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YouTube has been a popular platform for free streaming online videos of different categories. But when you find a video and is ready to play it back, YouTube says that the video is unavailable to you! This would be so frustrating and you must want a quick way to fix it. Thus, we brought this blog here to help.

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Q: Why Does YouTube Say Video Unavailable?

There are several reasons causing the YouTube video unavailable issue. When you encounter with the problem, you can check from these several aspects.

# Regional Restriction

The first possible cause of YouTube video unavailable would be the regional restriction set on the video. Uploaders can choose to allow audiences of certain regions have the access to videos, and letting others fail to play it back. In addition, basing on the local law, YouTube may have blocked this video so that local audiences would fail to stream it. So when you see the notice "This video is not available in your country", this YouTube video is not playable in your living area currently.

YouTube Video Is Not Available

# Privacy Setting

As we know, YouTube provides three options to allow uploaders to choose when they post a YouTube video in the platform, including "Public", "Unlisted", "Private".

Public video: Everyone can stream the video.
Unlisted video: The video will not show up in YouTube's search results, but every one can stream it when have its URL.
Private video: Only audiences who are invited have the access to stream this video.
So consider whether the YouTube video has been set to be a private video and you are not invited to stream it.

# Video Is Removed

YouTube would evaluate each YouTube video and decide whether to keep them in a while. When the YouTube video you want to stream is unavailable anymore, it may have against YouTube's terms so the official removes it from the search results. Then it results in the YouTube video unavailable issue.

# YouTube Down

When YouTube suffers from technical or sudden errors, the result would be obvious, the platform fails to function properly and all videos are not available for playing back. So when you meet YouTube video not available problem, check if the platform has been down by refreshing the pages to see whether all the videos are unavailable for playback.

YouTube Down

# * Third-party Issues

The final cause of YouTube video unavailable issue may be some third-party factors that stop YouTube from streaming videos normally. For example, the browser problem, Internet condition, security settings of your devices such as firewall or antivirus programs can prevent YouTube videos from loading successfully.

In accordance with causes the issue, there are some solutions to provided to fix it. Now, let's move to the next part.

8 Ways to Fix YouTube Video Unavailable

In the following, there will be 8 ways to fix the YouTube video unavailable problem. You'd better make clear about what causes the issue and get the best way to fix it.

# Change YouTube Location or Switch IP Address

When YouTube video not available because of you are streaming a video with regional restriction, you can break it by changing your location setting or your IP address.

You can directly change the location setting in YouTube by clicking your profile image and then select the region where the video is allowed to be played in the "Location" setting.

Change YouTube Location

If YouTube still fails to stream the video even you have changed the location, you can use a VPN or Proxy to fake your IP address to make YouTube believe that you are in the regional where the video is playable. Then you can make the YouTube video available again.

# Test Internet Connection

As mentioned, Internet issue can be a direct influence on the YouTube video not available because the video fails to connect to the Internet. As a result, you should check whether you have connected your device to a good network signal when the video finds to be unavailable. If the signal is weak, change to another and refresh the video page to try again.

# Turn Off Firewall or Antivirus Programs

The security settings such as the firewall or pop-up ads/anti-vrus blocking programs on your devices would also prevent YouTube videos from loading videos for you. So you also need to check whether the security settings on your computers have prevented YouTube from connecting to the network, thus making the YouTube videos unavailable. When you make sure your network environment is safe, you can turn them off to make blocked YouTube videos available again.

# Turn Off Browser Extension

The extensions you have installed to your web browser may interrupt the video playback on YouTube, then lead to the YouTube video unavailable error. By removing certain browser extensions can simply fix this issue. Or you can use the incognito (private) mode provided by your using web browser to remove the influence brought by installed browser extensions.

Remove Browser Extension

# Clear Browser Cache/Cookies

Web browser would store cache data and cookies of the websites to enable users faster browsing speed. But when there are too much cache and cookies, the data would cause corruption and results in some web pages performance error, including YouTube videos playback issue. Therefore, you can try to clear the web browser's cache and cookies to get the YouTube video unavailable problem solved.

Clean Browser Cache and Cookies

# Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a web browser setting that is accessible from all YouTube videos. It can help to load videos much faster, so people can play the videos without waiting for a long buffering time. But if there is conflict happening on your device's hardware when this setting is enabled, the videos won't load successfully. Under this case, you can turn it off to enable YouTube video to be playable again.

Take Chrome as an example, the setting can be found in "Settings" > "Advanced" > "System". Just toggle off the "Use hardware acceleration when available" and go back to YouTube to play the video again.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

# Enable JavaScript

JavaScript is ensured to let every web page performs its provided interactive content to users, including playing the videos. Although JavaScript would be automatically enabled in web browsers, sometimes it may be turned off for unknown reasons. So when YouTube video is not available on your computer in browser such as Chrome, go to "Settings" > "Privacy and security" > "Site Settings" > "Content" > "JavaScript" to set it to be "Allowed".

Allow JavaScript in Browser

# Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

Browsers require Adobe Flash Player to allow media content from playing back successfully. So when YouTube video unavailable, you should consider whether the Adobe Flash Player goes wrong. You can check to update or reinstall it to enable the video playback function to be available on YouTube.

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Paste YouTube Video URL and Analyze

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Download 1080p YouTube Video

When YouTube says video unavailable, not you have such 9 ways to fix it properly. Basing on the issue that may cause the problem, and find the correct method to fix would be the most effective. You can also directly download YouTube videos with VideoHunter to get rid of such error permanently.

YouTube video