Downloading a long YouTube video with high resolutions would occupy much space of our devices, some people thus consider whether it is possible to download part of YouTube video to save device storage. If you also get such demand, don't worry! This blog is written here to provide you 3 optional ways to download YouTube video clips in high resolution (HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K), fast speed, or in flexible controls without hassle. Grasp a look and learn how to process it right away.

CONTENT1. How to Download YouTube Video Clips on PC (High-quality Way)2. How to Download Part of YouTube Clips with Online Tool (the Simplest Way)3. Download Specific Part of YouTube Video via Screen Record (Most Flexible Way)4. Verdict

1. How to Download YouTube Video Clips on PC (High-quality Way)

The first method to download YouTube video clips would focus on how to maintain the content at its best resolutions. As we know, most video downloading tools compress the videos while processing the video download, thus affecting the video visual effects by dragging down the resolutions. However, if you select VideoHunter, an industry-leading YouTube video downloader to download YouTube video clips, you are able to get out of this trouble and maintain the original resolutions without any loss.

VideoHunter is especially powerful at processing YouTube video downloads, with the ability to grasp the original resolutions the videos provided, such as HD 720p, HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K, enabling users to have the best video streaming experience offline. In addition, to boost higher efficiency, VideoHunter also accelerates the performance to 6X faster, together with the one-click YouTube playlists/channels conversion and batch download features, thus helping users to save much time processing the YouTube video clips download simultaneously.

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Highlighted Features of VideoHunter

  1. Available to download all YouTube video clips offline (private and unlisted videos supported);
  2. Original resolutions (up to 8K) available to output downloaded YouTube videos;
  3. Compatible with YouTube playlist, channel, and subtitle download;
  4. Mainstream formats provided to output video files;
  5. Convert YouTube Music to MP3 at the best 320kbps;
  6. Other 1,000+ video/audio streaming sites supported;
  7. In-app proxy setup to bypass all regional limitations and download restricted videos at once.

Here provides the brief guide to download YouTube video clips in high resolution via VideoHunter (extra video cutting tool required if you desire to further trim the downloaded YouTube videos).

STEP 1. Copy YouTube Video Clips URLs

In advance, you are required to prepare the URLs of the YouTube video clips you desire to download with original resolutions. Simply direct to YouTube and access them, then, copy the URLs from their address bars to the video playback pages.

STEP 2. Log in VideoHunter and Paste URL

When the URLs are ready, open the well-installed VideoHunter on desktop and log in with the VideoHunter account. If it’s your first time using VideoHunter, you need to register to start the permanent free trial.
Then, you are able to paste the YouTube video clip URL to the frame bar and hit the "Analyze" icon to process the conversion.

Paste Video URL to VideoHunter and Analyze

NOTE: If you are analyzing a playlist URL, VideoHunter will double check to download a single clip or a whole playlist while hitting the "Analyze" icon.

STEP 3. Select Output Option to Download YouTube Video Clips

Once VideoHunter completes the URL analysis, it will pop up a format selection menu. Now, just select the format and resolution to download the video clips in your requirement. Then by hitting the "Download" icon, the YouTube video clip will be downloaded offline right away.

Select Format and Quality to Download Videos

(Optional) STEP 4. Trim Part of YouTube Video to Preserve

After grasping the YouTube video clip downloaded with high resolution on desktop, some users may require one more step to trim out a part from it. To process the video trimming quickly, you are able to select the Photos app on Windows 10, or use the online video editor Kapwing to complete. Simply upload the downloaded YouTube video clip to them and you are able to process the trimming quickly!

Access Downloaded Videos and Trim

Pros and Cons of VideoHunter


  1. Available to download YouTube video clips at up to 8K quality;
  2. Efficient speed supported;
  3. YouTube playlists and channels download available.
  4. Cons

    1. Unavailable to further trim video clips after downloading them offline;
    2. Not compatible with mobile devices;
    3. Account registration is required to process the video download for free.

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    2. How to Download Part of YouTube Clips with Online Tool (the Simplest Way)

    As VideoHunter is the desktop software available for Windows and Mac users to download YouTube video clips without trimming feature available, mobile users would desire a tool for them to process on mobile devices.

