11 Best SoundCloud Downloaders to MP3 320kbps [FREE 2024]

SoundCloud delivers high-quality streaming for GO+ subscribers in 256kbps AAC, which is equivalent to a 320kbps MP3. Instead of paying endless monthly fees to SoundCloud, or finding the tracks you want are not downloadable after subscribing to Go+, why not use SoundCloud downloaders to download music from SoundCloud for free or enjoy them offline whenever you like?

This post introduces the 11 best SoundCloud to MP3 converters. These online and desktop SoundCloud converters work well to download SoundCloud songs to 128kbps or high-quality 320Kbps as MP3 files, enabling you to enjoy free, high-quality, and flexible playback offline. Let's go through all of them and get yourself the best SoundCloud downloader with 320Kbps high audio quality.

Best SoundCloud Downloader to MP3 320kbps for Desktop👍

Of these 11 SoundCloud music downloaders, VideoHunter stands out with its excellent features. With 6X faster speed and batch download feature, VideoHunter helps you download music from SoundCloud offline quickly and easily, be it downloadable or not. All it needs is just the music link to enable you to download tens of millions of tracks. For music enthusiasts who care about sound quality, VideoHunter offers bit rates up to 320kbps, with which you can download endless SoundCloud songs to MP3 with the highest quality possible.

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VideoHunter - Best SoundCloud Downloader

  • Bring High-quality Music & Best Offline Experience - VideoHunter converts SoundCloud to MP3 at 320kbps and even downloads music videos of up to UHD 8K resolution.
  • Download Unlimited Tracks Offline  - VideoHunter can download individual records, the latest tracks, albums, etc. from SoundCloud, helping you stay on top of the hottest music trends.
  • Download Playlist, Mixes, or Music Collection - VideoHunter can save your playlists and favorite artists' albums easily with a batch download feature and 6X ultra-fast speed.
  • More than SoundCloud - VideoHunter works as a powerful music video downloader to convert music from Vevo, Dailymotion, and tons of 320kbps music sites other than SoundCloud.

    How to Download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps on PC/Mac

    As the best SoundCloud downloader bringing high-quality music, VideoHunter is a solid option to download music from SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps. It's also easy to use. Follow the steps below to find out how to download SoundCloud songs to high-quality MP3 at 320kbps.

    STEP 1. Copy the Link of SoundCloud Music
    Now go to SoundCloud in your web browser. Play the track you want to download, and copy the link of the soundtrack from the address bar on the top.

    Copy SoundCloud Music Link

    STEP 2. Paste link to VideoHunter
    Install and launch VideoHunter. Then paste the link of SoundCloud music into the input box, and tab the "Analyze" button beside the bar.

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    Copy and Paste SoundCloud URL

    STEP 3. Download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps
    Select MP3 and 320kbps as the output option to download your favorite SoundCloud music. Subsequently, click the "Download" button and you can download SoundCloud to MP3 at 320kbps and listen to these high-quality songs. If you want to download music videos from SoundCloud, VideoHunter also excels in downloading music videos by supporting MP4 and various output video quality (1080P and even 8K).

    Apart from SoundCloud, there are plenty of music sites offering free listening and downloads. Do check: Best Sites & Tools to Download Music Videos in High Quality.

    Download SoundCloud to 320Kbps MP3 Offline

    Top 5 Best Online SoundCloud Downloaders

    Just want to download a few singles from SoundCloud? Check these 5 online SoundCloud MP3 converters. They enable you to directly convert and download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps without software installation and for free. During our test, we found online SoundCloud downloaders only support 128kbps. If you prefer high-quality SoundCloud to MP3 320bpbs, click here for high-quality SoundCloud downloaders.

    1. SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

    Best SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

    SoundCloud MP3 Downloader is an online SoundCloud downloader that downloads music from SoundCloud to MP3 for free. Unlike other online SoundCloud downloaders which bring slow speed and frequent failures, it works well at a fast speed. Once you paste the SoundCloud song link, it will download SoundCloud to MP3 with 128kbps immediately. Best of all, it can even download SoundCloud playlists to MP3. The only drawback is that it takes a while to analyze a SoundCloud playlist link. Given this, this online SoundCloud to MP3 downloader is best for downloading singles from SoundCloud to MP3.

