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11 Best SoundCloud Downloaders to MP3 320kbps [FREE 2023]

SoundCloud delivers high-quality streaming for GO+ subscribers in 256kbps AAC, which is equivalent to a 320kbps MP3. However, instead of paying endless monthly fees to SoundCloud, why not use SoundCloud downloaders to download music from SoundCloud for free?

This post introduces the 11 best SoundCloud to MP3 converters, with both desktop and online tools working to download SoundCloud songs in 320Kbps as MP3 files, enabling you to enjoy free and high-quality playback offline without any subscription. Let's go through all of them and get yourself the best SoundCloud downloader with 320Kbps output audio quality supported.

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Best SoundCloud Downloader to MP3 320kbps for Desktop

VideoHunter is a revolutionary music and video downloader for over 1,000 online streaming platforms, including SoundCloud. Being the best SoundCloud Downloader on the top of the list, it can not only download SoundCloud songs to MP3 320kbps but also download SoundCloud playlists/mixes at the same time. Better yet, you don't need to subscribe to SoundCloud GO or GO + and enjoy offline ad-free listening with the best quality.

Free Download Free Download

More Highlighted Features to Explore

Online Music Downloader - VideoHunter works as a powerful music video downloader to convert SoundCloud, YouTube to MP3 320Kbps, and even other more sites like Vevo, Dailymotion Music, and other 320kbps music sites.

Top-Rated Video Graber - Meanwhile, VideoHunter is a leading video downloader to save online videos for offline playback from popular streaming sites like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pornhub, etc.

High-Res Output Quality - VideoHunter utilizes its advanced conversion technology to convert SoundCloud to MP3 in 320kbps and online videos of up to UHD 8K resolution.

6X Ultra-Fast Speed - By taking advantage of the hardware, download speed can reach up to 6X faster.

Batch Downloads at Once - Compared to online SoundCloud  downloaders, VideoHunter allows multiple download tasks at the same time and works as a YouTube/SoundCloud playlist downloader to extract music videos and download from YouTube playlist or SoundCloud mixes you like to 320Kbps MP3 once playlists.

Perfect Compatibility - VideoHunter is well-compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista, mac OS X 10.12 or higher, and Android 7.0 or above.

How to Download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps on Desktop

As the best SoundCloud downloader with high rankings, VideoHunter offers high-quality music and also easy operations to help download SoundCloud tracks in an efficient way. The tutorial below will show you how to use this best SoundCloud Downloader for downloading songs from SoundCloud with 3 simple steps.

STEP 1. Copy the URL of SoundCloud Music
Now please navigate to SoundCloud in your web browser. When you go to the track you are about to download, copy the URL of the soundtrack after clicking the "Share" button under the track flow.

Copy URL of SoundCloud Track


STEP 2. Paste URL to VideoHunter
Launch VideoHunter. Then paste the URL of SoundCloud music into the input box, and tab the "Analyze" button beside the bar.

Copy and Paste SoundCloud URL


STEP 3. Download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps
When done analyzing, select MP3 and 320kbps as the output option to download your favorite SoundCloud music. Subsequently, click the "Download" button and you can download SoundCloud to MP3 in 320kbps and listen to these high-quality songs.

Download SoundCloud to 320Kbps MP3 Offline

Top 5 Best Online SoundCloud Downloaders

Prefer an easy way to download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps? The following online SoundCloud MP3 converters enable you to directly convert and download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps without any software. Now, keep reading and see the 5 best online SoundCloud to MP3 converters you should not miss!

1. SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

💻Supporting OS: All

SoundCloud MP3 Downloader is an online SoundCloud link downloader that provides online SoundCloud to MP3 conversion service to download music from SoundCloud to MP3. Users only need to paste the SoundCloud music URL to the frame bar provided on the SoundCloud MP3 Downloader and tap the download icon to save the song with simple clicks.

In addition, as one of the best SoundCloud downloaders, it also tries to speed up the music download efficiency, which also adds the playlist download feature and works as a SoundCloud playlist downloader although it requires a relatively long time to analyze the playlist. Therefore, with its playlist download ability, SoundCloud MP3 Downloader is best for downloading songs from SoundCloud to MP3.

💰Price: Free

 ✔️ Web-based platform available on different systems.
 ✔️ Simple SoundCloud music downloading process.
 ✔️ Completely free of cost.
 ✔️ Up to 40 languages supported.

 ❌ The platform is listed with ads, which may lower the user experience.
 ❌ Only supports downloading and converting audio files less than 2 hours.

SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

2. KlickAud

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter

💻Supporting OS: All

KlickAud is a dedicated SoundCloud to MP3 converter that's available on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. This online SoundCloud to MP3 converter accumulates great popularity for it's a totally free online SoundCloud music download function that requires no registration. Meanwhile, it also provides a Google extension version for processing SoundCloud to MP3 conversion without visiting the site.

