When online video streaming has been a primary entertaining mean in modern people's lives, the video downloader market also thrived to cater this trend. In this post, let's concentrate on the top 7 YouTube to MP4 converters oriented for Android users to download online videos from the most popular video sharing platforms, YouTube, to facilitate the video collection and improve the streaming experience in an obstacle-free way offline. Before diving in the application introduction, first, let's master some qualifications attributing to a reliable YouTube to MP4 converter for Android.

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How to Choose the Best YouTube to MP4 Converter for Android

Basically, a reliable and professional YouTube to MP4 converter for Android would be equipped with the following criteria. Depending on your personal needs, you can focus on the aspects you care the most while selecting the best application to convert YouTube videos to MP4 on Android:

Popular encoders available - this ensures whether the converted MP4 YouTube videos are playable utilizing any media player installed on your Android devices.

Lossless quality retained - the ability to retain original quality while processing the video or audio conversion can definitely tell whether the application is professional and powerful or not.

Downloading speed - when you have to wait for a long period to complete the YouTube videos to MP4 conversion, it's actually a waste of time. Therefore, a reliable YouTube to MP4 converter should possess the ability to speed up or batch convert videos to increase productivity.

Powerful analysis ability - whether the application can support downloading YouTube playlists or channels determines the productivity in exporting YouTube videos as well.

Application safety - many free Android applications are overwhelmed by ads. Therefore, security status is also an important factor you need to consider.

Free customer support - if the converter is also equipped with the responsive customer support team, you can enjoy the services without worrying any problem occurred, as you will get instant help from the team in time.

TOP 1. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium

The most reliable and securest YouTube to MP4 converter for Android is definitely the official YouTube app. Once you have subscribed to the official YouTube Premium plan, the download function will automatically be unlocked, and provides the high-definition encoders to help convert YouTube videos to local files (but in OGG format) on Android devices. Furthermore, the superior audio quality will also be retained to deliver a great video streaming experience offline on Android. As the service is launched by YouTube officials, it is completely safe to utilize.

YouTube Premium would cost $11.99/month if you wish to activate it for accessing the official download function within YouTube app on Android. However, a downside of YouTube Premium should be its restriction added on all converted YouTube videos - they are only allowed to be streamed through YouTube app. If you are utilizing other media players on Android, this is not the best YouTube to MP4 converter selection for you.


  • It is completely safe to convert YouTube videos through the official YouTube app.
  • It is completely safe to convert YouTube videos through the official YouTube app.
  • Ads would be removed to bring you a comfortable YouTube video streaming experience without disturbance.
  • Audio quality will be retained in the best condition while processing the YouTube video conversion.


  • The output encoder is set to be OGG by default.
  • The converted YouTube videos are not playable outside YouTube app.
  • It is not affordable for all people to keep paying for the subscription fee.

💡 The Best Alternative to YouTube Premium:
Don't want the download limit of YouTube Premium? Try its alternative, VideoHunter for Android, which offers excellent online video downloads for Android. It can download YouTube videos in batch and also YouTube playlist!
VideoHunter for Android is about to launch in the near future! At that time, you can enjoy its greatful features on Android devices.

TOP 2. VideoHunter for Android

VideoHunter for Android

The next recommended YouTube to MP4 converter for Android is VideoHunter for Android. It also provids the effortless service to convert and download YouTube videos to MP4 for streaming locally on Android. You can directly browse YouTube website utilizing the app and access any YouTube video. Once VideoHunter for Android detects the video, it will allow you to proceed the download by providing a download button for you. Similarly, if you utilize VideoHunter for Android to access other streaming sites, it also functions to detect the videos and provides the download buttons for you to download in no time.

Free Download


  • It is supported to download online videos once reaching them in the built-in browser.
  • It provides high definition options such as 4K or 8K.
  • You can stream the videos online directly within the program as well.
  • Download YouTube playlists with one click.


  • You need to fill in the email address to register.
  • It takes a bit long to parse the playlist.

TOP 3. Snaptube


Snaptube is an application oriented for Android users to convert YouTube videos to MP4 without charge at all. Surprisingly, it also functions to detect videos from more streaming websites, including Facebook, Dailymotion, and more. Snaptube will give you full controls on proceeding or pausing YouTube to MP4 conversion without corrupting the content. However, you ought to install this YouTube to MP4 converter on Android from third-party sites or installers as it is not released in Google Play Store.


  • Provide video definitions ranging from 144P to 4K HD to convert YouTube to MP4.
  • It also functions to extract audios and convert to MP3 or M4A within one-shot.
  • The program supports 50+ streaming sites other than YouTube.
  • The application security is verified by authorized security organizations.