    Price: Free


    • Free and fast.
    • Offer MP3 and 128kbps for SoundCloud music downloads.
    • Simple interface.


    • Take a long time to download SoundCloud playlists to MP3.
    • Claim to download SoundCloud to 320kbps but in fact offer 128kbps.

    SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

    2. KlickAud

    Fast SoundCloud Music Converter

    KlickAud is another online SoundCloud to MP3 downloader available on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. This online SoundCloud to MP3 converter prides itself as a free and user-friendly tool that makes SoundCloud music downloads simple. However, the reason why it ranks behind SoundCloud MP3 Downloader lies in its lack of playlist download option and standard music quality. It only supports 128kbps, which may let down listeners who look for high-quality SoundCloud downloaders.

    Price: Free


    • Download SoundCloud to MP3.
    • Free and easy to use.


    • The downloaded SoundCloud songs can't be played sometimes.

    If you can't play the songs downloaded by this online tool, try VideoHunter. It guarantees you that every SoundCloud song can be downloaded to MP3 at 320kbps and streamed offline.


    3. DownCloud

    Best SoundCloud to WAV Converter

    A highlight of DownCloud should be its ability to save SoundCloud songs in various output formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OPUS, OGG, WAV, and WEBM, which enables you to stream the music files on different devices and media players. If you're a longtime SoundCloud listener, this high-quality SoundCloud downloader can convert SoundCloud to WAV to ensure better music quality for later playback.

    DownCloud sets no download limits and offers a service for every user to try completely for free. After downloading SoundCloud to MP3 for you, the website will take you to another page full of ads. So you may have a chance of getting infected by potential viruses and malware.

    Price: Free


    • Support SoundCloud to MP3 conversion.
    • Support various formats for users with different needs.
    • Easy and free to use.


    • Cannot reach up to 320kbps.
    • Do not download SoundCloud playlists.
    • Ads pop up after downloading SoundCloud to MP3 for you.



    Best SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

    SCloudDownloader is also an online SoundCloud downloader great for downloading SoundCloud to MP3 for free. With 128kbps and MP3 format, it can surely help you download your favorite tracks from SoundCloud for free. The only bummer is its slow speed. It takes a few minutes to analyze a song link. But once the process is complete, it can download the SoundCloud songs immediately to your computer or phone. Overall, it is best for downloading a few SoundCloud songs to MP3.


    For fast and easy SoundCloud playlist download, VideoHunter can be a perfect choice as a fast and high-quality SoundCloud playlist downloader. It works to batch convert and download playlists at 6X.

    Price: Free


    • Free and online to use on any device.
    • Support online MP3 conversion at 128kbps.


    • Cannot download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps.
    • Download a single track at a time.
    • Take much long time to analyze a SoundCloud song link.



    Best Free SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

    DownloadSound is a free SoundCloud downloader that downloads songs to MP3 online for free. Besides, it can download the private track as long as you have the link. Also, it enables you to download playlists or all your likes from SoundCloud. However, it tends to fail to fetch too many tracks at the same time. And it is rather slow when analyzing song link and downloading SoundCloud to MP3. For any of you wanting to download tracks or playlists from SoundCloud for free, DownloadSound can be a decent SoundCloud online downloader you should not miss.

    Price: Free


    • Online and free.
    • Convert SoundCloud tracks and playlists to MP3.


    • Do not download SoundCloud to 320kbps.
    • Slow download speed.
    • Fail to download if there are too many tracks.


    Top 5 Best SoundCloud Downloader Software

    There are some premium downloaders for Windows and Mac bringing the best SoundCloud offline listening experience by supporting MP3 and 320kbps. Try these high-quality SoundCloud downloaders now!


    Best SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader with High Quality

    Allavsoft is an all-in-one and high-quality music downloader like VideoHunter, with powerful support for downloading online music resources from many sites, including SoundCloud. It offers up to 320Kbps to download online audio, making itself a high-quality SoundCloud to MP3 downloader to keep SoundCloud songs playback with the best quality offline.

    More than the MP3 format, Allavsoft also offers more popular options such as WAV, M4A, AC3, WMA, OGG, etc to select from. No matter what devices and any media players, you can download SoundCloud to their compatible formats to ensure a successful playback. The only drawback is its extremely expensive paid plans.


