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Y2Mate has served people with speedy and convenient online video downloading service for a long period. But recently, the site unexpectedly went down frequently. Also, Y2Mate also embeds pop-up ads to earn profits for keeping the site run. As a result, people may need some Y2Mate alternatives to back up when Y2Mate fails to function properly. As a result, we bring the best 10 Y2Mate alternatives here to help. Scroll down and check the list.

# #1. U2Convert

U2Covert is designed with simple interface and without pop-up ads. Its speedy conversion as well as stable performance both allow the platform to be one of the most popular online video downloaders that could replace Y2Mate to download online video resources. But for downloading videos higher than 720p (include 720p) or audio in the best 320kbps, you need to switch to a paid desktop software, VideoHunter, to process the downloads. In addition, U2Convert also brings other music converter tools such as Spotify Music Converter and Apple Music Converter in case users may need to save music from such platforms for offline enjoying.


# #2. Y2Mate.info

Y2Mate.info is different from Y2Mate.com, which also provides simple to use and stable service to download online videos from YouTube. Y2Mate.info also lists ads on its interface, but it doesn't include any pop ups during the downloading process. It also brings a powerful search engine to users so that people can directly search for any YouTube videos on the platform for accessing. This also reduces people's need to bring URLs from YouTube platform one-by-one, which enables the downloading process to be much easier.


# #3. YouTubNow

YouTubNow is another reliable Y2Mate alternative that could bring easy online video downloading service for grasping any video from YouTube with only several clicks. Like Y2Mate.info, it brings in-platform search function so you can enter the keywords of the YouTube videos you need and quickly access them for downloading. YouTubNow provides multiple downloading options to keep the videos offline, and it also includes no pop-up ads that may interrupt your using experience.


# #4. Catchvideo.net

Catchvideo.net is also an amazing online video downloader that can be good alternative to Y2Mate. It offers batch download service to get HD videos from online platforms for offline playback in multiple formats such as MP4, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, 3GP, M4A, MKV, and so forth. You can even paste the playlist URL from YouTube to this platform for getting a list of videos/audios at once. Except for the online platform, Catchvideo.net also offers extension, Catchvideo helper to enable a more convenient video downloading process.


# #5. Video Grabber

Video Grabber offers easy-to-use online video downloader on its platform to help get online videos for offline playback as well. More than a single video downloader, you can also find other video tools inside the platform to help adjust your downloaded videos conveniently, which include online video editor, online video converter, and online screen recorder. So when you get video grabber, actually you get 4 tools to use online freely!

Video Grabber

# #6. QDownloader

Then we come to QDownloader. With an outstanding purple interface, QDownloader makes nice first impression on users not only with the brilliant design but also its nice downloading function. More than YouTube, you can also use QDownloader to save videos from other popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramand. Just getting the video URL and paste it to QDownloader and you can begin the downloading process without complicated procedure.


# #7. Keepv.id

Keepv.id provides convenient downloading service to help keep online video/audio resources from streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. as your personal offline collection without hassle. It offers mainstream formats including MP3 and MP4 to save the media content offline, so they can be played back on almost all devices as well as media players. Keepv.id also offers a light-weight video downloader app to users. So if you are using desktops and need one, you can download it right away.


# #8. Apowersoft Online Video Downloader

Apowersoft brings not only amazing software products but also a brilliant online video downloader to help users manage online videos easily. This free online tool enables users to easily download online videos for offline watching. But it is recommended to download its desktop app because the downloader's performance would be stabler and smoother. You can download HD videos from the Internet with ease.

Apowersoft Online Video Downloader

# #9. AmoyShare Online Video Downloader

Just like ApowerSoft, AmoyShare usheres its way in online video downloader and thus it provides such a tool, which makes it becomes a competitive Y2Mate altertive to others. It also embeds the search engine allowing users to easily access the YouTube videos they need and then provides convenient path to get them downloaded offline. By switching to its desktop video downloader, AnyVid, you can enjoy the Pro functions brought by AmoyShare by paying a little bit fee.

Amoyshare Online Video Downloader

# #10. ClipConverter.cc

The final high ranking Y2Mate alternative is ClipConverter.cc. By simply pasting the video URL to its black downloading bar, users can easily save the online videos in the format they want, including MP3, M4A, AAC in audio or MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MKV in video. But ClipConverter.cc now bans users from downloading music videos (actually many sites have done this now) so if you need to save music, consider a reliable music video downloader to help.


These are the 10 best Y2Mater alternatives that you can turn to for downloading online videos from different online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth. Although online tools are more convenient, they may bring potential problems (most of them contains pop ups or listed ads), it would be better to use a reliable desktop video downloader to enjoy more secure and stabler video downloading service.

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