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VideoHunter, the leading software for online video/audio download, has gained a great reputation and also accumulated lots of users from around the world. However, VideoHunter is not free of cost - although it provides free services to registered users, there are limitations in using all its provided functions.

Therefore, some users wonder to process VideoHunter crack download and try to use the software without subscription freely. But is there any VideoHunter cracked version released for downloading? This article will solve the confusion for you!

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What Is VideoHunter? Is It Safe?

Developed as a professional online video downloader, VideoHunter is no doubt one of the best tools to download online videos/audio in high quality and fast speed. For years, VideoHunter has processed millions of downloads, helping thousands of users to enjoy better video/audio playback offline. Especially in this age when media streaming has been a trending entertaining method for most users, VideoHunter brings much convenience.

Also, when users are paying higher attention to the safety of online browsing, VideoHunter has strictly followed the privacy protection rules to design its functions, without adding any ads or third-party bundled software or extension while users installing or using it. In this way, you can use it in a completely safe way, without needing to worry about privacy leaking or being tracked by the software secretly.

All in all, VideoHunter has made sure of high safety in using its download service, so you can trust it and enjoy a friendly video download process in the software.

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Tip: If you discover any VideoHunter crack on the Internet outside the official website, you should be aware that they are not released by the official, so the safety of the software can't be confirmed at all (some users mistakenly tried these software reports that they are not working at all and some of their computers are even attacked by unknown virus).

VideoHunter's Attractive Advantages

Although VideoHunter has provided a free version to registered accounts, there are many users still willing to pay for using the software because of VideoHunter's great advantages. In this VideoHunter review, some of them will be introduced to let you know how the software can help to make the video download process to be more user-friendly.

Support 1,000+ Websites

When there are more video streaming sites that have provided high-quality video playback online, VideoHunter also works to support most of them and allows you to download online videos from them, then enjoy offline smoothly to avoid some online playback errors. Some popular sites such as YouTube, Pornhub, or other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on can all be supported by VideoHunter.

VideoHunter Supported Sites

Popular Formats and High Quality

To let you enjoy the downloaded videos no matter what devices or media players you have installed, VideoHunter provides the most widely-supported output formats such as MP4, WEBM, and MP3 to select. For quality, it also offers the best options at up to 8K for video and 320Kbps for audio to select, so you can choose the quality you like and have your wanted playback experience offline.

Playlist and Channel Download

Instead of processing online video/audio one-by-one, as the best YouTube downloader, VideoHunter supports converting and downloading playlists and channels at a time. By pasting the URL of a playlist or a channel to the software, it will provide all video/audio options to let you select and process for you without manually doing it many times.

Download Youtube Playlist to MP4

Merge Subtitles and Extract Audio

VideoHunter is more than a video downloader. When the online videos are equipped with subtitle files, the software will also detect and allows you to download them as SRT documents. Or you can merge them into the videos for more convenient playback. For the audio and soundtracks, you can select extracts from the videos and then convert them to MP3 files to listen directly based on your own needs flexibly.

Select Subtitles

Proxy Settings to Avoid Download Limitations

For users of different countries to get online video/audio resources without regional limitations, VideoHunter also offers in-built proxy settings to let you avoid any video download limitations, helping to save all the online videos you like to play offline.

6X Faster Downloading Speed

For the downloading speed, VideoHunter also makes sure the fast process to let you complete the video download without wasting time. When your computer is connected to a stable network, the downloading speed can reach 6X faster! Also with the batch download feature, you can save more than 1 video/audio at a time and save a lot of time.

When VideoHunter can offer such helpful features with its video/audio download function, the process will be more user-friendly. That's also why so many users will decide to pay for using the software and wonder whether there is a VideoHunter crack download to save online videos with it for a long time.

Tech Spec of VideoHunter

At present, VideoHunter supports running on both Windows and Mac computers. For the detailed requirements for installing VideoHunter, you can check the following tech specifications.

System requirements Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista
Mac OS X 10.12 or higher
Output Quality Video: 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, etc.
Audio: 320kbps, 256kbps, 160kbps, etc.
Output Formats MP3, MP4, WEBM (Windows only)

How to Use VideoHunter

No matter whether you have been a pro user or just using its free version, the way to operate VideoHunter should be the same. Now, you can check this VideoHunter review on the part about how to use it.

Step 1. Sign in VideoHunter With An Account
You need to pay attention that all VideoHunter users will need to sign up for an account to log in to use the software. So after installing VideoHunter and opening it, you need to register a new account first, and then use it to sign in to access the home screen of the downloader.

Log in VideoHunter

Step 2. Copy and Paste Video URL
After signing in, you can go to an online website, which is supported by VideoHunter, and search for the video you want to download. When you have copied the video URL, return back to VideoHunter and paste it into the search bar to convert by clicking the "Analyze" button.

Paste Soundcloud Video URL

If you are converting a playlist or a channel, VideoHunter will pop up a notification asking you to download a playlist or a single video. Just choose the one you need.

Select to Download Playlist

Step 3. Select Format and Quality to Download
When VideoHunter finishes converting the URL, it will provide the output options with different formats and quality for you to select. Just choose the one you like and then click "Download" to save the online video/audio immediately.

Select Video Format

Where to Find VideoHunter Crack Download?

As we have introduced before, because VideoHunter has certain functions only available for paid users, some of you would think about getting a VideoHunter crack download instead of paying for its subscription. So where to find VideoHunter crack download?

If you type in keywords in the search engine, you may get some recommendations. However, because VideoHunter hasn't authorized its license keys to any third-party platforms, you can only get the pro subscription from its official website. In other words, there is no VideoHunter crack provided for you to download at present!

Those third-party platforms telling you that they provide a VideoHunter crack probably only want to attract you to click into their sites. Even if they do provide an installation package to you, you should be aware of the following risks in installing the software:

  • The software may be embedded with malware or viruses that would do harm to your computers
  • It may ask you to install other bundled software or extensions as a way to promote them
  • You are actually installing another software instead of the official VideoHunter, which wastes your time

As a result, to avoid the hidden dangers brought by those malicious third-party websites, it is recommended to install VideoHunter from its official website and subscription to its 100% safe verified services. If you, unfortunately, get into some trouble caused by installing unknown software from third-party platforms, VideoHunter is not responsible for the consequences caused by this.

In Conclusion

To conclude, VideoHunter has not yet released a VideoHunter crack download officially on the Internet. So if you do find any other platform providing a VideoHunter crack, you should be aware of the safety of installing the software. Still, we will recommend you install it from the official website, and pay for getting its subscription if you do want to access all VideoHunter's amazing functions.

Otherwise, when you meet any trouble or get into risks like privacy leaking because of installing a fake version from these unknown sources, VideoHunter will not be responsible or help you solve the issues.

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