YouTube has been a great palace to entertain today, and also the best platform to get access to all types of music resources for listening. However, as some YouTube users would desire to boost the more convenient experience by getting the YouTube music playlist downloaded to MP3 for preserving them in the offline playlist, YouTube hasn't launched the direct download functionality yet.

Fortunately, there are still ways to work it out! In this blog, the 6 best methods available for everyone to download YouTube playlist to MP3 with great quality are collected, containing both the free desktop software and the online services. Now, check them and pick an ideal tool to grasp YouTube playlist to MP3 right away!

Best YouTube Playlist to MP3 Downloader to Download YouTube to MP3

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How to Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 on Desktop (Free & Safe)

On desktop, a stable downloader enables users to download any YouTube content with great quality outputs. Analyzing the essential aspects for picking a professional tool like the stable performance, secure in-app environment, easy-to-grasp functionality, and the quality-guaranteed output, we have selected the 5 best options from many choices on the market through detailed testing. Now, grasp any of them to download YouTube playlist to MP3 on desktop with ease.

1. VideoHunter

With the out-performing functionality in downloading YouTube videos and even YouTube playlist, VideoHunter is absolutely the best software to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 with only pretty simple clicks. Users are only required to paste the URL to process the playlist download with the best 320kbps quality. Additionally, it is also able to convert YouTube videos to MP4 with up to 8K resolution, meanwhile, with the subtitles merged.

More than YouTube, VideoHunter is also compatible with more than 1,000 popular streaming sites, including TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, SoundCloud, and so on. The 6X faster download speed offered by VideoHunter also greatly boosts the efficiency, enabling users to batch download multiple tasks simultaneously without wasting time.

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VideoHunter Interface

Highlighted Features of VideoHunter:
● Compatible with YouTube single videos, playlist, channels, and subtitles download;
● Mainstream formats MP3 and MP4 available to download YouTube music and videos with great quality;
● High efficiency to download multiple tasks simultaneously with up to 6X faster speed;
● Best audio quality 320kbps and the highest resolution 8K supported to convert YouTube videos in lossless quality;
● In-app proxy integration enabled to overpass all regional restrictions to download online videos without any limitation;
● Completely secure in-app environment without messy ads or bundled malware to disturb your video download experience.

The following brief guide will help you grasp the way to download YouTube playlist to MP3 without hassle via VideoHunter on Windows/Mac:

STEP 1. When VideoHunter is installed, launch the software. Now, you are required to open YouTube in your browser and access the YouTube playlist you desire to convert to MP3. Then copy its URL from the address bar and paste it to the Analyze bar of VideoHunter.

Paste YouTube URL

STEP 2. Just by hitting the "Analyze" icon and the URL will be analyzed by VideoHunter for processing the conversion. When a window pops up, you ought to click "Playlist" to download the playlist instead of a single video clip.

Select to Download Playlist

STEP 3. As VideoHunter completes analyzing the YouTube playlist, it will list all its containing videos for you to select, and also the available output format, quality for making optional choices. Simply choose MP3 format and a preferred quality to download the YouTube videos you desire to preserve offline from the playlist.

Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3

STEP 4. When you tap the "Download" button, VideoHunter will immediately process the download and convert all your selected YouTube videos, or the whole playlist to MP3 with your selected quality. Just wait for the download to be completed patiently.

It is noted that VideoHunter provides a free version, only by registering a VideoHunter account and you are able to enjoy free downloads every day, with the best 320kbps to download YouTube music in MP3 format. Now, free install the software and get started to freely convert YouTube videos to MP3 for extracting the tracks for free music playback offline!

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2. ByClick Downloader

Another recommended YouTube playlist to MP3 converter is ByClick Downloader. Although this software is only compatible with Windows currently, it performs the powerful functionality to back up any online video from all popular streaming sites offline in more mainstream output formats, including MP3, AAC, M4A, MP4, AVI, WMV, and so on. You are absolutely able to grasp the YouTube tracks in MP3 format with the best 320kbps as well. Likewise, it won't be available for you to download playlist unless you have subscribed to the upgraded version, yet it is a bit pricy than VideoHunter.

Here comes with a brief guide to show you how to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 via ByClick Downloader:

STEP 1. Launch ByClick Downloader once the installation completes, then choose MP3 as the output format in "Choose Format" section.

Select MP3 to Convert YouTube Playlist in ByClick Downloader

STEP 2. Continue to choose an output format to save the YouTube playlist now. You get three options: low, best, or custom (with drop-down choices available) to select.

STEP 3. As you have set up the format and quality, now you should go to YouTube and copy the URL of the playlist you desire to convert to MP3.

STEP 4. When you return back to ByClick Downloader, directly hit the "paste Urk" icon to start converting and downloading the tracks from the YouTube playlist offline. Once it completes, you are able to enjoy the downloaded MP3 YouTube playlist without network connection offline.

Convert YouTube to MP3 in ByClick Downloader

3. Allavsoft

As a reliable YouTube playlist to MP3 downloader, Allavsoft empowers the batch download feature to enable users to easily get their wanted YouTube playlists and channels downloaded with only simple clicks, but smooth performance. As a powerful music downloader, in addition to the YouTube music, Allavsoft is also compatible with more music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and so on. Unlike ByClick Downloader, Allavsoft is also supported on Mac system to help users easily grasp the tracks from YouTube playlists with good quality. However, compared with VideoHunter, the interface of Allavsoft would be a bit confusing as it is not intuitive enough. Now, you may need the help from this simple guide to grasp how it works. Check it now:

STEP 1. Firstly, you are required to open YouTube and access the YouTube playlist to convert. Then, you should copy its URL.