    Our best pick - VideoHunter - is a better option with cheaper paid plans and a free version that offers more features. It offers 3 free downloads every day. Try it now!


    • Free trial
    • 1-month subscription plan: $19.99
    • 1-year subscription plan: $29.99
    • Lifetime subscription plan: $69.99


    • Multiple popular output formats for converting SoundCloud music.
    • Best 320Kbps music quality to download SoundCloud to high-quality files.
    • User-friendly operations and quick performance.


    • Expensive subscription plans.



    Best Fast SoundCloud Playlist Downloader

    DVDFab's YouTube to MP3 Downloader is a hidden SoundCloud to MP3 downloader, which can download SoundCloud music in batches with fast speed reaching up to 10X faster speed. Along with its playlist download feature, it is best for converting SoundCloud playlists to MP3 if you happen to have a lot of SoundCloud playlists to download. However, its subscription plans are much more expensive than other SoundCloud playlist downloaders.


    • Free trial
    • 1-year subscription plan: $39.99
    • Lifetime subscription plan: $44.99


    • Efficient download (10X faster speed).
    • Available to download SoundCloud playlists.
    • Downloads SoundCloud music with the album cover.


    • Only MP3 output format is available.



    3.4K YouTube to MP3

    A SoundCloud to MP3 Converter Best for Free Downloads

    Don't miss 4K YouTube to MP3 when you are looking for a SoundCloud to MP3 converter with cheap paid plans and high quality. This software offers 320Kbps to save SoundCloud music, ensuring the best playback quality. Also, 4K YouTube to MP3 is a solid SoundCloud playlist downloader as it supports the batch download feature. This makes SoundCloud to MP3 conversion no longer time-wasting. You can batch convert several SoundCloud songs at once to save you time waiting!

    Another surprising feature of 4K YouTube to MP3 should be its free plan which allows for 15 free downloads per day. If you need to download many tracks from SoundCloud for free, try this SoundCloud to MP3 Converter.


    • Free trial
    • Lite plan for a year: $10
    • Personal lifetime plan: $15
    • Pro lifetime plan: $45


      • Excellent for downloading SoundCloud tracks and playlists.
      • Smooth in-app performance and fast downloading speed.
      • Available to download SoundCloud to the best 320Kbps quality.
      • Extra built-in music player to enjoy music streaming.
      • In-built proxy to help overcome regional limitations and download all SoundCloud songs freely.


      • Sometimes the proxy setup would fail for unknown reasons.

      4K YouTube to MP3

      4.ByClick Downloader

      Best SoundCloud Playlist Converter for Windows

      ByClick Downloader is an all-in-one downloader that offers many audio output formats to download SoundCloud to high quality. Most importantly, it is also an amazing SoundCloud playlist downloader that will save you much time by downloading SoundCloud playlists in bulk at once. If you get multiple playlists to download offline in formats other than MP3, ByClick Downloader can be the best SoundCloud playlist converter you should consider. Do note that ByClick is only available for Windows users.


      • Free trial
      • Unlimited: $19.99


      • Support MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, WEBM, and more.
      • Convert SoundCloud tracks and playlists.
      • Efficient conversion with a fast downloading speed.
      • Intuitive interface with easy-to-grasp functions.


      • Too bulky for users who only require a simple SoundCloud music downloader.
      • No Mac version.

      For both Mac and Windows, VideoHunter offers all the features you need to download SoundCloud playlists to MP3 in batch with the best 320Kbps quality and fast speed. Don't miss it.

      ByClick Downloader


      Best SoundCloud Playlists and Mixes Downloader

      CleverGet is a multi-functional video and music downloader for Windows and Mac. It can also download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps with ease. Better yet, it enables you to download all the songs in a SoundCloud playlist at once. CleverGet comes with an in-built web browser that makes it easy to access and download SoundCloud to MP3.

      Meanwhile, this easy-to-use SoundCloud downloader also works as a great video downloader that can download music videos from SoundCloud. However, it would cost a fortune due to its powerful functionality.


      • 1-year subscription at $134.95.
      • Lifetime license at $209.95.


      • Support downloading SoundCloud playlists and mixes.
      • Speed up the conversion to 6X faster.
      • Easy to use with a default web browser.
      • Convert online music to MP3 320kbps.


