How to Watch and Download Age-Restricted YouTube Videos

YouTube has applied the "age-restriction" rule to tag videos that are not compatible with YouTube's Terms of Service, preventing viewers under 18, without a signed-in account, or with the "Safety Mode" turned on to watch them.

So in this article, the full operation guide will mainly focus on teaching you how to watch age-restricted YouTube videos, or even bypass the restriction and download them for having offline playback. Now, keep reading and learn how!

💡Heads Up:
The following ways for watching age-restricted YouTube videos can be tricky as they require you to try these methods one by one to bypass restriction. Do note that they do not 100% work. If you're in a hurry and want to watch the video without failures, directly skip to the second part to download age-restricted YouTube videos with VideoHunter YouTube Downloader immediately!

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Watch Age-Restricted YouTube Videos (3 Ways Available)

If you still want to find a direct way to stream and watch blocked YouTube videos online, there are three tricks proven to work so far. Also, it's always a good idea to download YouTube videos to Mac or Windows in case the original videos are removed or deleted somehow. Now, let's find out what the tricks are below.

Hack the Restricted YouTube URL

The first magic spell is the easiest workaround. What you need is just to modify the URL and then you're able to bypass YouTube age restriction. You just need to replace the ''watch'' with ''embed'' in the address bar, for example, modified to Then, hit the Enter key to reload the page. YouTube will consider it as an embedded video and start streaming it for you. This tip is working so far, but we don't know whether it'll be fixed by the YouTube team.

Modify URL to Watch Age-restricted YouTube Videos

Disable YouTube Restricted Mode

Most of the time, YouTube activates the restricted mode to filter mature content by default. If you want to watch age-restricted videos on YouTube, you can go toggle it off easily by going to your profile at the upper right corner and selecting Restricted Mode. Then, make sure that the ACTIVATE RESTRICTED MODE bar is off. Now, refresh the video and it'll start loading and playing.


Age-restricted YouTube videos not showing up or still show unavailable to you? Copy their URL and download them with VideoHunter YouTube Downloader, then you can get them saved as common video files to play offline without following YouTube rules anymore.

Disable Restricted Mode to Play YouTube Age-restricted Videos

Bypass YouTube Age Restriction with VPN

According to YouTube Help, people will be asked to verify their date of birth with a valid ID or credit card who are living in Australia, the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or the United Kingdom. This is required by the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and the Australian Online Safety (Restricted Access Systems) Declaration, because some age-restricted YouTube videos may only be prohibited to accessed in some countries but not in all regions.

So, you can bypass YouTube age restriction by changing your IP to the US with a reliable VPN. Then, change your age to 18 without verification so that you can watch age-restricted YouTube videos with ease. But if you also want to download age-restricted videos from YouTube, you may turn to the help of VideoHunter YouTube Downloader. Click here for steps on how to save YouTube age-restricted videos.

Use VPN to Enable YouTube Age-restricted Videos

Download Age-Restricted YouTube Videos Using VideoHunter (Easy & Fast)

Since age-restricted videos tend to be deleted by YouTube from time to time, you may want to consider using a professional video downloader to bypass YouTube age restriction and download YouTube videos to MP4 on the desktop.

VideoHunter YouTube Downloader offers a powerful ability to deal with all types of YouTube video download, no matter for age-restricted content, unlisted, private, or public videos, it can work to detect and let you download at up to 8K quality just by URLs. The software is embedded with a proxy setup, which can bypass all regional limitations, and let you download age-restricted YouTube videos uploaded in all countries to MP4, WEBM, or MP3 formats, then immediately watch them offline with any media players!

To ensure an efficient video download process, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader also adds acceleration technologies inside the software, which can speed up multiple YouTube video downloads to at least 6X faster for you, saving a lot of time even if you have a list of age-restricted YouTube videos waiting to download.

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VideoHunter YouTube Downloader

  • Any YouTube Video Covered - Download YouTube age-restricted videos, geo-restricted clips, private or unlisted vidoes, playlists, and channels for you.
  • Common Formats Supported - Offer the most popular MP4, WEBM, MP3 to save age-restricted videos to your devices permanently.
  • Crystal-clear Video Quality - Offer high-quality options such as HD 720p, full HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K to select.
  • 6X Faster Batch Download Speed - Acceleratesthe download performance to batch download videos at once at 6X faster speed.
  • Playlist Download Supported - Analyze a playlist URL and download all its contained YouTube age-restricted videos for you at once to save time.

How to Download Your Age-Restricted Video to Watch It Immediately

Using VideoHunter YouTube Download to save YouTube videos blocked by age-restriction guidelines offline, you don't need to subscribe to YouTube Premium in advance. Now, the following easy steps will show you how to do it properly.


VideoHunter YouTube Downloader is free for registered users. Now, install it and sign up for an account to start downloading age-restricted YouTube videos immediately!

