10 BEST Pornhub Downloaders of 2024 (Apps & Online Sites)

It would be annoying when you suddenly run into some playback errors while Pornhub videos are not working online. Downloading Pornhub videos and playlists is a perfect solution, though this requires a Pornhub Premium, which could cost you a fortune over time. So why not make full use of special Pornhub downloaders?

With so many Pornhub video downloaders out there, today we've compiled a list of the top 10 best Pornhub downloaders of 2024, including online and desktop downloaders as well as apps. Each of them is excellent in downloading Pornhub videos with respective features like best video quality, fast speed, or batch downloads. Keep reading and select one for yourself!

TOP 1. VideoHunter PornHub Downloader

Best HD Pornhub Downloader for Unlimited Video and Playlists

VideoHunter PornHub Downloader tops the list as the best and the most professional Pornhub downloader. It offers the best quality possible to keep Pornhub videos and playlists to MP4 for offline playback experience. This HD video downloader for Pornhub also supports original quality such as 4K, 1080P, and 720P to ensure incredible details of porn scenes and positions.

If you're a regular Pornhub user, the software can batch download your porn collections at once at 6X faster speed. With so many attractive advantages, VideoHunter PornHub Downloader is surely the best Pornhub video downloader for saving endless amounts of sex videos.

Free Download Free Download


  • Download VR porn, Pornhub playlists, and private Pornhub videos easily.
  • Keep original porn video quality up to 4K.
  • Simple and clear UI without ads.
  • Fast porn video downloads with 6X faster speed.


    • Can't just download the audio from Pornhub videos.
    • No subtitle download options at present.

    VideoHunter PornHub Downloader

    TOP 2. Y2mate Pornhub Downloader

    Fastest Pornhub Video Downloader

    Apart from the professional option VideoHunter PornHub Downloader, you can also take a look at Y2Mate Pornhub Downloader. It is an all-in-one downloader that saves porn videos from various porn sites. As a Pornhub downloader with wide compatibility, Y2mate can download porn videos from porn sites like Pornhub, xHamster, and more.

    To help save Pornhub videos, this downloader provides 10X faster speed to download up to 5 Pornhub videos at once without wasting your time. With this app, you can even download Pornhub Premium videos for free. Overall, if you also find some porn videos within or outside Pornhub, you can use Y2Mate Downloader to download them offline directly.


    • Support batch download and a 10X faster download speed.
    • Provide quality options from 144p to 1080p.
    • Support various porn sites other than Pornhub.
    • Download porn videos with subtitles.


    • Super expensive with a basic monthly plan costing $49.9.

        Y2mate Pornhub Downloader

        TOP 3. SavePorn.net

        Best Online and Stable Pornhub Downloader

        SavePornis an online downloader good at downloading Pornhub videos from 240P to 720P. Compared to other online Pornhub downloaders, SavePorn is the most stable one and won't fail to download suddenly. This makes it an option for downloading sex videos from Pornhub whenever you get into the mood.

        Another plus is its free and fast service. As an online Pornhub downloader, SavePorn lets you download porn content from Pornhub without Premium. During the test, however, we've found it claims to download pornhub movies in 1080P and higher, but it can't actually. Another downside is that it can't download your or others' porn playlists.


        To download your favorite sex videos with one click, VideoHunter Pornhub Downloader has you covered with its batch download feature and 6X speed.


          • Free Pornhub video downloads.
          • Support basic porn download needs with the highest 720P.


        • Full of spammy ads that may contain viruses.
        • Can't download Pornhub playlists.


            TOP 4. 9XBuddy

            Best Online HD Pornhub Downloader

            If you are just new to Pornhub and bump into one or two videos you're interested in, why not use 9XBuddy to save them immediately? 9X Buddy is one of the best online Pornhub downloaders as it downloads any Pornhub video you want directly to your devices. With video options ranging from 240p to 1080p, this online video downloader for Pornhub can save porn videos in HD, bringing superior image clarity for lots of movement and aggressive action.

            Best of all, it is completely free to use. You can use this free video downloader for Pornhub to enjoy free downloaded porn on your computer and phone in no time. However, the only downside is that it does not support playlists. This means you need to download videos from Pornhub one by one using this online Pornhub downloader.


            • Free and easy to use.
            • Compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and iPhone devices.


            • No batch download.
            • Full of ads on its page.


