YouTube Downloader Not Working

YouTube downloader is a kind of tool that can grasp the video data from YouTube, and then provide the downloading options for people to download the videos for offline playback. But in some cases, YouTube downloaders may function normally. Especially for some online YouTube downloaders, the performance would base on the stability of the browser greatly. So are there any ways for us to fix YouTube downloader not working when we actually encounter with it? Please keep reading to find the answers.

CONTENT Part 1. Why Is Your YouTube Downloader Not Working?Part 2. Recommended Reliable And Stable YouTube DownloaderPart 3. Tutorial on How to Download YouTube Videos Without Hassle

Part 1. Why Is Your YouTube Downloader Not Working?

There are different reasons that may cause your YouTube downloader not working. Here are some of them:

YouTube Downloader Not Working

# Network Condition

All YouTube downloaders have to rely on reliable network condition to perform their downloading functions. So when your YouTube downloader is down and it seems that the pages can't be opened, or the software is not functioned in a smooth way, please check if your devices' network is poor. This will be the most direct way causing YouTube downloader not working.

# Videos Are Not Supported to Download

When the YouTube videos are protected by copyright, such as the paid movies and TV episodes on the platform, you would fail to download them through YouTube downloaders, and you may probably receive the "video not found" message. Otherwise, when you are using the IP address that is not allowed to stream the YouTube videos, YouTube downloaders would also fail to download such videos for you.

# YouTube Downloader Hasn't Updated the Coding

YouTube would update their coding regularly for preventing others to scratch the videos and provide downloading options, so when your YouTube downloader doesn't work anymore, consider the possibility of the coding update of YouTube. Under this situation, you can ask the support team of the YouTube downloader to help.

YouTube Coding Update

# YouTube Downloader Is Blocked By Firewall

Many people would enable firewall or install anti-virus software to ensure the security of their devices. But when they block your YouTube downloader, the not working issue would just happen. So check the blocked list and free your YouTube downloader from it can help solve the problem.

Here are some general reasons that may cause YouTube downloader not working. So actually, selecting a reliable YouTube downloader that can always work for you is not easy (when YouTube updates their coding, the YouTube downloaders would always fail to function). But there is a stable YouTube downloader with good support service I'd like to recommend to you. See the next part!

Part 2. Recommended Reliable And Stable YouTube Downloader

VideoHunter is recommended to you here since its stable performance and up-to-date upgrades. As a user-oriented software, VideoHunter keeps improving its stability and the success in converting YouTube videos' URLs. Now it's been developed into a reliable and professional YouTube downloader, which holds outstanding ability to download YouTube videos.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac High video output quality: 1080p, 4K, 8K; High audio output quality: 320kbps; Batch download feature; 6X faster converting and downloading speed; Built-in converter with 20+ output formats (on Mac now); 100% safe and ads-free platform. Free Download Free Download

In addition, VideoHunter is also friendly to download online videos from more sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, CNN, Reddit, TED, and so forth. As a result, if you have the needs to download online videos from not only one site, VideoHunter is absolutely a good option for you.

Part 3. Tutorial on How to Download YouTube Videos Without Hassle

VideoHunter is user-friendly for everyone, from its intuitive function to the easy operating process. To download YouTube videos, you only need these three easy steps:

Step 1. Copy YouTube video's URL from its address bar after you navigate to the video page of it.

Copy Online Video URL

Step 2. Launch VideoHunter, and you should select Downloader after opening its main interface. Subsequently, paste the YouTube video's URL into the downloading bar.

Paste URL to VideoHunter

NOTE: You can change the output folder in Output section before clicking the Analyze icon.

Change Output Path

Step 3. In the next, hit the Analyze button and VideoHunter will convert the video for you. When the output formats and qualities provided, select the option you need and directly tab the Download button to save the YouTube video offline.

Download YouTube Video

Using a reliable and professional YouTube downloader can help you get rid of the worry of it would fail to function suddenly. Although VideoHunter will also face the analysis failure, especially when YouTube updates its algorithm, it offers reliable support team to get the problems fixed timely. As a result, when you are finding a stable YouTube downloader with responsive technical support, VideoHunter can be a good option for you.

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