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By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Oct 21, 2020

Bilibili Registration Guide English

Like western people have YouTube, Japanese have Niconico, Chinese also have their own video streaming platforms for vlogers and free users to share video content, and this platform is definitely Bilibili. Bilibili is the largest online video sharing platform in China, and in recent years, it attracts many interesting as well as creative video uploaders.

Recently, Bilibili also attracts lots of celebrities from oversea to share their creative video content here. But a problem for foreign users refers to that Bilibili only provides Chinese version currently. So for those who are not familiar with Chinese but want to create their Bilibili accounts for sharing video content, we made this English user guide here to help you register Bilibili successfully. If you need, scroll down and continue on reading.

CONTENT Part 1. What You Should Know About BiliBiliPart 2. How to Register a BiliBili Account for Viewing[Tip] Simple Ways to Download Funny Videos from BiliBili

Part 1. What You Should Know About BiliBili

Bilibili was firstly launched in 2009, and over decade of development, it has developed into a fashionable platform, especially for youngsters, to discover video content and share their created ones. Originally, Bilibili was only oriented for ACG content creation and sharing, but now it grows to be a multicultural platform covering video content of many different categories such as cartoon, anime, variety shows, music, life, fashion, dance, etc.

Bilibili Content

Bilibili mainly adopts PUGV (Professional User Generated Video) as its content source, which means that all the video content provided on Bilibili is uploaded by Bilibili registered users. According to statistics data, the views of the PUGV content on Bilibili has occupied 90% in 2019. And there are over 1.1 million active uploaders who consistently provide excellent video content on this platform.

The most highlighted feature of Bilibili should be its bullet screen mode. When turn on this mode, people can view what reviews and comments other audiences' have on this content, and they can also send bullet screen as if you are interacting with each other. Actually, this is a Bilibili culture and it makes the video streaming experience to be more interesting and interactive.

Bilibili Bullet Screen

Part 2. How to Register a BiliBili Account for Viewing

So how to register a Bilibili account for experiencing full features of this platform? Actually, the registration process of Bilibili is simple and you just need to fill in several information for getting the Bilibili account. But because Bilibili only offers Chinese version, this part will offer an English guidance to guide you how to register a Bilibili account on the platform.

STEP 1. Firstly, you should open Bilibili in your browser, and then click the "Register" button on the top right corner of the interface to start your account registration process.

Register Bilibili

STEP 2. When the registration window pops up, you need to enter the information for creating a Bilibili account. The information includes:
* Nickname (Username);
* Password;
* Region of your phone number + frequently-used phone number;
* Verification code (click the blue button for receiving verification code using the phone number you have filled in);
* Tick "Agree of User Terms and Privacy Policy".

NOTE: Under the blank for filling in phone number, Bilibili offers an option to register using email. But if you register with email, some restrictions will exist and you will fail to use all functions provided by Bilibili.

Bilibili Registration English

STEP 3. When all the information is filled in, just click the "Register" button and you can successfully create your Bilibili account.

Login with Existent Account

If you have Weibo or QQ account, you can directly hit the "Login" link in the lower right corner of the registration window for login Bilibili. It doesn't need to do extra steps for creating a new Bilibili account.

Bilibili Login Page

[Tip] Simple Ways to Download Funny Videos from BiliBili

Bilibili offers high quality online streaming on both its web platform and the application. Sometimes when there are too many audiences streaming the same video or your network condition is not stable enough, you may fail to enjoy Bilibili videos fluently, and get really bad streaming experience. So to have a more fluent playback, we recommend to download Bilibili videos for offline playback. But how?

On Mobile Devices

Bilibili mobile applications provides download feature for people to save the videos for offline playback inside the app. This feature is so nice and users only need to click the three-dots icon on the video playback screen, and then press the "Download" icon. After that, select a quality and the video can be saved directly. You can find the downloaded Bilibili videos in "My" > "Downloads" inside the app.

On Desktop

Unlike its mobile application, Bilibili web platform doesn't offer the video downloading service. So if you want to keep Bilibili videos as local files for later playback or collections, you need to use a Bilibili video downloader to help. Hence, VideoHunter is recommended, which is a lightweight and easy-to-use video downloader of all sites.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Support to download online videos to 1080p, 4K, 8K; Allow to save videos from 1,000+ websites; Offer YouTube/SoundCloud to MP3 service; Provide YouTube playlist and subtitles download functions; Provide extra built-in converter with 20+ formats; Support batch download and 6X faster speed. Free Download Free Download

Then we come to the steps to download funny videos from Bilibili web platform.

STEP 1. Open Bilibili in your browser and also open the video you need to download offline.
STEP 2. Copy the link of the video page from its address bar.
STEP 3. Move to VideoHunter and directly paste the link into the frame bar in "Downloader", then, click "Analyze".
STEP 4. When the output choice shows up, select it and hit "Download" to get Bilibili video downloaded offline.

Download Bilibili Video

It is not difficult to get started with Bilibili. Just follow these guides and register your Bilibili account at first. Next time we will bring more tips on using Bilibili to you!

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