Top 10 Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android/iOS

When browsing Facebook on your phone, billions of interesting video content come into our eyes and we can share them with our friends through its built-in button. If you want to download these Facebook videos for offline viewing, you can turn to a Facebook video downloader to help you. This post is specially prepared for those of you who have such needs, including tools suitable for Android and iOS, as well as online tools compatible with various devices, to help you easily and quickly download Facebook videos for free.

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5 Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android

A Facebook video downloader, which is safe to use with high-quality output, is our first choice. Our first station here is to show you 5 Facebook video downloader apps for Android users, enabling users to download HD Facebook videos without hassle. Let's scroll down and find the best for you!

1. VideoHunter for Android (Our Top Pick)

The highest-ranking Facebook video downloader app for Android today can no doubt be VideoHunter for Android. Why? Evaluating from exporting video quality, time-saving manipulation, and service security, the application all functions the best.

The powerful app can help you download various videos from Facebook, including stories, Reels videos and private videos. It can also save Facebook videos to MP4 and extract audio from Facebook videos to MP3. If you want to download multiple Facebook videos, VideoHunter for Android can download them in up to 8K resolution at a fast speed.

Better still, the user-friendly app not only supports you to paste the Facebook video link to download it but also offers a built-in browser, enabling you to directly search videos from Facebook and access the download page easily.

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If you need a versatile and secure Facebook video saver app for Android, VideoHunter for Android could be your best choice. Let's check more features about it below.


  • Download private clips, stories and Reels videos from Facebook.
  • Download videos from Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, TikTok, and other common popular streaming platforms.
  • Built-in browser for directly downloading online videos.
  • Fast download speed to save time.
  • Up to 8K resolution for output videos.
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use.
VideoHunter for Android

2. MyVideoDownloader (For Android)

MyVideoDownloader is another useful Facebook video downloader app that you cannot miss for Android. Supporting various types of Facebook videos, the app lets you easily download Facebook private videos, public videos, and GIF files. Also, HD quality is guaranteed for output videos. As a user-friendly Facebook HD video downloader for Android, it allows you to download Facebook videos to MP4 for offline playback on various devices.

With such an easy-to-use Facebook video downloader app, Android users can surely download Facebook videos effortlessly.


  • All-in-one app to explore, stream, and download Facebook videos.
  • Download HD Facebook videos and even private videos.
  • Instant sharing features for Facebook videos and GIFs.
  • Well-designed and clear interface.

3. HD Video Downloader (For Android)

HD Video Downloader is also recommended as one of the best Facebook video downloader apps for Android, allowing you to log into Facebook to discover the video content you like for streaming with a clear UI. Equipped with a download button when the app detects the sources, simply tap it and you will be turned to the video downloading page, and then, download it locally or save it on an external SD card in no time.


  • All-in-one video downloader for Facebook users to browse, play, and download videos.
  • Provide HD and SD encoders to save Facebook downloads.
  • External SD card storing feature for Android devices.
  • Reliable and fast service.
HD Video Downloader

4. FastVid (For Android)

When it comes to the fastest Facebook video downloader app for Android, FastVid should be on the list. As its name says, you can quickly follow its easy instructions to download Facebook videos by entering the video link. It will offer you HD and SD definitions to download while the online watching feature is provided as well.

Another bonus is that it offers a built-in browser just like VideoHunter for Android, enabling you to search and access the Facebook video directly within the app rather than copy the video link from an extra browser to download Facebook videos at a fast speed.


  • High-speed downloads.
  • 3 optimal methods without login to download Facebook videos.
  • High definition for saving Facebook downloads locally.

5. Video Downloader for Facebook (For Android)

A well-rounded Facebook video downloader app for Android devices, Video Downloader for Facebook is a free solution with a powerful built-in search engine to let you discover and download favorite videos in bulk from Facebook for free with a few simple taps. It will automatically detect the video sources and generate a download button to download Facebook stories, Reels, and private videos. Better still, it can download Facebook videos to MP4 for free with HD output quality, offering a clear and satisfying viewing experience on Android.


  • Easy to download Facebook videos with simple clicks.
  • High definition for Facebook downloads.
  • A built-in searching function.
  • Batch download feature for saving video playlists.
  • Universally-utilized MP4 encoder.
Video Downloader for Facebook

3 Facebook Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

As we all know, iOS prioritizes data ownership by imposing restrictions, so it is hard to find a video-downloading solution on the App Store. No worries. In this part, we are going to introduce you to 3 reliable and trustful Facebook video downloader apps for iPhone to effortlessly convert Facebook videos to MP4.