STEP 1. Register VideoHunter YouTube Downloader
For the first time using VideoHunter YouTube Downloader, you need to open the software and then register a new account to sign in. It will offer free chances to download YouTube videos every day even if you are not paying for its subscription plan.

Register Account to Use VideoHunter YouTube Downloader

STEP 2. Copy and Paste the Video Link
Then you can go to YouTube and copy the link to the age-restricted YouTube video. Then, back to the main interface of VideoHunter YouTube Downloader and paste the link into the address bar. Now, click Analyze to fetch and decrypt the video from YouTube.

Analyze YouTube Age-restricted Video URL

STEP 3. Download Age-Restricted YouTube Videos
You'll see a window with options of different video quality after it finishes. You should pick a preferred option and go on with the Download button. Then, you can keep updated with the downloading process. When done, the downloads will be saved in the Finished tab for quick access.

Download Age-Restricted YouTube Video with Subtitles

Here's how VideoHunter YouTube Downloader downloads an age-restricted video easily to your device. This professional video downloader can save other videos from YouTube. Be sure to check our posts:

Download YouTube Videos Age-Restricted via VLC Media Player

If you often play videos with VLC Media Player, here's some great news. VLC Media Player is more than a media player. It also provides hidden features to download age-restricted YouTube videos by URLs and fix YouTube saying video unavailable to you. With its hidden features, you can easily download blocked YouTube videos for free.

Here's how to use VLC to download age-restricted YouTube videos from their links:
STEP 1. Launch VLC Media Player (if already installed), and go to Media - Open Network Stream.

STEP 2. Copy the YouTube age-restricted video URL and paste it to the bar in VLC Media Player.

STEP 3. Click the Play button and go to Tools - Codec Information when the video plays.

Copy Codec Information

STEP 4. In the Location bar, copy the link to your browser to play. Now, right-click on the screen and select Download to download the age-restricted videos from YouTube to your computer.

If you find there's no download option, like many users, this is because VLC is not a professional video downloader. Thus, it frequently fails to download age-restricted videos from YouTube.

Need a simple, fast, and 100% working method to download YouTube age-restricted videos without failures? VideoHunter YouTube Downloader is the professional one of the best YouTube downloaders of the year. Try it now! It will impress you with its 6X faster speed and excellent performance.

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Download YouTube Age-restricted Video in VLC

Download Age-Restricted Videos from YouTube to MP4 Online

If you only need to download several age-restricted YouTube videos, another fast way is to use an online YouTube video downloader - U2Convert. This excellent online downloader lets you download YouTube videos to MP4 1080P on all devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and also other ones with ease only using a web browser. As its output video quality can reach 1080p, you can keep the age-restricted YouTube videos in good condition to have enjoyable playback offline. If it's okay with you, let's grasp the idea of how it works through the tutorials below.

STEP 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube age-restricted video you want to download.

STEP 2. Open U2Convert directly on your browser, and paste the link into its address bar. Then, hit the CONVERT button to start fetching the video from YouTube.

STEP 3. When the options show up, pick the desired one to download the video to your device.

Download Age-restricted YouTube Videos Online

Although U2Convert is free to use, it doesn't provide stable video download performance, which can lead to sudden errors sometimes. Also, such online tools won't download YouTube playlists or several videos at once, when you get more YouTube age-restricted videos to download, it can be time-wasting using such an online method.


For downloading batches of blocked videos from YouTube, or watching videos right now, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader can be a better choice.

Download Age-Restricted Videos from YouTube for Free on Android

For Android users, a free YouTube downloader is highly recommended if you want to save both time and effort to download age-restricted videos to enjoy offline on Android devices.

VideoHunter for Android is a great video downloader for YouTube and other popular sites. With a built-in search engine, you can directly search for any YouTube age-restricted videos, then simply click the download option to save them offline on Android. The output quality can also reach the highest 8K. It also downloads multiple age-restricted and blocked videos from YouTube at once, allowing you to save videos at the best quality and at the fastest speed easily.

Free Download

VideoHunter for Android only needs several taps to download age-protected YouTube videos, and here will show you how to use it.

Step 1. After opening VideoHunter for Android, you can directly paste the URL of the age-restricted YouTube video to the search bar to quickly find it.

Step 2. Open the video page, the download button will turn blue. Click it and the app will analyze the video for you.

Step 3. When some output choices pop up, choose the format and quality you need, then click "Download" to save the age-restricted YouTube video offline on Android to play later.

Download Age-restricted YouTube Videos on Android


Even if you are not eligible to access some age-restricted YouTube videos, there are still ways to let you watch them online. Except for this, you can choose to download these videos offline to play without any limitations.

To do it, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader should be the best option for its 100% success rate and 6X faster batch downloading speed. Also, it can keep up to 8K quality to save these YouTube age-restricted videos for you with only several clicks! Now, install it and register an account to download age-blocked YouTube videos for free!

VideoHunter YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube videos, audios, playlists, channels, and subtitles easily.


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