4 Best Ways to Download Pornhub Videos [All Devices]

Even though Pornhub offers free porn videos for online watching, it's still frustrating that its low 720p video quality prevents you from details of the steamy scenes and provocative bodies. Not to mention the annoying dodgy internet and buffering issues keep interrupting you.

Although it is a bummer that Pornhub requires Premium to download porn videos, tons of Pornhub video downloaders out there can help you. Today, we will show you how to download Pornhub videos with the best quality HD 1080p. Be it with or without premium, you can use these Pornhub downloaders to enjoy HD porn for free and enjoy them on your phone, PC, and Mac.

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Download Videos off Pornhub


Can You Download Pornhub Videos Without Premium Download Pornhub Videos on Windows/Mac in HD Download Videos from Pornhub on Android for Free Save Pornhub Videos on iPhone/iPad for Free Download A Pornhub Video Online for Free Download Pornhub Videos with Pornhub Premium Something to Know about Pornhub Videos: Safe? Legal? Private?

Can You Download Pornhub Videos Without Premium

Yes, you can, but you need the help of special Pornhub video downloaders.

To be clear, Pornhub Premium requires you to pay a fortune each month to access the best quality 1080p and offline porn video playback. After your Premium expires, your porn downloads just disappear. In this case, it is wise to download videos from Pornhub with third-party Pornhub video downloaders, with which at least the porn videos you download will be yours forever.

Here we prepare 4 different Pornhub video downloaders and savers to help you save Pornhub videos, movies, VR videos, etc. Keep reading to get one and learn how to use them.

Download Pornhub Videos on Windows/Mac in HD

When it comes to Pornhub video downloads, the best way is to use professional Pornhub video downloaders. After all, they are designed to satisfy all your download needs, like best video quality in 1080p without Premium, easy and fast downloads, and downloads of various porn movies/clips.

Of all the available choices, VideoHunter PornHub Downloader prides itself as the professional Pornhub downloader. It can help you save all categories of videos from Pornhub, including premium porn videos, movies, playlists, channels, VR videos, and even private videos. All of these videos will be downloaded to MP4 in HD. You can keep them forever and watch them whenever you want.

Free Download Free Download

What Porn Videos VideoHunter PornHub Downloader Brings You

  • Best Original Quality - Download Pornhub VR videos, private videos, movies, and more in 4K, 2K HD 1080p, 720p, etc.
  • No Premium Required - No Premium subscription. No login to Pornhub. A link is more than enough.
  • Batch Download - Download unlimited Pornhub playlists with one click.
  • Fast As Flash - Accelerate the download process up to 6X faster with a stable internet connection.
  • MP4 Pornhub videos - Keep Your Favorite Pornhub Videos Forever.
  • Free Downloads of 3 Pornhub Videos Per Day - Offer 3 free trials per day to save your favorite porn videos for free.

How to Download Videos from Pornhub in HD

STEP 1. Run VideoHunter PornHub Downloader
Download and install the software on your Windows PC or Mac. Then, launch it from the desktop.

Free Download Free Download

STEP 2. Paste the Link into VideoHunter PornHub Downloader
Open Pornhub and go to a desired video (private porn videos, movies, playlists, or whatever you like). Next, copy the link in the address bar and return to the software. After pasting the link into the bar, click "Analyze". Then, a window will bring up as shown below.

Download Pornhub Playlists

STEP 3. Download Pornhub Videos in Best Quality
Now, choose the output quality. Here we recommend choosing "MP4" and the highest video quality "4K" to save HD videos off Pornhub. Click the "Download" button to download videos from Pornhub. When done, you can enjoy smooth playback on your desktop or transfer the video to any device.

Download VR Videos from Pornhub

Download Videos from Pornhub on Android for Free

With pornhub downloader apps, you surely watch Pornhub videos on your phone right in the comfort of your room. For Android users, try VideoHunter for Android to download Pornhub videos on Android for free. With this Android app, you can save various porn videos (including VR videos) and playlists, and channels from Pornhub in HD. You can even directly download porn videos with its built-in Pornhub web player.

Free DownloadUse VideoHunter for Android to Enjoy Free Pornhub Downloads

  • 100% Free & Ease of Use - Free download any Pornhub videos you like on your Android.
  • Unlimited Enjoyment of Pornhub Videos on Android - Download videos, movies, VR videos, channels, and playlists off Pornhub on Android.
  • Free Downloads of HD Pornhub Videos - Provide up to 8K resolution to ensure the best quality of a porn video.
  • Blazing-fast Speed & Batch Download - Download unlimited videos off Pornhub at a 6X faster speed.

How to Download Pornhub Videos for Free on Android Phone

VideoHunter for Android offers 2 download methods. You can either download videos with links or with download options in in-built web browsers. Next, we will show you how to download porn videos from Pornhub web browser on Android.

STEP 1. Download and install the APK file on your Android. After that, launch VideoHunter for Android.

Free Download

STEP 2. Visit Pornhub in the in-built browser and stream a video that you want to download from Pornhub.

STEP 3. When the "Download" icon turns blue, choose the download option to save the video from Pornhub. And choose video quality.

STEP 4. Tap on the "Download" button at the bottom and the app will start downloading Pornhub videos in full 1080p to Android for free immediately.