6. MyMedia (For iPhone)

The first free Facebook video downloader app for iPhone you can pay your trust is MyMedia. This application functions in a superior way from the sacristy side, as it has provided the lock function to keep all Facebook downloads private and safe on your iPhone. Surely, you can come across Facebook and access all videos to process the download without restrictions at all. For those who really care about the security of the video download feature, MyMedia shall be your top pick.


  • Secure manipulation.
  • Popular formats such as MP4, MOV, and M4V.
  • HD output quality for Facebook downloads for free.
  • Download all Facebook videos and audio without any restrictions.

7. FileMaster (For iPhone)

Another pick to save videos from Facebook to iPhone is FileMaster, which is a combination of a file manager, a powerful media player, privacy protection, and a document viewer. Unlike other single-use video downloaders, this app is more operable. You can easily download Facebook videos via it with powerful privacy protection by setting a passcode, not letting your downloads be exposed to others. Also, it comes with a powerful audio and video player, so it is a good choice for you to manage downloaded Facebook videos within the app.


  • Powerful privacy protection for downloads.
  • Media player for both video and audio.
  • Easy sharing feature.
FileMaster on iPhone

8. Cydia Prenesi (For iPhone)

Cydia Prenesi is also a Facebook video downloader app for iPhone you can't miss. With this app, you don't need to copy and paste the video link to download your favorite Facebook videos just like other Facebook link video downloaders. Instead, it works like a native Facebook feature, enabling you to obtain the "Download this video" button by directly tapping tap on the Share button on Facebook so as to activate the download process. Then, your favorite Facebook videos will be saved on the camera roll on your iPhone/iPad.

To get this app, you need to install the Cydia app from the App Store as a carrier, and then, download and install Prenesi inside it. All in all, it is worth a try to download videos from Facebook to MP4 in HD quality if you prefer an easy-to-use Facebook video downloader app for iPhone.


  • Effortlessly download videos from Facebook.
  • Super convenient download process.
  • Downloads go straight to the camera roll.
  • Ease of use for beginners.
Cydia Prenesi

2 Online Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android & iPhone

Getting tired of installing an app to take up your phone storage? Here we have selected 2 free online Facebook video downloaders for both Android and iPhone. With their help, you will be able to download Facebook videos straight to your phone via copy and paste the video link. Let's have a look!

9. SnapSave (Online Tool for Android & iPhone)

SnapSave is an online tool specially designed for downloading Facebook videos to MP4 for free on both Android and iPhone. No software or plugins need to be downloaded. No Facebook account is required either. Once you get the Facebook video link you want to download, paste it to SnapSave. This Facebook link video downloader will automatically analyze and obtain the information of the video, and then activate the download page, providing different options for video downloads.

Plus, one of its popular features is that it supports downloading Facebook videos in Full HD, 2K, and 4K. This way, you can watch Facebook videos offline on any device, any player.


  • High compatibility on all devices.
  • Easy to use.
  • Full HD, 2K, and 4K downloads.
  • Clear interface design with instructions.
  • No installation requirement.

10. (Online Tool for Android & iPhone) is another online free Facebook video downloader that is worth a look. It offers a clean and user-friendly UI with no misleading ads or buttons. You can easily follow its instructions to paste the video link to download GIF files, private videos, stories and Reels videos from Facebook.

For those who have never used an online tool to download Facebook videos, you can try it first. Featured with a simple downloading process, it can enable any new user to quickly grasp and start downloading HD Facebook videos to MP4.


  • Easy to use.
  • Clear and intuitive page design.
  • HD Facebook video downloads.
  • Extra chrome extension available.
  • Fantastic customer support.

Final Words

In this article, 10 safe and reliable Facebook video downloader apps are introduced in detail, including 5 Facebook video downloader apps for Android, 3 Facebook video downloader apps for iPhone, and 2 online Facebook video downloaders compatible with all devices. All of them can easily download private videos, stories, and Reels videos from Facebook to MP4 files.

If you are an Android user and looking for a safe, free, and versatile download tool, VideoHunter for Android will be your best choice. If you're an iPhone user or want to try an online tool, you're free to explore.

Surely, you can compare them carefully and select the best one based on your own standards. Then simply process the Facebook video download with your selection. Enjoy!

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