              TOP 5. YES Downloader

              Most Easy-to-use Downloader for Pornhub Videos

              For easy downloads of Pornhub videos, YES Downloader, the best online Pornhub downloader, is worth a look. No need to download extra software. After you paste the video link to it, the downloader will save the Pornhub video to MP4 in 1080p.

              Another huge plus is that this downloader is free of charge. It doesn't even need account registration to use the online function. However, for those who want to download Pornhub Premium videos, this free Pornhub downloader may disappoint you.


              If you want to save the Premium videos without a subscription, VideoHunter PornHub Downloader might be the right choice. Try it now for 3 free downloads per day!


              • Easy to use.
              • Support high-speed downloading Pornhub videos.
              • Download Pornhub videos on phones and computers easily.


              • Can't download Pornhub Premium videos.
              • Can't batch download videos from Pornhub.

                YES Downloader

                TOP 6. XXsave

                Fast and Free Video Downloader for Pornhub

                XXsave is picked as one of the best online Pornhub downloaders for its fast and direct downloads. All it needs is just a porn video link to help download any porn content you like on Pornhub. Even without the batch download feature, XXsave still helps you save a large amount Pornhub videos on different devices with its fast speed.

                Although it claims to save Pornhub videos up to 1080P, you'll be taken to another app downloading page if you click "1080P". This seems like a clickbait tricking you into downloading unknown software. Therefore, we would recommend you just choose 720P when using this tool to download videos off Pornhub. If you care about security, you can also turn to trustworthy options like VideoHunter PornHub Downloader which are free of malware and won't collect your information or leak your download history.


                • Free and fast.
                • Support up to 720P.


                • Contain clickbait.
                • Can't save private porn videos and playlists.


                TOP 7. ByClick Downloader

                Fast Pornhub Video Downloader for PC

                ByClick Downloaderis also recommended as one of the best Pornhub downloaders. It can run smoothly on Windows and help you download Pornhub videos in high quality. As an excellent Pornhub to MP4 converter, ByClick saves Pornhub videos to MP4 so that you can watch them on your computer or other devices whenever you want. To save time, ByClick Downloader also ensures a fast speed and batch download.

                ByClick may fail to download Pornhub playlists sometimes and can't work quite well. But still, this Pornhub downloader app is best for saving HD videos from Pornhub to bring you a good playback experience offline.


                • Support up to 8K and fast speed.
                • Batch download videos from Pornhub.
                • Offer many formats like MP3, MP4, and AVI.


                • No Mac version.
                • The playlist download function doesn't work so well sometimes.

                  ByClick Downloader

                  TOP 8. XXTube

                  Online and User-friendly Pornhub Video Downloader

                  Except for XXsave, another online Pornhub downloader that can help you save Pornhub videos on different devices is XXTube. This free downloader for Pornhub supports the common video format - MP4 - to ensure the downloaded Pornhub videos could be streamed on your devices.

                  Unlike other online videos for Pornhub, XXTube features a simple and clear interface without annoying ads, bringing a safe porn downloading experience. The only downside is its slow speed, making it not suitable for downloading Pornhub movies or long porn videos.

                  Quick Tip:

                  Can't wait to enjoy your favorite pornstar's movies offline? VideoHunter PornHub Downloader makes your dream come true more quickly. With 6X blazing-fast speed, this software works excellently at downloading movies and hour-long videos from Pornhub.


                  • Download the Pornhub video for free.
                  • Easy to use.
                  • Supports different devices and systems.


                  • Slow conversion speed.
                  • No batch download function.
                  • Offers the best quality at only 720P.


                    TOP 9. KeepStreams for Pornhub

                    HD Pornhub Video Downloader

                    The last Pornhub download we've picked is KeepStreams for Pornhub, an all-in-one software that provides a download function to help you keep online videos from different platforms, including Pornhub. The most attractive feature is that it can directly download videos from Pornhub.

                    This Pornhub downloader app offers a search function within the software so that you don't need to go to Pornhub for copying the video links. Instead, you can go to its built-in web player, find the Pornhub video you like, and download the porn videos directly. At any time you need to get Pornhub videos downloaded offline, simply open the software then you can start processing the video download directly.


                    • Batch download and video quality up to 1080p.
                    • Direct downloads of Pornhub videos.
                    • No ads.


                    • Run quite slowly.
                    • Only offer a 30-day free trial.
                    • Expensive plan costing $23.99/month.

