There are many people who use YouTube to watch movies and listen to music every day. But even if you can't live without YouTube, do you really know the full functions associated with YouTube?

In addition to the basic video streaming, searching and collection, are there any tips we haven't found? Of course! Today, we'd like to share some useful YouTube tips you may never know before. Next, let's have a look!

CONTENT 1. Download YouTube Video to Local Folder2. Turn Any YouTube Video into a GIF3. Share a Video Start at a Specific Time4. Repeat Complete/Part of Video Automatically5. Customize Your Own YouTube URL6. Watch YouTube Blocked Video7. See The Written Transcript of YouTube Videos8. Create, Share, and Collaborate on Video Playlist9. Upload and Watch Videos in 360 Degrees and VR10. Remove Ads from YouTube Videos

1. Download YouTube Video to Local Folder

The video content on YouTube is enormous, including MV, tutorial, vlog, variety show, Ted speech and so on. But if the network is unstable, it will be annoying to stream videos online because you may easily suffer from YouTube playback errors. Here, let's talk about how to download YouTube so that you can watch it offline.

YouTube Premium allows users to download 1080p videos on mobile devices. But for desktop users, you need the help of a third-party tool, here we recommend VideoHunter. With VideoHunter, you can download several YouTube videos at the same time to high quality such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K. It provides faster download speed, intuitive interface, and high compatibility to download YouTube playlist as well as subtitles, which is a reliable YouTube downloader for you.

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Now, download it by clicking on the VideoHunter, and read on while you wait to see how to download YouTube videos.

STEP 1. Firstly, you need to search for the online YouTube video you need to download in web browser, and then copy the URL of it.

STEP 2. Now move to VideoHunter and paste the URL of the YouTube video to the download bar in the software. Then click on the "Analyze" button.

NOTE: If you are going to analyze a playlist URL, VideoHunter would double check to make sure you want to download a single video or the whole playlist.

Download Song Playlist

STEP 3. When URL conversion completes, select the output format and quality for saving the YouTube video, and click the "Download" button for keeping it offline.

VideoHunter Donwloader Select Video Format

2. Turn Any YouTube Video into a GIF

Although many people already know this small trick, let's share it. In the past, if you want to make GIF motion pictures from YouTube movies, you need to download the YouTube videos at first, and then go to another GIF editing website to make them, but now you don't have to follow such complicated process. Just add "gif" into the video URL address, such as "[your-video-tag]", then the video can easily be converted into a GIF!

YouTube Features Gif

3. Share a Video Start at a Specific Time

When you discover a funny point in a YouTube video and want to share this moment to your friends, YouTube allows users to select a specific timing for sharing now. Just right click the YouTube video and choose "Copy video URL at current time", or go to "SHARE" > click "Start at" > enter the moment you'd like to share. Then the URL will be added the specific point. By pasting it into the address bar and press "Go", the YouTube video will be directly played at that specific point you have set.

A Certain Time In A YouTube Video

4. Repeat Complete/Part of Video Automatically

Instead of letting YouTube to play next video or stop playing when one completes its playback, you can set to repeat playing the video when it comes to an end.

To automatically repeat playing full/part of the video without interruption, open the video you want to repeat on YouTube. Select "Share" below the video and copy its URL.

Then open ListenOnRepeat. Paste the video's URL into the search box at the top of ListenOnRepeat, and press "Enter".The embedded YouTube player will automatically play the video repeatedly.

5. Customize Your Own YouTube URL

You can create a custom URL for making your YouTube channel to be more recognizable. For example, you can use your YouTube user name or the name obviously associated with your channel as the domain name of your channel home page.

First of all, you must be reminded that some requirements to unlock this feature - your channel has to own 100 or more subscribers; it's been opened for at least 30 days; have an uploaded photo as your channel icon.

If you meet the above criteria, please open your YouTube account settings and click "Advanced" below your Google account.

Overview YouTube

If you qualify for a custom URL, you will be prompted to declare your eligibility through the URL.
Select the box next to "I agree to the terms of service". Then, once you're sure it's the URL you want (because you can never change it), click "Change URL" to submit.

