8 Best Places to Download 320Kbps Music [Updated]

In this modern era, when streaming media has been occupying our lives, music has become an essential part no matter whether we wish to relax or create awesome videos. Therefore, people's requirements to collect more music sites to discover songs are increasingly rising.

In this post, there are the 8 best places to download 320Kbps music to give you a favor in finding the piece of all categories. Now, please scroll down and see who they are.

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8 Best Places to Download 320Kbps Music

Now, please follow me and walk through the 8 music sites you can access different sorts of music resources and download them at 320Kbps for playback offline.

1. YouTube Audio Library

As the world's largest streaming platform, you can surely discover countless music resources on YouTube to stream without any charge. To provide a better music streaming experience, YouTube also derivatives a YouTube Audio Library, in which you can access those royalty-free resources and directly download as 320Kbps MP3 for streaming locally.

However, despite these free resources, YouTube would ask you to subscribe to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium to unlock the offline service and download other copy-right-protected songs. This is a downside of this platform. But from other aspects, YouTube is the best place with a wide range of resources provided to stream for free.

YouTube Audio Library

2. SoundCloud

Distinguishing from YouTube, SoundCloud is a music streaming site provided for some niche musicians to upload and show their creative works to the public whenever they wish. Therefore, on SoundCloud, you are more likely to discover some songs created by individuals instead of those pop stars and entertainment companies.

SoundCloud provides a direct download function, allowing you to download the tracks you like to MP3 320Kbps for keeping locally. However, sometimes you will find that the Download options are missing, which mainly results from the fact that the uploaders, who have turned the download feature off, are unwilling to let others save their works.


3. Gaana

If Bollywood songs are your favorites, don't miss Gaana, on which you can discover millions of songs to stream as well as download offline to play without network connection. Although you would be asked to subscribe to its Gaana Plus subscription to access the offline feature, its great quality and huge collections of Hindi music are both attractive. Therefore, if you are considering the best place to download 320Kbps music of Bollywood, Gaana is a rational option.


4. Free Music Archive

On Free Music Archive, you can access numerous royalty-free music resources, and they are all free to download. Dating back to 2009, when Free Music Archive was just set up, it's accumulated great popularity and a high reputation from global users. Till today, the music database of Free Music Archive has reached a large scale, with all sorts of resources available.

However, a drawback of Free Music Archive should be its download quality. Although it has a complete music library that can defeat other competitors, it is not the best play to download 320Kbps music, which can only reach 120Kbps at maximum. But still, many users stick to Free Music Archive because it has the ability to provide the resources that can be found on other popular music streaming platforms.

Free Music Archive

5. MP3 Quack

MP3 Quack is also an online website, which collects music resources from different resources and offers the option to download at up to the best 320Kbps quality. It is easy for you to search for the songs you like, then it will provide different buttons you let you select to download them with the quality, ranging from 32Kbps to 320Kbps. Therefore, if you still consider which is the best place to download 320Kbps music, MP3 Quack is surely one of your options.

MP3 Quack

6. Live Music Archive

Like Internet Archive, which provides a free platform to download obscure books, Live Music Archive is one oriented toward music resources. The site hosts millions of resources, originating from concerts, live shows, movies, ad more. On Live Music Archive, you can easily access the music you like through its smart filters and accurate search function.

Meanwhile, downloading the discovered music from Live Music Archive to MP3, FLAC, and M3U files to stream offline is also possible. Because Live Music Archive has been verified as a legal website, you will not be infringed of breaking the copyright regulations at all. Therefore, Live Music Archive has been one of the best places to download 320Kbps music for offline streaming.

Live Music Archive

7. Jamendo Music

Sharing similarities to SoundCloud, Jamendo Music is an independent community developed for niche artists and musicians to share their creative music with the public. On Jamendo Music, you can discover many songs that can't be directly found on popular streaming platforms such as YouTube or Spotify. If you are the one who enjoys hunting for this niche music or communicating with more creative artists from around the globe and downloading those royalty ones, Jamendo Music is the best place to download 320Kbps music for you.

Jamendo Music

8. SoundClick

The final recommended place to download 320Kbps music as offline collections is SoundClick. On the site, you can upload, stream, sell, or download the songs in your preferences. When you wish to discover more music resources, SoundClick also provides a daily chart, helping you to see the trending content of all genres.

Once access the songs you wish to download, SoundClick will provide optimal quality options, ranging from 160Kbps to 320Kbps to select. The output formats include both AIF and WAV, which are two options that can be supported to stream on many different devices.


Bonus: 2 Powerful 320Kbps Music Downloaders You Shall Not Miss

A majority of users would prefer utilizing some mainstream platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, TikTok, and more to discover music resources. But a frustrating fact is that these official websites are not equipped with the feature to download music in MP3. Instead, you need assistance from third-party programs. Here are the two best music video downloaders that can help to download music from SoundCloud or other streaming websites in MP3 320Kbps. Please keep reading and see who they are.

1. VideoHunter

VideoHunter is an all-rounded downloader, which is compatible with over 1,000 streaming sites, allowing you to download music or videos as regular files for streaming locally. Despite some well-known platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube, you will find it also functions to convert music from more places for you.

Definitely, the output quality that VideoHunter is ranked as the industry-leading one. It supports downloading music at the best 320Kbps. Meanwhile, the great efficiency it can bring to speed up the performance to the least 6X faster. Therefore, if you wish for an across-platform place to download 320Kbps music, VideoHunter is one rational program you shall not miss.

Free DownloadFree Download


2. AceThinker Music Keeper Pro

Another trustworthy place to download 320Kbps music is AceThinker Music Keeper Pro. Equipped with the searching function, the program lets you directly browse the music resources in the program, then select to convert and download them at 320Kbps output quality in no time. Similarly, the program is widely compatible with different music sites, giving great favor to help you keep all your interested online music locally in one shot. Then you are possible to collect the songs on your personal playlists offline for streaming without restrictions anymore!

AceThinker Music Keeper Pro

Final Verdict

When music is playing a more important role in our lives, discovering more paths to access and download music is essential. In the post, the 8 best places to download 320Kbps music and 2 recommended music downloaders are all introduced to you. Now, please determine the platforms you like and start the musical journey. Enjoy!

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