                      KeepStreams for Pornhub

                      Top 10. VideoHunter for Android

                      Best Pornhub Downloader for Android

                      Prefer enjoying Pornhub videos on your phone instead of computers? Then do not miss VideoHunter for Android, the best free Pornhub downloader app for Android users. This easy-to-use app offers two methods to download videos from Pornhub: video links and a built-in web player. If you have Pornhub playlists to download, you can copy its playlist link to the app, and the app will download porn videos in batches at a 6X faster speed.

                      Or you can directly tap the Pornhub web player, find any porn video you're interested in, and tap the download icon next to it. No Pornhub Premium is required. Best of all, all Pornhub videos will be downloaded in the best quality. With this free Pornhub downloader app, you can download unlimited videos from Pornhub and enjoy them whenever you want!

                      Free Download


                      • Completely free to use.
                      • Download videos and playlists in HD.
                      • Fast and batch downloads.
                      • Easy to use with 2 download methods.


                      • Only compatible with Android devices. No iPhone version for now.

                      Donwload Pornhub Videos on Android

                      Comparison of TOP 10 PornHub Downloaders: Who's the Winner

                      To help you pick a Pornhub downloader, we've made a table that presents the features of the above 10  desktop and online Pornhub downloaders.

                      • Desktop Pornhub downloaders like VideoHunter PornHub Downloader and ByClick offer advanced features, like faster speed and best video quality, to help you download batches of videos from Pornhub easily and quickly. They are perfect for regular Pornhub users.
                      • Online Pornhub video downloaders (SavePorn, XXsave, etc.) are free with limitations like 720P, frequent download failures, and annoying ads. Still, beginners can use them to save porn videos once in a while.
                        Pornhub Downloader Type Video Quality Speed Playlist Downloads 100% Safe
                        VideoHunter PornHub Downloader Desktop Up to 4K Super Fast
                        Y2mate Pornhub Downloader Desktop Up to 1080P Super Fast ×
                        SavePorn.net Online Up to 720P Fast × ×
                        9XBuddy Online Up to 720P Fast × ×
                        YES Downloader Online Up to 720P Medium × ×
                        XXsave Online Up to 720P Fast × ×
                        ByClick Downloader Desktop Up to 8K Fast
                        XXTube Online Up to 720P Slow × ×
                        KeepStreams for Pornhub Desktop Up to 1080P Fast
                        VideoHunter for Android Mobile Up to 8K Super Fast

                        FAQs about Pornhub Downloaders

                        Q1: Is It Safe to Use Pornhub Downloader?

                        Make sure the Pornhub downloader you choose is trustworthy. Most online downloaders contain annoying ads, download another bundled software automatically, and may lure you to malicious websites, which results in privacy leaks and malware. But if you can choose reliable desktop software like VideoHunter PornHub Downloader, it is completely safe to use.

                        Free Download Free Download

                        Q2: What Is The Best Downloader for Pornhub Videos?

                         The best Pornhub downloader should bring speedy performance with the ability to download HD porn videos and playlists without Pornhub Premium. Ease of use is also important, especially when you want to save many videos from Pornhub. Plus, it should be trustworthy without malware or popups.

                        Based on these factors, VideoHunter PornHub Downloader should be the best option for you. The professional and fast downloader delivers the best 1080p quality and playlist download feature. It is 100% reliable without popups on its home screen. Try VideoHunter PornHub Downloader to find out whether it suits you best!

                        Q3: How to Download Videos from Pornhub?

                        Many Pornhub video downloader apps are quite simple to use, making it easier for you to download videos from Pornhub. Here we will show you how to get this done with VideoHunter PornHub Downloader.

                        For more details, please check: How to Download Pornhub Video on PC and Mobile.

                        Step 1. Open the installed VideoHunter PornHub Downloader and log in to your account.

                        Step 2. Now go to the Pornhub web, and find the video you want to download. Just copy its link and then paste it to the address bar in VideoHunter PornHub Downloader.

                        Step 3. Clicking the "Analyze" button to start converting the Pornhub video. When VideoHunter PornHub Downloader provides the output format and quality for you to select, choose the option you need and click "Download" to save Pornhub videos offline.


                        With these 10 best Pornhub downloaders, you can download videos from Pornhub easily and quickly while the porn videos will be of high quality. Of all these downloaders, we highly recommend you give VideoHunter PornHub Downloader a shot. As a professional downloader for Pornhub, it ensures you superior video quality and speedy downloads of Pornhub videos and playlists.

                        VideoHunter PornHub

                        Best Pornhub Videos & Movies Downloader HD for Windows/Mac.

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