Free Download Pornhub Videos on Android

Save Pornhub Videos on iPhone/iPad for Free

While computer users use Pornhub to MP4 converters for quick batch downloads and Android users use VideoHunter for Android to save videos off Pornhub for free, iPhone users can take advantage of iPhone's in-built recording feature to record their favorite ones, which is completely free to use.

How to Save Videos off Pornhub on iOS Devices

STEP 1. Go to "Settings" > "Control Center" and add "Screen Recording" to the "INCLUDE" side.

STEP 2. Open Safari or other web browsers for going to Pornhub. Find the Pornhub video you want to save for offline viewing on your iPhone.

STEP 3. Swipe down your "Control Center" and press the screen recording button to start recording the screen. Meanwhile, go back to the Pornhub video and play it. Then, the screen recording tool can begin to record the Pornhub video immediately.

STEP 4. When the recording is over, swipe down the "Control Center" again and press the same icon to stop. Finally, the recorded Pornhub video will be saved to your device album.

Record Videos off Pornhub on iOS

Download A Pornhub Video Online for Free

For downloading single porn videos, Pornhub video downloading websites can be helpful. You may try some online Pornhub downloaders but only to find they not only fail but are full of ads without the Pornhub playlist download feature. Of course, free use comes with a price.

Yet, after testing most online downloaders, here we still find a useful one: XXXSave. While it still has limitations, like no Pornhub playlist download feature, video quality is not in Full 1080p, at least you can use it to free download a Pornhub video from 240p to 720p. For example, you can use it to download Pornhub movies with links.

NOTE: Can't stand online Pornhub downloaders' low video quality, ads, and the process of manually downloading Pornhub videos one by one?
It is time to try VideoHunter PornHub Downloader, a professional Pornhub downloader that can easily save multiple videos from Pornhub with 1080p, 2K, and even 4K. Download it to try its free trials now!

Free Download Free Download

Follow the tutorial below and see how to download videos off Pornhub online with XXXSave.

STEP 1. Open XXXSave with your browser on any device

    STEP 2. Copy and paste the link of the Pornhub video into the site and click the "Search" button.

    STEP 3. Choose the video quality and format you prefer. Then, click "Download" to select the output path and save Pornhub videos to MP4. Then, the porn video will be downloaded on your device for free.

    Download A Pornhub Video with XXXSave

    Download Pornhub Videos with Pornhub Premium

    In case you still want to plunk down $9.99 a month for the official download option, we prepare this detailed guide to show you how to download Pornhub Premium videos and enjoy offline playback in full HD 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 240p. Make sure you subscribe to Pornhub Premium.

    STEP 1. Sign in to Pornhub and find the video you would like to download.

    STEP 2. You will find the Download button which is right below the video. Click the "Download" button and choose the output quality, which supports from 240p to 1080p.

    STEP 3. Now, wait until the Pornhub download task completes. If you wonder how to download a Pornhub playlist, the steps are similar, though you have to download them one by one manually.

    Tip: Wonder if is there a way to download Pornhub playlists with one click? Try VideoHunter PornHub Downloader, a professional downloader that saves videos off Pornhub in a quick, easy, and fast manner .

    Free Download Free Download

    Download Videos with Pornhub Premium

    Something to Know about Pornhub Videos: Safe? Legal? Private?

    There are some of the most frequently asked questions about downloading Pornhub videos. Now, let's see whether one of them can clear your mind.

    What Are the Best Free Online Pornhub Video Downloaders?

    When you see a video you like on Pornhub, you may want to download it immediately. Here we've compiled three online Pornhub downloaders to help you save videos off Pornhub on computers and phones in seconds. Check these three free online tools below.

    • YESDownloader - YESDownloader is easy to use and downloads a Pornhub video on your Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac for free.
    • 9XBuddey - This online Pornhub video downloader can save videos from Pornhub to your phone and computer at a fast speed. Plus, it offers resolutions from 240p to 1080p.
    • Savido - Savido is best for different resolutions ranging from 240p to 720p, with which you can download videos off Pornhub in your desired quality easily.

    Is it Safe to Use Online Pornhub Video Downloaders?

    It's worth noting that we don't recommend using online Pornhub video downloaders as most of them are full of ads and malware. When they download videos off Pornhub for you, chances are that viruses and malware like spyware are also installed on your computer.

    For a 100% safe and trustworthy Pornhub video downloader, VideoHunter PornHub Downloader got you covered. Specially designed for Pornhub video downloads, it has no ads or bundled software and keeps your download history secret.

    Free Download Free Download

    Is it Legal to Download Videos from Pornhub?

    This is a big concern for everyone. Actually, the answer depends on the purpose. It's totally okay if you only save Pornhub videos for your collections. However, you will violate the terms of use and get into trouble if you want to make any profit out of Pornhub videos.

    How to Download Private Pornhub Videos?

    Though Pornhub Premium doesn't allow for downloading private videos, it's tested and proven that VideoHunter PornHub Downloader is able to download private videos or playlists from Pornhub as long as you got the link. Only by pasting and analyzing the link via VideoHunter can you download Pornhub's private videos to Windows, Mac, and Android.


    With 4 methods and different Pornhub downloaders above, you definitely know how to save porn videos from Pornhub without Premium and enjoy them on your phone, PC, and Mac. If online Pornhub downloaders let you down with their download failure, tons of ads, low video quality, and no batch download, you can still turn to the professional one - VideoHunter PornHub Downloader. It will impress you with fast and unlimited Pornhub video downloads with best video quality. Download it to enjoy the best porn download and viewing experience now!

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