STEP 2. After that, launch Allavsoft and directly paste the YouTube playlist URL to the frame bar in "Download" section, then also select the quality and customize an output folder to preserve the music offline.

STEP 3. Now, move to "Convert" section and select MP3 as the output format. Once completes, directly hit the large download icon beside to directly grasping the whole YouTube playlist offline.

Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 on Windows/Mac in Allavsoft

4. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is also a reliable software enabling its dear users to download YouTube videos to a variety of mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, etc. to make the YouTube playlists available for offline streaming on all devices, from computers to portable devices. Its powerful functionality brings users a hassle-free access to download YouTube videos, playlists, and channels in batch, with even up to 10X faster speed. If you want a time-saving YouTube playlist to MP3 downloader, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader should never be left behind.

NOTE: Unless you subscribe to iTubeGo's registered version, or you could only convert 1/3 of the each original YouTube video.

Here shows you the detailed process to download YouTube playlist to MP3 in batch via iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

STEP 1. Navigate to YouTube in browser, then, access the YouTube playlist you desire to convert to MP3 and copy its full URL.

STEP 2. Once you paste the URL to iTubeGo YouTube Downloader and start analyzing it, just a moment ad the "Confirm Playlist" window will pop up to enable users to select the tracks and save then as "Audio" format with users' desire media quality.

How to Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 in iTubeGo

STEP 3. Once the settings are completed, start downloading the YouTube playlist in MP3 offline right away!

5. 4K Video Downloader

The final recommended all-featured video downloader is 4K Video Downloader. This out-performing download is extremely powerful in YouTube video download. It brings high-quality, ads-free, and highly-customizable functionality to enable users the hassle-free YouTube playlist download service. However, 4K Video Downloader doesn't support to download more than 10 videos in every YouTube playlist. That means if you would like to download the rest of the YouTube playlist, you have to add them to your own playlist one by one, and create a new playlist that contains less than 10 videos for download, which could be a bit inconvenient. One more thing, 4K Video Downloader only supports up to 128kbps output for MP3 at present, while VideoHunter works obviously better for it's available to download YouTube playlist to MP3 320kbps.

But still, 4K Video Downloader is an easy-to-grasp YouTube playlist to MP3 converter. Here shows you how to use it in detail:

STEP 1. Before getting started, you should firstly go to YouTube and copy the URL of the playlist from the address bar.

STEP 2. When you launch 4K Video Downloader, click the "Paste Link" icon and the software will detect and read the URL. When a pop-up window shows, submit to "Download Playlist" now.

Paste the Video Link to 4K Video Downloader

STEP 3. Then, as 4K Video Downloader completes analyzing the playlist, select the output format as MP3 and also the quality to download the YouTube videos.

STEP 4. Finally, simply hit the "Download" icon and the YouTube playlist will be converted to MP3 offline with quick speed guaranteed by 4K Video Downloader.

How to Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 Online (Fast & Free)

Online YouTube downloader has been commonly provided on the market, which enables users to grasp any online YouTube video offline freely without software installation required. However, there are less of them support to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 for real. Currently, we have only discovered BTCLOD, an online YouTube playlist downloader which is compatible with the YouTube playlist download. With BTCLOD, users are able to access the tool on any device and process the online YouTube playlist download without software at all. This web-based service supports quick YouTube playlists analysis and batch conversion. You are only required to follow the steps below to complete a YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion:

STEP 1. In your browser, open a new tab and turn to BTCLOD.

STEP 2. Then, paste the YouTube video URL to the frame bar for processing the conversion after copying it from YouTube platform.

Paste YouTube Playlist to BTCLOD to Convert

STEP 3. When BTCLOD completes the conversion, it provides output format and quality for you to select. Directly choose MP3 and one quality option you prefer to start the format conversion now.

STEP 4. Finally, when the conversion completes, BTCLOD would provide the download button for you to get the MP3 music downloaded from the online YouTube playlist to your device offline. Hit it and the music download would be completed right away!

Preview and Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 Offline in BTCLOD

Although BTCLOD helps solve the online YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion conveniently on any device, it is noted that it would contain the limitations below if you have no intend to pay for its service:
● Ads appeared during the conversion;
● Only 5 free videos available to be downloaded each day;
● Batch conversion is compatible with 2 tasks download simultaneously;
● Only videos within 15 minutes available to be converted and downloaded.

Comparison Between 6 Best YouTube Playlist to MP3 Downloaders

As we have gone through the detailed introduction, let's draw a conclusion by comparing these 6 best YouTube playlist to MP3 downloaders to help better see their differences and sort the best option for ourselves:

Software Supported Systems Highest Audio Quality Batch Download Free Downloads Ads-free Ratings
VideoHunter Windows, Mac 320kbps 5/5
ByClick Downloader Windows 320kbps × × 4.5/5
Allavsoft Windows, Mac 320kbps × 4.5/5
iTubeGo YouTube Downloader Windows, Mac 320kbps × 4/5
4K Video Downloader Windows, Mac 128kbps × × 4.5/5
BTCLOD Windows, Mac Default option × 4/5

YouTube playlist download feature is a must-have functionality for a professional YouTube video downloader. Based on these, by evaluating the performance and security of the software, we have collected these 6 worthy-trying options to enable you to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 with ease. Now, compare them and select the best pick to start downloading the YouTube playlists to MP3 in a hassle-free way!

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