It would be annoying when you suddenly meet some playback errors while Pornhub videos not working online. However, Pornhub doesn't offer an official function to allow you to download all Pornhub videos directly. So is there another Pornhub video downloader HD that can help us save Pornhub videos with the best quality to enjoy offline?

Actually, when many of you get such needs, there are some Pornhub downloader apps invented to help. So in today's article, 6 best Pornhub downloaders will be recommended to you. If you also need one, keep reading and select it for yourself!

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CONTENTTOP 1. VideoHunter Pornhub DownloaderTOP 2. ByClick DownloaderTOP 3. Y2mate Pornhub Downloader TOP 4. KeepStreams for PornhubTOP 5. YES DownloaderTOP 6. XXTubeTip: What Is The Best Downloader for Pornhub Videos? FAQ: How to Download Videos from Pornhub?FAQ: Is It Safe to Use Pornhub Downloader?

TOP 1. VideoHunter Pornhub Downloader

The first recommended Pornhub video downloader for Windows and Mac should be VideoHunter. It offers high quality to help you keep Pornhub videos and playlists to MP4 for having the best playback experience offline. This powerful Pornhub video downloader HD supports high quality such as 1080P or even 4K, 8K to select.

Not only the public videos, but even for those private resources, VideoHunter can detect and download them for you. Also, as a way to save your time and speed up the downloading process, the software will allow you to batch download more videos at once instead of processing them one-by-one. With so many attractive advantages, VideoHunter has become one of the best Pornhub video downloaders in the world.

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  • Provides a user-friendly UI to make Pornhub videos download mode convenient.
  • Supports the best quality to download Pornhub videos offline.
  • Allows to download Pornhub playlists and batch process videos to save much time.
  • Works to convert and download private Pornhub videos for you.
  • Offers 6X faster speed to finish the video downloading process quickly.
  • Contains no ads to let you have a more enjoyable and safe video downloading experience.


  • Doesn't support downloading audio separately from Pornhub videos.
  • No subtitle options provided to select at present.

TOP 2. ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader is also recommended as one of the best Pornhub downloaders today. It can run smoothly on Windows computers, and offers powerful functions to help you download Pornhub videos in high quality. You can select different output formats based on where you need to watch the downloaded Pornhub videos later, and ByClick Downloader provides all popular formats to you!

To save time, ByClick Downloader will also keep fast speed and also batch download Pornhub videos for you. But compared with VideoHunter, its playlist download function sometimes can't work quite smoothly. But still, this Pornhub downloader app helps a lot to save HD Pornhub videos to bring you a good playback experience offline.

ByClick Downloader


  • Offers all popular formats to download Pornhub videos.
  • Supports high quality to make sure a good playback experience offline.
  • Allows to batch download Pornhub videos with fast speed.
  • Contains no ads in the software to let you use it safely.


  • Only provides a Windows system.
  • The playlist download function doesn't work so good sometimes.

TOP 3. Y2mate Pornhub Downloader

Next recommended Pornhub video downloader app should be Y2Mate Pornhub Downloader. As one of the best Pornhub downloaders, its efficiency can be the most attractive advantage you can get benefit from. The software will provide 10X faster speed to help download up to 5 Pornhub videos at once without wasting your time. Even for some long Pornhub videos, it can finish downloading them without taking a long time.

Also, except for Pornhub, Y2Mate Pornhub Downloader supports other popular video sites such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, and other 1,000+ sites. If you also find some porn videos outside Pornhub, you can still use Y2Mate Pornhub Downloader to download them offline directly.

Y2mate Pornhub Downloader


  • Provides quality options from 144P to 8K for selecting freely.
  • Allows to batch download Pornhub videos at 10X faster.
  • Supports more sites than Pornhub.
  • Supports in-built searching to let you find the videos you want to download within the software directly.


  • Doesn't support converting playlists.
  • This Pornhub video downloader app would drag down the performance of your computer.
  • Only Windows users can use the software.

TOP 4. KeepStreams for Pornhub

Next best Pornhub downloader you should not miss is KeepStreams for Pornhub. This all-in-one software has provided a download function to help you keep online videos from different platforms, including Pornhub.

Because it has kept the search function within the software, you don't need to go to Pornhub separately for copying and pasting URL, but only enter keywords to search for those you need to download within KeepStreams for Pornhub directly. At any time you need to get Pornhub videos downloaded offline, simply open the software then you can start processing the video download directly.

