For streaming YouTube videos on mobile devices more conveniently and flexible, many of you probably desire a reliable YouTube to MP4 converter app installed to deliver the high-quality video downloading functionality when in need. After investigating the market and going through detailed testing, the blog has collected the 7 best YouTube to MP4 converter apps for you. Now, let's get started to grasp them!

Best YouTube to MP4 Converter Apps in 2023

CONTENT Top 1. VideoHunter for Android🔥 Top 2. VidMate Top 3. Snappea for Android Top 4. YT1S YouTube to MP4 Top 5. Videoder Top 6. Cloud Video Player Top 7. TubeMate

Top 1. VideoHunter for Android

Best for: who are seeking an all-in-one YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter app with the best resolutions and most efficient functionality provided on Android devices.

Standing at the top of the list, VideoHunter for Android is recommended as the best YouTube to MP4 converter app, which delivers free and efficient video conversion functionality to all Android users for enjoying offline YouTube video streaming more flexibly. The app provides up to 8K resolution to output YouTube videos on Android, and it also supports playlist conversion to enhance efficiency.

Moreover, with the embedded search feature, you are absolutely able to search for any YouTube video or playlist and convert to MP4 by one click. VideoHunter will enable the download icons to process the conversion for you right away without hassle. All in all, VideoHunter can be a reliable YouTube video downloader app for you.

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💡Pros and Cons of VideoHunter for Android

  • Compatible with YouTube and 6 more popular streaming sites;
  • Mainstream MP4, MP3, and WEBM formats are available to select;
  • Preserve up to 8K resolution to output videos;
  • Directly save online video as well as audio downloads to Android SD card;
  • Available to download YouTube playlists with one click;
  • Acceleration speed ensured to provide fast batch conversion performance;
  • Search feature embedded to access online videos in an easier way;
  • 100% secure in-app environment without adware, malware, or virus-like many other YouTube to MP4 converter apps.


  • To unlock the high-resolution video download feature requires extra subscription;
  • No iOS version launched yet.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 in VideoHunter for Android

Take one more minute to grasp the way to use VideoHunter for Android to convert YouTube to MP4.

STEP 1. Download VideoHunter for Android APK from its official web page and complete the installation on Android following the instructions.

STEP 2. Then, launch the app and directly select YouTube or search for keywords to access the videos or playlists you desire to download right now.

Built-in Browser in VideoHunter for Android

STEP 3. Click into the YouTube video page, you will discover that the floating download icon will turn blue as it detects the video on the page. Simply hit it to process the video analysis.

Search for YouTube Videos to Download

STEP 4. Now, when the output choices pop up, select MP4 with the resolution you desire to convert it right away!

NOTE: Resolutions higher than 1080p are only available for VideoHunter subscribers.

Select Format and Quality to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Top 2. VidMate

Best for: Android users to search and convert YouTube to MP4, MP3 freely and easily.


As a free YouTube to MP4 converter app for Android, you don't need to pay a penny for accessing the YouTube videos download service delivered by VidMate. With the integration of a search engine, you are available to access the online YouTube videos with ease simply by typing in keywords and search.

There are optional quality options available for you to convert YouTube to MP4 as well. You are able to select the resolutions in requirements and VidMate will process the quick conversion for you right away. It won't be difficult to use the app as it has been designed intuitive enough. Hence, VidMate is an ideal choice if you are finding an easy-to-grasp YouTube to MP4 converter app to convert YouTube videos without hassle.

💡Pros and Cons of VidMate

  • Intuitive interface and functionality delivered;
  • Over 200 streaming channels and 1,000+ sites supported;
  • Selectable resolutions to convert YouTube to MP4 as you desire;
  • Completely free of charge and no extra payment required.


  • The conversion performance is not stable enough;
  • Unavailable to download YouTube playlists or channels at once;
  • Ads contained in the app.

Top 3. Snappea for Android

Best for: converting YouTube to MP4, MP3 with decent quality but quite smooth performance.

Snappea for Android

As one of the best YouTube to MP4 converter app for Android, Snappea for Android is specially popular for its well-designed interface and smooth performance. To ensure a user-friendly experience, the app has been enhanced with advanced teches to deliver smooth performance no matter if you are streaming YouTube videos or downloading them. Also, Snappea for Android provides a dark mode feature to make your YouTube video conversion process even more enjoyable.

Although comparing with other YouTube to MP4 converter apps that are available to provide high resolutions like 4K or 8K to convert YouTube videos, Snappea for Android can only support up to 1080p, you are still able to grasp good experience using it. The app is also entirely free of charge!

💡Pros and Cons of Snappea for Android

  • Well-designed interface equipped;
  • Available to search for videos inside;
  • More sites supported;
  • Dark mode provided to deliver a better video conversion experience;
  • Compatible with YouTube to MP3 conversion as well;
  • No in-app ads interruption;
  • Completely free of charge.


  • Unavailable to convert online videos to high resolution outputs in 4K or 8K;
  • Not compatible with iOS system.