    YT Cutter provides a web-based service that is available for users of all devices to download part of YouTube videos online without hassle. Unlike VideoHunter, YT Cutter is able to process the YouTube video clips download within only one platform - as you are available to select the exact part of a YouTube video before processing the video download! By comparison, YT Cutter is not ads free . Meanwhile, its output resolution would be lower, and no YouTube playlist or channel conversion available.

    Now, see how YT Cutter works to download specific part of YouTube videos online:

    STEP 1

    Likewise, you are required to prepare the URL of the YouTube video that you desire only a part of.

    STEP 2

    Navigate to YT Cutter and directly paste the URL to the frame bar. Click "Start" then YT Cutter will convert the video for you.

    STEP 3

    Now, enter the starting and ending timings to trim the YouTube video as you desire. You are able to preview the trimmed video before processing the download.

    YT Cutter Convert YouTube Video

    STEP 4

    Once the trimming operation completes, hit the "Download" icon and a drop-down menu will be available for you to select the type to download it. Choose one and YT Cutter will process the download for you right away

    Select to Download Cutting Video

    Pros and Cons of YT Cutter


    1. One-stop solution to download part of YouTube videos;
    2. Web-based service available on all devices;
    3. Not required to register an account to use;
    4. No software installation required;
    5. Fast trimming and downloading speed.


    1. Unavailable to download YouTube videos with high resolutions (no options provided);
    2. Unavailable to download YouTube videos in batch;;
    3. YouTube playlist and channel conversion not supported;
    4. Ads contained.

    3. Download Specific Part of YouTube Video via Screen Record (Most Flexible Way)

    Despite the above downloading methods, using a screen recorder to capture sections of YouTube videos enables more flexible controls on grasping accurate parts of YouTube videos as you desire. VideoSolo Screen Recorder enables quick controls but with original quality to help output the recordings of the specific part of YouTube videos in a hassle-free way. With flexible modes and customized parameter settings available, users are also able to select recording audio, video, and even with webcam included to save the YouTube video clips in customized format, codec, and quality based on personal requirements. Now, also go through the guide to download specific parts of YouTube videos via VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

    STEP 1

    Launch VideoSolo Screen Recorder on desktop. From its interface, select a recording mode to get started. Here takes "Video Recorder" as an example.

    Select Video Recorder from Main Interface

    STEP 2

    When enter "Video Recorder", you are able to customize the recording area and adjust the volume of both system sound and microphone in needs. Turning on webcam to record is also possible.

    Adjust Recording Area

    STEP 3

    Navigate to "Preferences" by hitting the gear icon above microphone setting box. In "Output" section, you are able to customize the format, quality, and codec to output the recordings of YouTube video clips.

    Customize Output Settings

    STEP 4

    Now, prepare to play YouTube video from the specific part and also process the recording using hotkeys or tapping the "REC" icon on VideoSolo Screen Recorder. While the recording is processing, you can control it flexibly with the provided drawing panel.

    Process Video Recording

    You are able to preset the time scheduler to end the recording at specific time automatically.

    STEP 5

    When the part of the YouTube video ends playing, hit the stop icon and VideoSolo Screen Recorder will navigate you to the preview window. Here you can use the trimming tools provided to adjust the recording duration by removing unnecessary parts from it. Then by hitting "Save" and the recorded YouTube video clips will be saved locally.

    Pros and Cons of VideoSolo Screen Recorder


    1. Avail flexible controls on recording any part of YouTube videos;
    2. Built-in recording trimming tool provided;
    3. Flexible settings on the recording parameters;
    4. Original quality preserved;
    5. Scheduled recording mode available to keep eyes off the recording.
    6. Cons

      1. It would be time-consuming to record a long part of a YouTube video;
      2. The free trial only allows to record 3 minutes at max.


      To conclude, these 3 methods to download part of YouTube videos include their own benefits and shortcomings. Based on your requirements, you may have different selections according:

      High resolutions keeper: VideoHunter
      Efficient and powerful downloader: VideoHunter
      Cross-platform supported: YT Cutter
      One-stop downloader to trim and download videos: YT Cutter
      Flexible controls to capture YouTube videos: VideoSolo Screen Recorder

      Now, pick your ideal choice and get started to save your favorite part of YouTube videos!

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