  • The application is not available on Google Play Store, in that you ought to get it from third-party platforms.
  • Some regions are still restricted to converting YouTube videos such as in India and China.

TOP 4.

Savefrom Net

Originally, is a web-based service providing the YouTube video download function for people utilizing all devices. But now, it also launched the YouTube to MP4 converter for Android to save YouTube videos in good definitions of MP4 or WEBM encoders. Simply by inputting the YouTube video URL to the application, it will parse it and pops up the encoder as well as quality selections to confirm exporting the YouTube video. YouTube to MP4 converter for Android is designed with a Chrome-like interface, and is equipped with the built-in file manager, in that you can easily get familiar with its manipulation and manage the converted MP4 YouTube videos easily.


  • It can provide pretty speedy performance to convert YouTube videos to MP4.
  • The Chrome-like interface of the application helps people to master its manipulation easily.
  • A built-in file manager is provided to help organize converted files conveniently.


  • The 1080P outputs don't come with audio.
  • It is not compatible with YouTube playlists or channel conversion.
  • Free version will contain ads. To remove it, you ought to upgrade to the premium version.

TOP 5. Y2mate YouTube To MP4 Converter

Y2mate YouTube to MP4 Converter

Replacing installing a third-party application, this online YouTube to MP4 converter is an installation-free option for you. As a web-based service, Y2mate YouTube To MP4 Converter can be access utilizing all devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. You only need to input a YouTube video URL to the searching it, it will analyze it for you in no time, and offers the MP4 encoder with different definitions to select. Although it only allows you to convert YouTube videos at the highest 1080P, the tool is free and safe to utilize. Therefore, for those who are not willing to install a third-party app on Android, the online Y2mate YouTube To MP4 Converter is a rational selection.


  • No third-party application installed required.
  • It offers video definitions ranging from 144P to 1080P for selecting to convert YouTube videos.
  • The tool is entirely free and safe to try.
  • You can access the website across devices on more than Android.


  • Unavailable to convert and download YouTube playlists and channels.
  • The highest definition only reaches 1080P.
  • Ads existed while manipulating the YouTube video conversion.

TOP 6. YTMp3

YTMp3 App

YTMp3 offers both online and Android version for you to convert YouTube videos to MP4 on Android in preferences. You can directly turn to YTMp3 site and paste the YouTube video URL to proceed the MP4 conversion for downloading the video offline, or select installing YTMp3 app for Android to enjoy the YouTube to MP4 conversion with higher stability. Both platforms offer option definitions to convert YouTube videos to MP4, meanwhile, its Android application supports other video streaming sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Dailymotion, too. There won't be any ads disturbing you within YTMp3 App at all!


  • Both online tool and app for Android are provided to select.
  • There are multiple definitions provided to convert YouTube videos to MP4.
  • The Android app also supports downloading videos from more streaming sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • No ads would appear to interrupt the download manipulation within YTMp3 app.


  • Both the online and Android app won't allow you to download YouTube playlists or channels.
  • 4K or 8K definitions are not provided.
  • The Android app is not findable in Google Play Store.

TOP 7.


The final YouTube to MP4 converter for Android recommendation is Similar as Y2mate, this is an online converter, allowing you to convert YouTube videos to MP4 without installing any application at all. Simply utilize a web browser for turning to site, you can proceed the conversion simply by pasting URL here. offers all popular encoders and also decent quality to save the converted YouTube videos as well as audios. Besides, you will not be required to register any account to access the function online.


  • It doesn't require installing applications on Android or registering an account to use the conversion service.
  • All popular encoders are provided to convert YouTube videos to.
  • It will provide optimal quality options to export YouTube videos at your will.
  • The conversion speed is speedy.


  • It is unavailable to convert YouTube videos to up to 4K or 8K.
  • There are ads on the website while proceeding the YouTube video conversion.

FAQs about YouTube To MP4 Converter

View more FAQs about YouTube to MP4 converter for Android in this module.

Is it legal to convert YouTube videos to MP4 ?

For non-commercial purposes, or you have been authoritized by the original creators, it is definitely legal to convert YouTube videos to MP4 for offline streaming personally.

What are the benefits of converting YouTube videos to MP4?

When online streaming issues frequently occur to disturb a smooth YouTube playback online, it would be rational to convert them to regular video files for offline streaming. Furthermore, as MP4 is the universally-supported encoder, which will deliver high definitions but taking up less storage, it becomes the top 1 encoder option to save YouTube videos to.


After walking through the 7 best YouTube to MP4 converters for Android, please based on the criteria mentioned former to select the best tool for yourself to easily convert YouTube videos to MP4 on Android. Since then, you can definitely have better YouTube video streaming offline. Enjoy!

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