However, it can hardly download SoundCloud at 320kbps but only with the highest audio quality option at 128kbps to select. Unlike what it says on its official site, it can't often download SoundCloud playlists successfully. One more thing you need to pay attention to is that the site is overwhelmed with ads. Avoid clicking on those ads in case of viruses while using this SoundCloud MP3 converter in browsers.

💰Price: Free

 ✔️ Supports downloading SoundCloud to MP3.
 ✔️ Totally free.
 ✔️ Efficient download with faster-analyzing speed.

 ❌ Too many ads on the site.
 ❌ Can hardly reach 320kbps.


3. SCloudDownloader

Best SoundCloud Playlist Downloader

💻Supporting OS: All

SCloudDownloader is an exclusive online SoundCloud downloader, which is totally free to use and works for all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. With this website, you can download SoundCloud to MP3 for free. Thanks to its cloud conversion technology, you can directly convert and download SoundCloud tracks to MP3 at high-quality 256kbps.

Better yet, SCloudDownloader is also working as an online SoundCloud playlist downloader that lets you convert an entire playlist on SoundCloud. However, it may take hours to fetch the whole playlist. Meanwhile, the service is a bit unstable from time to time according to its own Notice Board. But still, for users seeking a workable SoundCloud playlist downloader supporting all systems, SCloudDownloader is still a good choice.

💰Price: Free

 ✔️ Free and online to use on any device.
 ✔️ Support online MP3 conversion at 256kbps.
 ✔️ Can download SoundCloud playlists.

 ❌ Cannot download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps.
 ❌ Download a single track at a time.
 ❌ Take much long time to fetch a playlist.
 ❌ Unstable to use sometimes.




NOTE: For fast and easy SoundCloud playlist download, VideoHunter can be a perfect choice as a powerful SoundCloud downloader. It works to batch convert and download playlists at 6X faster speed.

Free Download Free Download

4. DownCloud

Best SoundCloud to WAV Converter

💻Supporting OS: All

A highlight of another best SoundCloud converter, DownCloud, should be its possibility to save SoundCloud songs in more output formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OPUS, OGG, WAV, and WEBM, making the music files supported by different devices and media players. DownCloud sets no download limits and offers a service for every user to try completely for free.

Also, DownCloud is equipped with an extra Firefox add-on to enable your SoundCloud to MP3 conversion ability more conveniently. By adding this extension, download buttons will be added for you to directly download SoundCloud as MP3 offline. Except for this, you can also convert SoundCloud to WAV to ensure better music quality for later playback. But pay attention that DownCloud doesn't support converting SoundCloud playlists, so you have to process the single tracks download one by one manually.

💰Price: Free

 ✔️ Download SoundCloud tracks without a SoundCloud downloader app.
 ✔️ Support online conversion to various formats.
 ✔️ Provide an add-on for the Firefox browser.
 ✔️ Support 50+ languages.
 ✔️ Easy and free to use.

 ❌ Cannot reach up to 320kbps.
 ❌ Get unresponsive for no reason.
 ❌ Do not download SoundCloud playlists.
 ❌ Do not enable batch downloads.



5. DownloadSound

Best Free SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

💻 Supporting OS: All

DownloadSound is a free and easy-to-use SoundCloud online downloader to download songs to MP3 at 256kbps for free. Besides, it's said to be able to download the private track as long as you have the song link. Also, it enables you to download playlists or all your likes from SoundCloud. However, it usually tends to fail to fetch too many tracks at the same time.

Moreover, DownloadSound offers a Chrome Extension that you can directly install it from the Extension Store. Then, you can instantly download your favorite tracks when streaming SoundCloud songs online. For any of you wanting to download any public or private tracks from SoundCloud for free, DownloadSound can be the best SoundCloud downloader you should not miss.

💰Price: Free

 ✔️ Online and free.
 ✔️ Convert SoundCloud tracks, playlists, and likes.
 ✔️ Fast to convert SoundCloud to MP3.
 ✔️ Offer instant download for Chrome Extension.

 ❌ Do not download SoundCloud to 320kbps.
 ❌ Fail to download if there are too many tracks.



Top 5 Best SoundCloud Downloader Software

1. Allavsoft

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader with High Quality

💻Supporting OS: Windows, Mac

Allavsoft is an all-in-one online music downloader like VideoHunter, with powerful support for downloading online music resources from many sites, including SoundCloud. It offers up to 320Kbps to download online audio, making itself a reliable SoundCloud to MP3 320Kbps downloader to keep SoundCloud songs playback with the best quality offline.