Advanced YouTube Settings

6. Watch YouTube Blocked Video

As you can notice, not all the YouTube videos are available for streaming. Some YouTubers set regional limitation to their videos, so that people living in certain regions would fail to stream the videos as the YouTubers' setting. To watch a YouTube blocked video, you can change your location by going to your profile > "Location". Or you can use other third-party video downloaders to download the videos for offline watching.

Change YouTube Location

7. See The Written Transcript of YouTube Videos

When each video is uploaded to YouTube, YouTube will automatically generate a written transcript for it. The written transcript contains all the information of the video, unless the user manually hides it, or anyone can access the transcript for reading.

The way to view the video transcript is simple: open the video on YouTube and press the "More" tab under the video title. Choose "Transcript" from the drop-down menu. Video Transcript can be found on more tags on YouTube. If you don't see this option, maybe the video uploaders have chosen to hide it from the public.

YouTube MoreTab

8. Create, Share, and Collaborate on Video Playlist

YouTube playlists are the best way to create a customized list for you to stream all your favorite videos one-by-one. You can group videos by channel or interest, or share a playlist to others for convenient playback.

To create a new YouTube playlist on the YouTube website, locate and open the first video you want to add. Then below the video, click the "SAVE" button to continue.

YouTube Save

In the "Save to" box, you can save the video to the "Watch later" list, or create a new playlist to keep it.

Create A New Playlist

Then you can add information to customize and introduce this playlist. You are also available to make it public, unlisted, or private. When settings are completed, click on "CREATE" and a new playlist can be made.

Create Button

Your saved video is immediately added to the playlist as the first video, and you can find it in you YouTube library by clicking "Library" in the left menu.

YouTube Library

So this is just the first step in creating a playlist. Next, we need to add other videos to the playlist. Now to find the second video you want to add to the list, click the "Add to" icon under the video title, and then select the list you want to add it to.

Add To YouTube Playlist

You can turn on the collaborate function so that your friends can also join your playlist for editing it.

Go to the "Playlist settings" page and open the playlist you want to collaborate with other users. Navigate to the "Collaborate" tab and turn on the settings that allow collaborators to add videos to the list, and then you can send them a link for quickly access to this playlist.

YouTube Collaborate Playlist

9. Upload and Watch Videos in 360 Degrees and VR

YouTube boosts itself to another level by adding 360 Degrees and VR, which integrates interactive controls and special viewing modes, which is different from any possible way in the standard version.

360 Degree

It's not hard to upload a 360-degree video, but to shoot a 360-degree video, you need some advanced equipment. YouTube's support page lists YouTube compatible 360 degree cameras and how to create and upload 360 degree video files.

Whether it's mobile or computer, you can watch videos in 360 Degrees and VR your devices.

# On Computer

When watching 360 videos on MAC / PC, you can change the viewing angle by dragging the mouse. But remember to install the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and opera.

# On Mobile

To watch YouTube 360 degree videos on your mobile phone, you need to make sure that your devices meet the tech requirements:
1. iPhone 4S or later, or iPad 2 or later running iOS 7 or later
2. Android devices running Android 4.3 or higher
3. The latest version of the YouTube app

Of course, for an immersive experience, you can watch 360 videos in VR headset. Generally, you should set up your VR headset for YouTube's 360° Channel videos and need compatible mobile phones, the latest version of web browsers and supporting apps.

10. Remove Ads from YouTube Videos

Before you watch an interesting video, you have to watch a long ad, or even when you watch the video, ads would pop up to interrupt your streaming process. The ads on YouTube are so annoying!

YouTube Premium, the subscription plan provided by YouTube, can help you solve this problem. By paying for the monthly subscription of YouTube Premium, you can then stream YouTube videos without ads completely.

YouTube Premium Features

These tips can help you have better user experience on YouTube. Some are built into YouTube itself, others rely on external services. Now grab a little trick and try it!

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