      • Expensive to use.
      • Support video quality of 720p and 1080p.


      Comparison of 11 Best SoundCloud Downloaders

      Here is an in-depth comparison to show you the differences among the 11 best SoundCloud downloaders.
      Basically, online SoundCloud downloaders all offer 128kbps and free SoundCloud to MP3 downloads. Whereas desktop SoundCloud downloaders feature high-quality and fast SoundCloud to MP3 downloads with up to 320kbps, batch download feature, and speedy performance.

      SoundCloud Downloaders Supported OS Pros Cons
      VideoHunter Windows, Mac Best sound quality
      Download SoundCloud to MP3 320Kbps
      6X faster speed
      Account registration is required
      SoundCloud Mp3 Downloader All Free and simple
      Support playlist conversion
      Fail to download SoundCloud playlists
      Only offer 128kbps
      KlickAud All Free and simple Only reach 128Kbps
      Downloaded SoundCloud songs can't be played sometimes
      DownCloud All Many audio formats Ads pop up
      Only support 128Kbps
      SCloudDownloader All Free Unstable and slow performance
      No 320kbps
      DownloadSound All Free No batch download ability
      No 320kbps
      Windows, Mac Multiple formats
      High-quality MP3 and 320kbps
      Relatively expensive
      DVDFab Windows, Mac, Android Fast speed
      Download SoundCloud playlists
      Only MP3 output format
      Expensive subscription plans
      4K YouTube to MP3 Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Great free version and paid plans Would fail for unknown reasons
      ByClick Windows Multiple mainstream output formats Too bulky
      No Mac version
      CleverGet Windows, Mac Support for SoundCloud playlists
      Up to 320Kbps and 6X faster speed
      Expensive to use

      FAQs about SoundCloud Downloader

      1. What is the best SoundCloud downloader?

      The best downloader should feature excellent audio quality, fast conversion speed, and ease of use. To help you narrow down the choice, here are 5 top picks from these 11 best SoundCloud downloaders:

      VideoHunter - best for batch downloading songs, playlists, and mixes from SoundCloud in high quality at 6X faster speed.
      SCloudDownloader - best for downloading SoundCloud music on all devices for free.
      DownCloud - best for converting SoundCloud to MP3 or WAV with easy operations.
      DownloadSound - best for converting both SoundCloud public and private tracks from SoundCloud just by links at no cost.
      4K YouTube to MP3 - best for downloading SoundCloud playlists at smooth performance and quick speed.

      2. Can I Download SoundCloud Songs to MP3 for Free?

      On SoundCloud's official site, you can download royalty-free songs offline as MP3 files for free. If the music uploaders allow the public to save their songs, you can download these SoundCloud tracks to MP3 completely for free. Otherwise, SoundCloud songs that are made downloadable by the owners can not be downloaded.

      Except for the official download functions, you can also find some third-party tools to download SoundCloud songs to MP3. For example, those free online tools are ideal choices if you want to download several singles offline. But for stable and high-quality outputs, VideoHunter is the most professional SoundCloud to MP3 320Kbps converter you can try with its free trials.

      Free Download Free Download

      3. Does SoundCloud have 320kbps?

      SoundCloud offers 256kbps at maximum for people to stream music. According to SoundCloud's official statement, this 256kbps in AAC format is the same as the 320kbps in MP3 format. Therefore, you are downloading and enjoying SoundCloud music with the best quality, because for SoundCloud, 256Kbps is the same as 320Kbps!

      4. Can you convert SoundCloud to MP3?

      For sure you can! To convert SoundCloud to MP3, you need a professional SoundCloud to MP3 converter that supports MP3 format. For example, VideoHunter provides MP3 format, high quality, stable performance, and quick speed to ensure you a friendly experience of downloading SoundCloud to MP3. 

      Final Words

      After walking through these 11 SoundCloud downloaders, you may also notice online SoundCloud downloaders only reach up to 128kbps at best without batch downloads. Therefore, they're only suitable for downloading a few tracks from SoundCloud to MP3.

      On the other hand, desktop SoundCloud downloaders offer more features, including 320kbps, fast speed, and batch download. Of all these options, VideoHunter lets you download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps with 6X faster speed, bringing high quality and fast download. Better try than never!


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