More than the MP3 format, Allavsoft also offers more popular options such as WAV, M4A, AC3, WMA, OGG, etc to select. No matter what devices and any media players, you can download SoundCloud to their compatible formats to ensure a successful playback. Apart from being a Sound to MP3 downloader, Allavsoft also can download YouTube playlists. If you happen to have a playlist full of music videos, try this tool!


💰Free trial
💰1-month subscription plan: $19.99
💰1-year subscription plan: $29.99
💰Lifetime subscription plan: $69.99

✔️ More than 1000+ music streaming sites supported (SoundCloud included).
✔️ Multiple popular output formats provided to select.
✔️ Best 320Kbps music quality to download SoundCloud and enjoy high-quality playback offline.
✔️ User-friendly operations and quick performance ensure downloading SoundCloud to MP3.

 ❌ The cost of Allavsoft is a bit expensive.


2. DVDFab

Best Fast SoundCloud Playlist Downloader

💻 Supporting OS: Windows, Mac, Android

DVDFab's YouTube to MP3 Downloader is a hidden SoundCloud to MP3 downloader, which is available to download SoundCloud music in batches with fast speed reaching up to 10X fast. With its auto-detect feature, it greatly speeds up the music conversion efficiency and ensures the whole music download process it completed in no instant to save you time.

Besides, it also supports downloading tracks from Vevo, Vimeo, YouTube Music, and other music streaming sites. Moreover, it works as a great video downloader for over 1,000 video sites. More powerfully, DVDFab supports playlist download, so you can make use of this SoundCloud playlist downloader to process multiple playlists downloads at once just within a short time. DVDFab is suitable for those who get a batch of SoundCloud songs and playlists to download at once.


💰Free trial
💰1-year subscription plan: $39.99
💰Lifetime subscription plan: $44.99

✔️ Available to download SoundCloud playlists.
✔️ Downloads SoundCloud music with the album cover.
✔️ Efficient download (10X faster in batches).
✔️ Available on desktop (Windows and Mac) and mobile (Android).

❌ Only MP3 output format is available, thus making the price a bit more expensive.


3. 4K YouTube to MP3

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter

💻 Supporting OS: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu

Don't miss 4K YouTube to MP3 when you are finding a reliable SoundCloud to MP3 converter. This software offers 320Kbps to save SoundCloud music, ensuring the best playback quality for you after downloading them offline. A surprising feature of 4K YouTube to MP3 should be its in-built proxy setup up, which allows you to bypass regional limitations and access those regional-restricted SoundCloud songs and download them directly.

Also, 4K YouTube to MP3 supports batch download feature, making SoundCloud to MP3 conversion no longer a time-wasting work. You can batch process several SoundCloud songs converted at once to save your time waiting!

💰Free trial
💰Lite plan for a year: $10
💰Personal lifetime plan: $15
💰Pro lifetime plan: $42
💰 Bundle plan: $65

 ✔️ Superior experience in downloading YouTube videos, playlists, and channels.
 ✔️ Smooth in-app performance and fast downloading speed.
 ✔️ Available to download SoundCloud to the best 320Kbps quality without compression.
 ✔️ Extra built-in music player to enjoy music streaming.
 ✔️ In-built proxy to help overcome regional limitations and download all SoundCloud songs freely.

 ❌ Sometimes the proxy setup would fail for unknown reasons.

4K YouTube to MP3

4. ByClick Downloader

Best SoundCloud Playlist Converter

💻Supporting OS: Windows

ByClick Downloader is an all-in-one downloader, supporting to download online videos and audio from more than 40 streaming sites such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. The output formats include most of the mainstream ones, like MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, WEBM, and so on.

Most importantly, it is also an amazing SoundCloud playlist downloader that will save you much time in processing batch SoundCloud playlist download at once. If you get multiple playlists wanting to download offline in any common formats you like quickly, ByClick Downloader can be the best SoundCloud playlist converter you should consider trying.

💰Free trial💰 Unlimited: $19.99

 ✔️ Supports to convert SoundCloud playlists.
 ✔️ Available to convert YouTube playlists, channels, Instagram pages in one shot.
 ✔️ Efficient conversion with faster downloading speed.
 ✔️ Original and high quality applied to all media content.
 ✔️ Intuitive interface with easy-to-grasp functions.

 ❌ Too bulky for users who only require a simple SoundCloud music downloader.

ByClick Downloader

NOTE: To download SoundCloud playlists to MP3 in batch with efficient speed, VideoHunter also provides a powerful SoundCloud playlist converter to help. Its advanced acceleration technologies ensure 6X faster speed, helping to save much time but keeping the best 320Kbps quality.

Free Download Free Download

5. CleverGet

Best SoundCloud Playlists and Mixes Downloader

💻Supporting OS: Windows and Mac

CleverGet is a multi-functional video and music downloader for Windows and Mac. It can also download SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps with ease. Better yet, it enables you to download all the songs in a SoundCloud playlist at once. CleverGet comes with an in-built web browser that makes it easy to access and download SoundCloud playlists from the web.

