5 KlickAud Alternatives to Download SoundCloud to MP3

According to many KlickAud reviews, this online tool has provided user-friendly help to download SoundCloud to MP3 for listening offline. However, when you actually tried KlickAud, you will find there are many ads on the website. So some users might wonder is KlickAud safe? Or does KlickAud have virus that would do harm to our computers?

Considering these safety problems, you may want some alternatives to replace it. So today, the top 5 SoundCloud to MP3 KlickAud alternatives will be introduced to you. Just have a look now.

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What Is SoundCloud Downloader KlickAud

For some of you who may not know about KlickAud, here is a simple introduction of it.

KlickAud is an online tool, which provides a user-friendly function for SoundCloud users to download songs to MP3 for playback offline. You only need to paste the SoundCloud audio URL to KlickAud, then it can convert it and offers the "Download" button to save it immediately. Because KlickAud provides the service online, you don't need any software installed, and on any device, you can access the platform with a browser directly.


Best KlickAud Alternative to Download SoundCloud to MP3

Now, see the first recommended KlickAud alternative for desktop users, which is VideoHunter.

VideoHunter provides a powerful SoundCloud downloader to help download SoundCloud to MP3, with the best 320Kbps audio quality provided. For the SoundCloud playlists, the software can also analyze and let you download all songs at once quickly.

With 6X faster speed, VideoHunter can help you quickly finish SoundCloud playlists download without wasting time. Unlike KlickAud, because there are entirely no ads in the software, it not only provides a clean user interface but also highly protects your information privacy and device safety. Therefore, VideoHunter is the best software if you are afraid of the KlickAud virus and are finding a reliable alternative to it.

Free DownloadFree Download

Key Features

  • Supports downloading SoundCloud, YouTube to MP3 at the best 320Kbps
  • Allows to convert SoundCloud and YouTube playlists and download the songs in batch
  • Offers 6X faster speed to save your time
  • Supports downloading music from other 1,000+ sites
  • Keeps an ad-free interface to use the function in more friendly ways
  • Provides free plan for registered users to download contents for free

Now, also read this tutorial and learn the steps to download SoundCloud to MP3 with this KlickAud alternative.

Step 1. Install VideoHunter and open the software to log in. You need to register an account if you are a new user of VideoHunter.

Log in VideoHunter

Step 2. Then go to SoundCloud and find the song you want to download. Copy its URL then paste it to the download bar in VideoHunter and click "Analyze".

Paste Soundcloud Video URL

Step 3. When VideoHunter provides the format and quality to choose, select MP3 and also one quality you like. Click the "Download" button and start downloading music from SoundCloud to MP3 immediately.

Download Soundcloud Music

KlickAud Alternative Software to Convert SoundCloud to MP3

The second KlickAud alternative that can bring you reliable service to download SoundCloud to MP3 is ByClick Downloader. This is specially designed for Windows users, with the ability to download online videos as well as audio from different online platforms, including SoundCloud.

Just like VideoHunter and KlickAud, you only need to get the URL of the SoundCloud audio, then paste it to the ByClick Downloader. It will provide some MP3 options to let you select the quality for saving the song offline. Because of its easy-to-use function, the software also becomes one of the popular KlickAud alternatives many people have chosen.

Key Features

  • Supports more music sites such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and so on
  • Allows to download entire playlists at once
  • Provides more output formats to select
  • Keeps updating the software to provide the best function for everyone to use conveniently
  • Supports multiple downloads to speed up the process

ByClick Downloader

KlickAud Alternative to Download MP3 Music to SoundCloud

Next, let's see another powerful SoundCloud to MP3 KlickAud alternative, 4K Video Downloader. Although this software is more popular for its video downloading function, it also offers fast speed letting you to download SoundCloud to MP3 for listening to high-quality music offline.

To improve the efficiency of downloading SoundCloud songs or resources from other platforms, 4K Video Downloader provides a "Smart Mode", which can apply some of your preferred settings to all further downloads and save you time in doing this step every time. So compared with KlickAud, which can only process the SoundCloud audio download one by one, 4K Video Downloader can bring more convenient help to you.

Key Features

  • Offers fast speed and "Smart Mode" to quickly download SoundCloud with preferable settings
  • Supports playlist download function
  • Provides free plan to download 30 times every day
  • Detects original quality and even offers the highest 320Kbps to select

4K Video Downloader

Best Online Alternatives to KlickAud

After checking the top 3 desktop software to replace KlickAud and download SoundCloud to MP3, there are also online tools working just like how KlickAud does to offer the SoundCloud to MP3 download function without installing software. They are SoundCloud MP3 Downloader and ScloudDownloader. Let's learn more about them.

SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

Supporting 40 different languages, SoundCloud MP3 Downloader has provided a user-friendly function for users from all over the world to download SoundCloud to MP3 without language barriers. It is quite easy to use the tool. Just like KlickAud, you only need to paste the URL of the SoundCloud audio to it, then it will convert and offers the download options to let you save SoundCloud music in MP3 for playback offline.

Key Features

  • Supports MP3 as the output format to download SoundCloud
  • Offers fast speed to convert and download SoundCloud songs
  • You can use mobile devices to download SoundCloud to MP3 with this tool as well
  • Provides more language versions for global users to use in a friendly way

SoundCloud MP3 Downloader


Also with a similar function as KlickAud, Scloud Downloader provides a clear interface and also a direct way to download SoundCloud to MP3 just by using the URL you have copied. Although this tool is not supported converting and downloading SoundCloud playlists, its fast speed can still save much time and provide a friendly user experience to you. If you get only a few SoundCloud songs to download, Scloud Downloader is a good choice to you.

Key Features

  • Offers a user-friendly UI
  • Supports fast speed to download SoundCloud to MP3
  • Provides the online function completely without cost
  • Supports opening in all mainstream web browsers on any device

SoundCloud MP3 Downloader


If you are still worrying about whether is KlickAud safe to use or does KlickAud have a virus, finding a KlickAud alternative to back up is a good idea. After reading these 5 best alternatives to KlickAud that can help you download SoundCloud to MP3 in both professional and quick ways, just compare them and choose the best one for yourself to use.

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