Music videos are usually made to showcase the concept of a song. A good music video includes excellent video editing, scene arrangement, singer's wonderful performance, and well-produced nice music, which is an excellent work of art. Music lovers or fans of singers may want to download music videos, but many music videos do not directly provide download options. To meet the needs, this article will introduce 4 most popular sites to download music videos and 3 best music video downloaders.

Music Video Downloader

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4 Most Popular Sites to Download Music Videos

1. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world, and when artists release a new single, they basically release a music video on YouTube. So, top 1 site to watch and download music video is YouTube, especially YouTube's Vevo channel (and don't forget YouTube Music).


2. Vimeo

Vimeo has an incredible collection of music videos to browse, plus ones you've probably never seen anywhere else. Its filters for selecting music videos are very detailed, and you can view them by upload date, alphabetical order, popularity or duration, etc. Vimeo not only has a music channel, but also a dedicated Live Music and Music Documentary category.


3. Billboard

If you don't know what songs to listen to recently, BillBoard can help you. It has established various charts, and you can find songs that suit your appetite in the weekly list or the BillBoard HOT 100 list.

BillBoard HOT 100

4. Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music is also another great site for free music videos, featuring music videos of performances and live videos from music festivals and events. It's simple enough that anyone can use it, and offers multiple ways to listen to your favorite artists and find new music.

Yahoo Music

3 Best Music Video Downloaders to Download Music Videos

1. VideoHunter

VideoHunter is a top-notch music video downloader. It can download music videos from a variety of websites, including Soundcloud, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others. The software is highly adjustable and features a user-friendly interface that can download music video up to 6X faster. Moreover, the downloaded music videos are automatically saved to your PC/Mac memory. See below for other main features that help with music video downloads.

Free Download Free Download

  • Download music videos, lyric videos, live music videos, and more with one click.
  • Download playlists and channels from YouTube, SoundCloud, and more. Keep your favorite music videos.
  • Download YouTube videos and subtitles, watch lyrics while playing music videos offline.
  • You can convert music video to MP3 audio if you only want to keep the songs.
  • Download music videos as video or audio in original quality up to 8K for video and 320kbps for audio.
  • Across geographical restrictions using VideoHunter's in-app VPN Integration.

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Next, let's see how to use VideoHunter to download a music video to your computer.

STEP 1. Copy the URL of the music video you want.

STEP 2. Launch the VideoHunter, paste the URL into the link box and click the "Analyze" button.

Paste URL into Link Box

STEP 3. Select music video output quality and click "Download".

Download music video in 4K

NOTE: If the uploader of the music video also provides subtitles, VideoHunter will automatically grab subtitles for you. If there are multi-language subtitles, VideoHunter provides you with the options to select the subtitle language.

Free Download Free Download

2. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is an extension that can help music lovers instantly download music videos when they are streaming it. This music video downloader supports 10 websites, and not only can download videos from web pages, but also download images. Besides, Video DownloadHelper can download and convert music videos to another format so that the videos can be played offline on any of your media players with no hassle. Let's see other features of Video DownloadHelper:

  • Batch download music videos from sites.
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Offer blacklist domains to hide ads from detected videos

ATTENTION: Requires installation of the companion app.
The Chrome version of the add-on does not download videos from YouTube.

STEP 1. Click the link above to direct to add the extension.

Video DownloadHelper

STEP 2. Go to stream a music video and click the extension on the browser.

Download Music Video on Vimeo

STEP 3. The extension will detect the playing video and show the feeds under it.

STEP 4. Select an option to download the video to your device.

Download Music Video with Video DownloadHelper

3. is a music video downloader online. Althought it is a web-based video downloader, it still does a good job of downloading misic videos from multiple video streaming sites. In addition to the method of pasting the video URL into the blank box, it also allows direct search of video keywords to find and download music videos.

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STEP 1. Click the link above to visit Keepvid.


STEP 2. Go to stream a music video and copy the URL of the music video, or you can directly enter keywords.

Enter Keywords in Keepvid

STEP 3. Then, there are a lot of related videos. Click on the music video you need.

Enter Keywords in Keepvid

STEP 4. Choose the output quality you need and download the music video.

Download Music Video with Keepvid

Why and How to Choose a Music Video Downloader

If you love music, you'll like to watch and collect your favorite music videos. But this is not possible when you don’t have internet connectivity where you are. Here is where the best music video downloader comes in. It helps you download music video to your computer from most popular music and video platforms. Therefore, you can store these music video files in your phones or flash drive so that you can enjoy them offline anytime you want. Here are some tips for you to choose an ideal music video downloader.

1. The More Quality Options It Provides, The Better

The purpose of such music video downloaders is to acquire the highest-quality videos possible. Normally, an excellent music video downloader will give you several output video quality options after you provide the video URL. Of course, the type of file you're downloading has a significant impact on the quality available. Video quality can reach 1080p, 2K, 4K, or even 8K in certain conditions. It is reasonable that you want to get best quality of a video. And quality option should be the top factor to consider when choosing a downloader.

2. Good Downloading Speed Really Matters

The other main reason you choose a music video downloader is because of its speed. You would like to download music video files within a short time and get time for other things. So a music downloader for PC should always ensure a fast download feature.

3. Ability to Grab Music Video from Various sites

Given the fact that YouTube is the biggest video hosting site, many of us prefer watching music videos on YouTube. So it will be definitely wonderful if you find a music video downloader that has the ability to get videos from YouTube and many other sites.


4. Batch Downloading Helps Save Time

The simplest moment to download multiple music videos at once is when a music video downloader provides the mass download option. You won't have to wait for each video to download sequentially, saving you a lot of time. It would be best if the music video downloader could download YouTube playlist and channel.


This article provides you with some of the best music video sharing and downloading sites where you can enjoy watching and downloading music videos of your favorite songs. In addition, you can also take advantage of the 3 best music video downloaders recommended in this article, especially VideoHunter to freely download music videos and save them on any of your devices.

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