Meanwhile, this software also works as an online premium video downloader that can download online videos from online streaming sites and premium video platforms like Netflix, HBO, Disney+, etc. However, it would cost a fortune due to its powerful functionality.

💰1-year subscription at $134.95.
💰Lifetime license at $209.95.

✔️ Support downloading SoundCloud playlists and mixes.
✔️ Speed up the conversion to 6X faster.
✔️ Easy to use with a default web browser.
✔️ Convert online music to MP3 320kbps.
✔️ Download songs and videos from 1,000 sites.

 ❌ Expensive to use.
 ❌ Support video quality of 720p and 1080p.




Comparison among 11 High-Quality SoundCloud Downloaders

Here is an in-depth comparison to make clear to you the differences among the 11 best SoundCloud downloaders. You may want to go through the table and decide on which SoundCloud downloader to get down to.

Tools Platforms Supported Pros Cons
VideoHunter Windows, Mac Ssupport high-quality SoundCloud to MP3 320Kbps conversion
6X faster speed
Account registration is required
SoundCloud Mp3 Downloader Online Free and simple service Bombarded with ads
KlickAud Online Fast converting speed Filled with ads and quality
Only reach 128Kbps
SCloudDownloader Online Download SoundCloud playlist No batch download function
Unstabl and the performance
DownCloud Online Many audio formats Can't convert SoundCloud playlists
DownloadSound Online Download all types of SoundCloud songs No batch download ability
Highest quality reach 256Kbps
Allavsoft Windows, Mac Fluent and smooth in-app performance Relatively expensive cost
DVDFab Windows, Mac, Android Download SoundCloud playlists Only MP3 output format
4K YouTube to MP3 Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Fast downloading speed
Batch download
Would fail for unknown reasons
ByClick Windows Multiple mainstream output formats Too bulky
CleverGet Windows, Mac Support for SoundCloud playlists
Up to 320Kbps and 6X faster speed
Expensive to use
Starts at $134.95

FAQs about SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud music downloader brings convenience to users who desire to save SoundCloud tracks for offline streaming. But you may still wonder about some questions about SoundCloud downloader. Here gets you to know about such a tool furtherly.

1. What is the best SoundCloud downloader?

To select the best SoundCloud downloader from these 11 recommendations, a reliable downloader should feature the highest audio quality, fast conversion speed, and ease of use. For example:

VideoHunter - best for batch downloading songs, playlists, and mixes from SoundCloud in high quality at 6X faster speed stably.

SCloudDownloader - best for downloading SoundCloud playlists on all devices with a web browser online and no software installation needed.

DownCloud - best for converting SoundCloud to MP3 or WAV with easy operations.

DownloadSound - best for converting both SoundCloud public and private videos from SoundCloud just by URLs at no cost.

4K YouTube to MP3 - best for downloading SoundCloud playlists at smooth performance and quick speed.

2. Can I Download SoundCloud Songs to MP3 for Free?

On SoundCloud's official site, you can download those royalty-free songs offline as MP3 files for free. Also, if the music uploaders allow the public to save their songs, you can download these SoundCloud tracks to MP3 completely for free. Otherwise, those protected SoundCloud songs require premium plans, which are SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+, to download them.

Except for the official download functions, you can also find some third-party tools to help download SoundCloud songs to MP3. For example, those free online tools are perfect choices if you want to download several singles offline. But for stabler and high-quality outputs, VideoHunter is the most professional SoundCloud to MP3 320Kbps converter you can try with its free trials.

Free Download Free Download

3. Does SoundCloud have 320kbps?

Actually, SoundCloud offers 256kbps at maximum for people to stream music. According to SoundCloud's official statement, this 256kbps in AAC format is the same as the 320kbps in MP3 format. Therefore, you are actually downloading and enjoying SoundCloud music with the best quality, because for SoundCloud, 256Kbps is the same as 320Kbps!

4.Can you convert SoundCloud to MP3?

For sure you can! To convert SoundCloud to MP3, you are recommended to try a professional SoundCloud to MP3 converter like VideoHunter, which can provide stable performance, high output quality, and quick speed to ensure you a friendly experience in downloading SoundCloud music. Now, freely install this software and have a try.

Free Download Free Download

Final Words

If you just want to download a few tracks from SoundCloud to MP3, online SoundCloud downloaders are helpful with no need to download any software. However, they only reach up to 256kbps at best and don't support batch downloads.

Instead, VideoHunter is a combination of online music downloader and video downloader that lets you download whatever you like from 1,000+ sites. Also, it supports excellent features including MP3 320kbps conversion, batch download, 6X faster speed, and so on. Better try than never!

Free Download Free Download

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