KeepStreams for Pornhub


  • Contains no ads so you can use the software safely.
  • Offers powerful video searching function to directly find Pornhub videos to download.
  • Provides the best 1080P to save Pornhub videos offline.
  • Allows different audio tracks before downloading Pornhub videos.
  • Supports batch download.


  • No 4K or 8K quality options provided.
  • The software sometimes runs quite slowly.
  • The software is not completely free.

TOP 5. YES Downloader

After seeing several Pornhub video downloader apps for computers, here also introduces the best online Pornhub downloader to you, which is YES Downloader. The online tool supports downloading videos from Pornhub just by pasting the URL of the video you want to save to its downloading bar and processing the conversion. When the download options are offered, just select to download the video and you will get an MP4 file offline.

Also, as a free Pornhub downloader, it doesn't need any fee or account registration to use the online function. On all devices, only by going to its website, then you can start downloading Pornhub videos just by URLs!

YES Downloader


  • Offers quite easy-to-use Pornhub video download function.
  • Supports high-speed downloading Pornhub videos for you.
  • Offers advanced download functions to cut and edit the videos.
  • Supports uploading converted files to the cloud as backups.
  • Works on different devices and systems with a mainstream browser.


  • You can't download Pornhub playlists using this online tool.
  • It doesn't support batch downloading videos at once.
  • The downloading quality is not so high as other professional Pornhub video downloader apps.

TOP 6. XXTube

Except for YES Downloader, another best online Pornhub downloader that can help you save Pornhub videos on different devices should be XXTube. This online tool offers the mostly-used video format, MP4 to save Pornhub downloads on your devices, with different quality options to select from. Also, it doesn't need to install any software or extension before processing the Pornhub video download.

XXTube provides different language versions, making it convenient for users speaking different languages to use the Pornhub video download function and have a more enjoyable playback experience offline. As a result, for many users, XXTube has been one of the best Pornhub downloaders that them will choose to download porn onto phone.



  • Allows to download Pornhub videos simply by pasting URLs.
  • Supports using on different devices and systems.
  • Offers different video qualities to select and download videos.
  • Doesn't need to install software or add extensions to use the Pornhub video download function.
  • Provides the Pornhub video download function completely for free.


  • No batch download function provides.
  • The conversion speed is slow when your network connection is bad.
  • Offers the best quality at only 720P.

Tip: What Is The Best Downloader for Pornhub Videos?

When we are selecting the best Pornhub downloader to use, we will care about the safety of the tool first. Then surely the output quality and efficiency will be both important things we should not neglect. Based on all these points, VideoHunter should be the best option for you.

It has completely no ads or bundled software, which provides a completely safe environment for you. Besides, the best 8K quality and playlist download feature can ensure the best downloading and offline playback experience too. Based on all these facts, VideoHunter is strongly recommended if you are considering the most professional Pornhub downloader to help.

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FAQ: How to Download Videos from Pornhub?

Many Pornhub video downloader apps are quite simple to use, making it easier for you to download videos from Pornhub. Here will show you the way to do it using VideoHunter. For more details, please click: How to Download Pornhub Video on Pc and Mobile

Step 1. Open the installed VideoHunter and then create an account to sign in the software. Then you can access the interface of the downloader.

Log in VideoHunter

Step 2. Now go to Pornhub platform and then find the video you want to download. Just copy its URL and then paste it to the search bar in VideoHunter. By clicking the "Analyze" button to start converting the Pornhub video.

Paste Video URL to VideoHunter

Step 3. When VideoHunter provides the output format and quality for you to select, choose the option you need and click "Download" to save Pornhub videos offline.

Select Video Format

FAQ: Is It Safe to Use Pornhub Downloader?

You need to pay attention to the downloader you choose. For example, if the one you select contains too many ads, or asks you to download another bundled software, they may easily lead you to some fishing sites and cause privacy leaking unexpectedly. But if you can choose clean software just like VideoHunter, it is completely safe to use.

In Conclusion

All in all, the best Pornhub downloader can help you download videos from Pornhub safely and quickly, even with high quality. Based on these factors, this article has introduced the 6 best options for you. Now, just select the one you like and start downloading Pornhub videos to have a more enjoyable playback experience offline!

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