Thanks to the rapid development of social media, online video and music streaming are becoming a hot trend for most video lovers. But people usually meet some trouble when they enjoy the videos or music, like disable network connection and all kinds of playback errors. In this case, people's willingness to download videos and music for offline playback enables video downloader to become a great demand. So today, a reliable video downloader will be introduced.

Music Video Downloader

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Reliable Music Video Downloader for Windows/Mac

Newly launched in 2020, VideoHunter is a multifunctional music and video downloader designed to help social media enthusiasts save online resources that they want. As a new member of the downloader market, VideoHunter aims at providing the most professional and convenient downloading service for its users with an intuitive interface.

It is an all-in-one video and music downloader for 1,000+ video/audio streaming websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vlive, and so on. Moreover, users can download online videos with the best resolutions provided by VideoHunter, including 1080p, 4K, and even 8K.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Unlimited Downloads Available Provide HD/4K/8K Output Quality Support Videos from 1,000+ Sites Provide Extra Built-in Video Converter Enable 6X Faster Downloading Speed Convert Music to MP3 Easily Free Download Free Download

VideoHunter is a paid-for product, but it provides a free trial for both Windows and Mac users.

VideoHunter Usage - How to Download Music and Videos to MP3/MP4

Step 1. Install VideoHunter
Click on the download button below to install the program.
When you complete the installation with the install wizard, open VideoHunter. You will be directly navigated to its initial interface. Please select to enter "Downloader".

Step 2. Copy the URL of A Music Video
Copy the URL of the online music video you want to download from the social media platforms or video streaming sites like YouTube. Then bring and paste the URL into the flame bar in Videohunter.

How to Download Music Videos

Step 3. Select the Output Resolutions
Press on the "Analyze" button. All the available highest resolutions including video and audio options would be presented, like MP4 1080P and MP3 160kbps. Select the required quality and give a click on "Download".

NOTE: Generally, the output videos and audio will be stored in the VideoHunter Studio folder. You can choose another destination folder in "Output" section.

Resolution Choices

Step 4. Download Videos with Music
After clicking the "Download" button, the music or video will start to be downloaded and you just need to wait for the download tasks finished. If you selected both video and audio output options, you can get the content downloaded in separated MP3/MP4 files.

Downloading Process

Step 5. Complete the Downloads
After the download completes, you can find the downloaded music video/audio in the "Finished" section and enjoy them on any devices even without an internet connection.

Download Complete

[Tip] How to Download YouTube Music Video Playlist At Once

For offering a more convenient and time-saving service, VideoHunter has launched the fascinating function, which can directly detect a whole YouTube playlist and download the videos contained in one single playlist at once with only several clicks.

Now I will walk you through the way to download YouTube music video playlist in VideoHunter.

Step 1. Copy the URL of Video Playlist
Launch VideoHunter and enter the "Downloader" tool. Then paste the copied YouTube music video playlist URL into the frame bar, and tab the "Analyze" button.

VideoHunter for Mac

Step 2. Download YouTube Video Playlist
A prompt pop-up window will appear when the analysis finished. Click on the "Download Playlist" and get the whole video list.

Download Playlist

Step 3. Download Playlist at Once
Select certain videos you want or check the "Select All" option if you want to download the whole playlist directly.
Then you can select to download music videos in video or audio files. Also, please go to the "Format" and "Quality" menu for selecting the options you need to encode the playlist videos/audios.

Download Playlist

Step 4. Complete the Downloads
Tab the "Download" button, and all these videos will be saved immediately. Just wait for the completion of the downloads.

When the downloads are done, you can easily access the music and videos that have been downloaded in high-quality MP4 or MP3 on your device. Afterwards, you can enjoy them with a smooth offline playback, without interrupted by a poor network condition or other video playback errors.

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