Make A YouTube Video 2020

YouTube has been a platform to share video content. There are more and more people who are willing to be a YouTuber and share their life experience through videos on the platform. We call this kind of videos Vlog. Why? YouTube has made regulations to offer content creators bonus for sharing popular videos, which means that successfully YouTubers can win hundreds, and even thousands of dollars a day.

If you also want to start creating content for posting on YouTube, this blog can help you. We will guide you the basic steps to make a YouTube video. Scroll down and read now!

CONTENT 1. Do Research for YouTube Ideas and Topics2. Start Your YouTube Channel3. Prepare for Your First YouTube Video Making4. Make Your First Video5. Upload Video to YouTube

1. Do Research for YouTube Ideas and Topics

To run a channel on YouTube, you'd better find a topic which all your uploaded videos will focus on. This can bring a clear picture to your audiences and tell them what content your channel main concentrates on. Instead of focusing on yourself, you should pay much attention to whether the content you deliver will be helpful to your audiences, or can actually bring them fun.

So before starting to run your YouTube channel, do some researches on what topics most people may like, or in what fields you can do better. You can easily find the answers by typing the keywords in YouTube’s search engine to see what topics most people are willing to search for. By having a clear direction, your start on YouTube will be more successful.

YouTube Ideas

2. Start Your YouTube Channel

The procedures to start a YouTube channel are simple. You just need to following these simple steps to get it completed:

Step 1. You need to login YouTube platform with your Google Account. So if you don't have one, apply for it in advance. Then go to YouTube and login.

Go to YouTube Channel

Step 2. After login YouTube, click the profile image on the top right corner and then select "Your Channel" option. After that, hit the "CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL" button.

Step 3. Now just follow the instructions to complete the settings for your YouTube channel. For example, create a name and add social media platforms' links to the bio. When this step is completed, your YouTube channel can be created.

Create YouTube Channel

3. Prepare for Your First YouTube Video Making

When you have decided to make your first YouTube video and also the topic of it, please get familiar with the video and plan all parts of it in advance. You can make a list of the video or image materials you require in making the whole video, so you get a direction to film them accordingly. Writing a script is a rational decision while planning the video. Then when it comes to the filming and editing processes, you just need to follow the script and make a perfect YouTube video for uploading.

4. Make Your First Video

Now come to the YouTube video creating step. You need the help of all kinds of software or hardware to complete the process. Let me show you one by one.

# * Video Filming Tools

The basic equipment to shoot videos is a camera. Because YouTube supports high resolution playback, and I believe that audiences won't want a vague video for streaming. So please make sure your video can be shot as clear as possible.

Cameras with higher resolutions are better choices. If camera resolution of your smartphone is high enough, you can also use it to shoot YouTube video. You can even use both of them to shoot under different situations. But remember that the output video can have higher quality, 720p or above are preferred.

Shoot YouTube Video

# * Microphone

Instead using an equipped microphone of your mobile phone or camera, it is recommended to have a dedicated microphone for presenting better sound effect to your audiences. Better sound quality can make your YouTube video to be more enjoyable, thus attracting more audiences. Nevertheless, it may push them away. So when you have access a microphone with reasonable price, consider to purchase it.


# * Lighting

Actually, lighting plays an important role in contributing to a high quality video. So before starting to film a video, make sure the lighting is suitable for shooting. You can do some simple lighting tests and find the best situation for the video shooting. A small tip for you is that the softness of the natural light outside is perfect for capturing great footage, especially during the sunset hours.


# * Software

Screen recorder: Sometimes you may need to capture the computer screen for generating some tutorials for posting in the video together. So please prepare a reliable screen recorder in case you need. RecordAnyVid can be an ideal choice for its lightweight and easy-to-use attributions.

Video downloader: Any video downloader like VidoeHunter can help you to grasp video and audio materials from all kinds of platforms. So when you are collecting some materials to make your video look better, such tools will bring you efficient help.

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Video editor: When you get all the video, audio, image clips, now you should use a video editor to combine them together, add effects, make adjustments, etc. to create a complete YouTube video. For professional editors, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are perfect. But if you are a beginner, simple but powerful tool like EditMyVid is also a rational choice.

5. Upload Video to YouTube

When your first YouTube video is created, go to YouTube channel and upload it right away for sharing! The video uploading process can be really simple.

STEP 1. Navigate to YouTube and login in with your account. Please click the profile image and then select "YouTube Studio" for entering the video management page.

YouTube Studio

STEP 2. Move to the upper right corner and click the "CREATE" button. Please choose "Upload videos" option here.

YouTube Channel Upload Videos

STEP 3. Now head head to edit the information of the video and upload it from your desktop. Just fill in the blanks one by one.

Edit Video Information

STEP 4. After editing the video information, click the "Next" button and you can choose to add end screen or cards to your video. But if you are uploading the first video to your channel, you can skip this process.

YouTube Video Add Elements

STEP 5. Finally, just schedule a time for publishing the video. Then your first YouTube video can be accessed and viewed by your audiences!

All is done! Your first YouTube video is created and uploaded to the platform! Just wait for your audiences to enjoy the video and leave comments for expressing their feelings! Or you can begin to plan your next video now. Enjoy!

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