2020 Christmas Celebration Ideas for a Safe Party During COVID

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Dec 18, 2020

Christmas Celebration Ideas

COVID-19 brings everyone's life to be different this year. When it comes to the Christmas holiday, some people would want to celebrate it with family or friends at home instead of going outside. So today, we'd like to offer you some ideas on celebrating a safe party indoor before COVID-19 is under control. As Christmas is around the corner, quickly check this post and make preparations!

CONTENT Option 1. Home-Made Christmas Movie TheaterOption 2. Campfire-Themed Backyard PartyOption 3. Christmas Costume PartyOption 4. Online Virtual Party with Distant FriendsOption 5. [Music Time] Christmas Family ConcertOption 6. Culinary Competition - Holiday Recipe ExchangeOption 7. [For Kids] Christmas Story Party

Option 1. Home-Made Christmas Movie Theater

Watching movies and spending a relaxing Christmas at home with your beloved family or friends can be an excellent option to celebrate the holiday warmly at home. To bring the atmosphere, you can decorate your living room into a home-made theater. Also, grasping some free Christmas movies on YouTube and downloading Christmas movies for having a movie marathon night can be awesome for laughing together.

Enjoy Christmas Movies at Home

Option 2. Campfire-Themed Backyard Party

If you are sick of staying indoors, especially during such a special and unique holiday of a year, for safety reasons, you can hold a campfire party in your garden for gaining fresh air and enjoy the Christmas holiday as you have gone on a trip. It would be funny to sit around the campfire with your family and enjoy some Christmas songs together. Kids can also play games safely in the backyard. But this option can be limited to those who have a garden equipped with their houses.

Christmas Campfire Party

Option 3. Christmas Costume Party

Why not hold a Christmas costume party at home for having fun? I am sure that kids would love such a party pretty much! Just purchase some funny Christmas costumes from online stores and wear them up on the holiday as a way to celebrate it! For parents, wearing a Santa Claus and set a present time for giving Christmas presents to every family member will be excellent, and this can be a unique time for all of you to express love, especially during this hard period.

Christmas Costume Party

Option 4. Online Virtual Party with Distant Friends

If you are separated from your family or friends during the Christmas holiday, opening your laptop and hold an online virtual party with them is still an excellent choice to spend the unique time of the year. Opening a glass of wine and bring some snacks to cheer with your family members and friends! This is a special way to celebrate the Christmas holiday and you won't easily forget for the rest of your life!

Virtual Christmas Party

Option 5. [Music Time] Christmas Family Concert

Hold an exciting Christmas family concert at home when the karaoke stores are not available now! You can search for the best Christmas songs and other ones you like for preparing them into a playlist at first. When it comes to Christmas night, light up some disco-like lighting decorations and play the music for having a family concert! You can sing and dance with your family for having fun. Won't it be funny?

Christmas Family Concert

Option 6. Culinary Competition - Holiday Recipe Exchange

Instead of simply cooking or baking some Christmas cuisines or desserts for enjoying, you can consider to make the work to be more exciting and interesting - hold a culinary competition! You can encourage everyone to make a Christmas recipe and finally share them! Invite a member to be the judge and prepare some presents as a reward. You then just make Christmas more special!

Christmas Culinary Competition

Option 7. [For Kids] Christmas Story Party

If you have kids, setting a Christmas story party for them to having fun is also a good idea to create a special memory for them. You can encourage them to share the stories they like, or make them perform a funny story. Otherwise, prepare some snacks and drinks for them to enjoy the story party! Kids would be very happy to enjoy wonderful stories with their pals together!

Christmas for Kids

For safety, it would be better to celebrate the Christmas holiday at home. There are lots of things you can do with your family during this day even staying indoor! These are some popular and interesting ideas that can bring you a special Christmas holiday memory. Try the one you like for creating a unique Christmas for both your family and yourself! Enjoy!

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