launch VideoHunter on your computer. As you enter its main feed, please click into the Downloader.

VideoHunter Interface Windows

STEP 3. Now, please paste the URL of the Twitter video to the downloading bar. Subsequently, click on Analyze and VideoHunter will resolve the URL and convert the Twitter video for you.

Paste Twitter Video URL to VideoHunter

STEP 4. When VideoHunter processes the conversion and generates all downloading options to you, select your preferred one from the format menu, such as MP4 1080p. Then just by clicking on the Download button, and the Twitter video can be saved to your computer for offline playing.

Select Format and Quality for Twitter Video

Tip 2. How to Save a Twitter GIF

Rather than videos, GIF is another type of content that many people would create and post on Twitter for entertaining or better express their personal feelings. When you see some interesting GIF stickers and want to save them for personal use on Twitter, how can you achieve this?

STEP 1. Go to Twitter in your web browser and then open the tweet that contains the GIF file you would like to save offline.

STEP 2. Right click the GIF and then select the Copy Gif Address option.

Copy GIF Address

STEP 3. Go to EZGIF and choose the Video to GIF tool. Here you should paste the URL of the Twitter GIF to the downloading box, and then click on the Upload Video button.

Paste Twitter GIF Address to EZGIF

STEP 4. Then please continue to click on the Convert to GIF button for converting the Twitter GIF to a regular GIF image file. Finally, when the converted GIF is prepared for you, please right-click it and save to your desktop!

Save Twitter GIF

Now you get the Twitter GIF saved on your computer offline for anytime use as you need!

Tip 3. How to Post Videos on Twitter

When you get the video materials for sharing on Twitter, you may wonder how to post videos on Twitter with different devices such as the desktop and smartphone? For the first-time users, this tutorial may bring help.

# On Desktop

STEP 1. Open Twitter and login with your Twitter account. Then you will be on the home page in Twitter's timeline.

STEP 2. On top of the timeline, there sets a place for you to create a tweet simply. Just by entering the text and then press the first icon to select the video you want to post on Twitter.

STEP 3. After selecting, just by hitting the Tweet button aside and then you can post the video into the timeline for sharing with other people!

Post Video on Twitter

# On Smartphone

STEP 1. Firstly, install Twitter app on the mobile device, then launch it and login with your Twitter account.

STEP 2. Press the Tweet icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then tab the first image icon for uploading the video you want to post on Twitter from your camera roll.

Select Video from Device

STEP 3. Then you will be prompted to edit the video by simply cropping it. After this process, please press the Done button in the top right corner.

STEP 4. Now please edit the text, stickers, or hashtags in the text editing box. Subsequently, just by clicking on the Tweet button, and you can post the video to Twitter successfully.

Post Video in A Tweet

Tip 4. How to Record A Video for A Tweet

For sharing a real-time video on Twitter, it also allows you to record instant materials for uploading in a tweet. The way to record a video for a tweet can be simple and similar to the way of posting an existing video. Go through the steps below and you can record one for posting on Twitter for instant sharing.

STEP 1. Launch Twitter app on your mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet. Then like to upload the video, you should tab the Tweet icon in the lower-right corner to enter the editing section.

STEP 2. Please tab the camera icon and start capturing the thing or event you want to share in the tweet.

NOTE: Pay attention that the recorded video duration can not exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds in total.

Record Video for Tweet

STEP 3. After recording the video, you can add location and a title for describing the main content of the video for attracting people to watch. Subsequently, just by clicking on the Tweet button aside and you can share the recorded video in a tweet for other people to enjoy on Twitter!

Add Location to Video

After going through these simple tips, you can master Twitter and use them for mastering the platform to share or enjoy more amazing media content. During this multimedia age, you should really grasp two or more social media platforms for connecting with more people and have fun online. You will get much happiness from this virtual world! Enjoy!

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