Top 4. YT1S YouTube to MP4

Best for: converting YouTube to MP4 online on iPhone and other devices without software installation required.

YT1s YouTube to MP4 Converter

Now, let's come to a reliable and free YouTube to MP4 converter app for iPhone that requires no software installation on devices - YT1S YouTube to MP4. As a web-based service, the online platform enables you to process the YouTube to MP4 conversion directly simply by pasting the URLs to the frame bar provided on its main interface. With the immediate converting ability, you are able to grasp the output choices of different quality options to save the MP4 YouTube videos offline on iPhone right away.

More than iPhone, as an online YouTube to MP4 converter app, you are able to access the YT1S YouTube to MP4 service on devices of other systems like Android, Windows, and Mac as well. You will not be required to register an account or pay for any fee using it!

💡Pros and Cons of YT1S YouTube to MP4

  • Web-based service without software installation required;
  • Entirely free functionality provided;
  • Search feature embedded;
  • Compatible with iOS and devices of other systems;
  • No account registration required.


  • No high-resolution output options provided;
  • The conversion function will be down sometimes;
  • Unavailable or process YouTube to MP4 conversion in batch.

Top 5. Videoder

Best for: all-in-one YouTube to MP4 converter app for Android to download online videos from YouTube and more streaming sites with more output format as you desire.


Enjoying a high reputation and having accumulated loyal users from around the globe, Videoder is able to serve you with the advanced YouTube to MP4 conversion service to grasp YouTube videos downloaded on Android for streaming offline flexibly. The app has embedded the built-in search feature to enable you to access YouTube videos for processing the MP4 conversion right away with ease.

Also with the output quality options ranging from 240p to 1080p, you are able to keep a well balance on the file size and its streaming quality in need. In addition to YouTube, you are also able to download videos from more sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Hence, Videoder can be one of the best YouTube to MP4 converter apps for Android recommended to you.

💡Pros and Cons of TubeMate

  • Smooth in-app performance ensure;
  • Quick video analyzing, converting, and downloading speed;
  • A wide range of quality options provided to select;
  • Compatible with the most mainstream formats such as MP4, 3GP, and FLV to download online videos
  • Built-in searching ability ensured.


  • No 4K or 8K resolutions allow you to output online videos;
  • Not compatible with YouTube playlists or channel conversion.

Top 6. Cloud Video Player

Best for: streaming and downloading YouTube videos on iPhone without complicated processes required.

Cloud Video Player

Despite YT1s, Cloud Video Player is another free YouTube to MP4 converter app for iPhone you can trust. Originally, the app is developed as a YouTube player, with the ability for you to grasp and create YouTube playlist for streaming without hassle. Later, Cloud Video Player is also equipped with the download feature to enable a more convenient experience to let you stream YouTube videos offline by converting them to mainstream MP4 files on iPhone.

You are even able to add passwords to protect the YouTube downloads saved in the app as well! Hence, if you are seeking an easy-to-grasp and reliable YouTube to MP4 app on iPhone, don't miss Cloud Video Player, which is free to install from the App Store.

💡Pros and Cons of Cloud Video Player

  • Free to install from App Store directly;
  • Available to create YouTube playlists for streaming within the app;
  • Compatible with playlist download efficiently;
  • Password protect playlist feature to keep your YouTube playlists private;
  • Mainstream formats like MP4, MOV, and M4V supported;
  • Also supported on iPad.


  • Comparatively low quality to convert YouTube videos;
  • The performance is not smooth and conversion would fail sometimes;
  • Better for streaming YouTube videos online.

Top 7. TubeMate

Best for: converting YouTube videos and other online resources to mainstream video, audio outputs of optional quality.


The final recommended YouTube to MP4 converter app should be TubeMate. When the app is compatible with a dozen streaming sites, you are actually available to convert and download online videos to MP4 as well as other mainstream formats for streaming offline on Android devices. When TubeMate offers multiple quality options, you are able to balance the file sizes and quality for having a smooth video playback experience offline.

For years, as one of the best YouTube to MP4 converter app for Android, TubeMate has kept improving and it is able to deliver user-friendly services to users. You are completely free to use the app without paying an extra penny at all!

💡Pros and Cons of TubeMate

  • Automatically embed the download icons to online videos once detected;
  • Mainstream formats available to convert online videos;
  • Optional quality settings are supported to balance the file size and streaming experience;
  • Compatible with most popular online streaming sites;
  • Regular enhancement to ensure the best video conversion service.


  • The downloading speed will be slow sometimes;
  • Unavailable for iOS users.


Till here, you have gotten the 7 best YouTube to MP4 converters ever since. By comparison, if you are seeking the most efficient and quality-guaranteed app to convert YouTube to MP4, VideoHunter for Android will absolutely be your choice. It is not only supported to deliver up to 8K resolution to output YouTube videos for you, its acceleration techs are also compatible with faster playlist download for grasping multiple items saved offline simultaneously. From these aspects, it deserves your try!

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