Pornhub, set up in 2007, now becomes one of the world's largest video streaming and sharing platforms, mainly provides hot videos for people to enjoy for free. Like YouTube, people can visit Pornhub and enjoy the videos they like for free. Meanwhile, they can share the hot videos they own on this platform freely. There are also some third-party companies would create some professional hot videos and then share on Pornhub. The main income of Pornhub relies on advertisements.

Download Pornhub Videos

Therefore, while navigating in the sites or playing videos online, you may be disturbed by the ads. In addition, when you are connecting with poor network connection, you may want to download the Pornhub videos you like for enjoying offline fluently. So are there any tools support downloading Pornhub videos? Today, I would like to introduce you two helpful ways to save Pornhub videos for offline playback.

CONTENT Download Pornhub Videos Easily on Windows/MacHow to Save Pornhub Videos with Screen RecorderSave Pornhub Videos on iPhone/Android for Free

Download Pornhub Videos Easily on Windows/Mac

Directly downloading Pornhub videos in playable format and good quality should be the easiest way to enjoy Pornhub videos offline. Referring to this, a professional video downloader can bring help, which is VideoHunter.

VideoHunter is an all-featured video downloader which supports to download online videos from more than 1,000 sites, including Pornhub, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth.

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To download Pornhub videos via VideoHunter, this tutorial is the only procedure you need to go through. Now let’s see how.

STEP 1. Go to Pornhub and go to the video you want to download for viewing offline. When you click into its video page, move to the address bar and give a right click for selecting the whole URL and copy it.

STEP 2. Now you get the URL of the Pornhub video you want to download. Then, open VideoHunter and paste the URL of the Pornhub video to the frame bar. Don't forget to press the "Analyze" button for analyzing the URL.

Paste Pornhub Video URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. Just wait for a minute and VideoHunter will bring several output options to you. From the list, choose the format and quality you need, select it and then click on the "Download" button to download the Pornhub video immediately.

Download Pornhub Video

How to Save Pornhub Videos with Screen Recorder

Except for VideoHunter, there is another method to save Pornhub videos for offline viewing, which is to record the videos using a lightweight screen recorder.

There are many helpful screen recorders for desktop to record screen activities in original quality. RecordAnyVid can be one of them. This all-in-one and simple screen recorder can perform greatly to help you record Pornhub videos without hassle.

# Highlighted Features of RecordAnyVid

• Offer different modes such as Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Webcam Recorder, and Snapshot to capture the screen in different purposes;
• Provide mainstream formats to output the recordings;
• Use hotkeys to use the program in the most effective way;
• Record the screen and save the recordings in its original quality;
• Allow real-time editing and painting on the video recordings.


Likewise, I will walk you through the steps on how to record a Pornhub video for saving it to enjoy offline with RecordAnyVid.

STEP 1. Open the Pornhub video in advance. Then, also launch RecordAnyVid and enter "Video Recorder".

STEP 2. Set the recording area as well as turn on the "System Sound" with the volume level you need. "Microphone" is better to be turned off because much noise can be avoided.

Set Area to Record Pornhub Video

STEP 3. When the video is ready for playback, press the "REC" button in RecordAnyVid to start recording the video.

NOTE: During the recording, you can edit and paint the video using the drawing panel provided by RecordAnyVid.

STEP 4. When the Pornhub video is over, end the recording by clicking the Stop button. Then in the previewing window, just click "Save" and you can output the recorded Pornhub video for offline playback.

Save Pornhub Recording

Save Pornhub Videos on iPhone/Android for Free

Both of VideoHunter and RecordAnyVid are only available on desktop (Windows and Mac). So what if an iPhone or Android user want to save Pornhub videos for offline viewing? Actually, there are still recording feature and software available on them. Now I will walk you through the process.

# On iPhone

iPhone has its own recording feature, which is completely free for using. By adding the screen recording feature to your "Control Center", then you can easily activate it when you need to record a Pornhub videos or other screen activities.

STEP 1. Go to "Settings" > "Control Center" and add "Screen Recording" to the "INCLUDE" side.

Enable Screen Recording iOS

STEP 2. Open Safari or other web browser for going to Pornhub. Find the video you want to save for offline viewing on iPhone.

STEP 3. Swipe down your "Control Center" and press the screen recording button to start recording the screen. Meanwhile, go back to the Pornhub video and play it. Then, the screen recording tool can begin to record the Pornhub video immediately.

Record Pornhub iOS

STEP 4. When the recording is over, swipe down the "Control Center" again and press the same icon to stop. Finally, the recorded Pornhub video will be saved to your device album.

# On Android

Unlike iOS, Android devices is not equipped with any built-in screen recording feature to capture the screen activities happened on the screen. Therefore, there needs the help of a third-party software. Here AZ Screen Recorder is recommended.

You can easily find AZ Screen Recorder in Google Play Store and install the application to your Android device for recording the screen when you need. You can add a shortcut of AZ Screen Recorder, and when you have the need to record the screen, just by pressing the record button and the application will function immediately.

So when you get this software on you Android device, when you need to record the Pornhub video, just awake the recorder and capture the video when it plays. It is simple for everyone to handle fast.

AZ Screen Recorder

To save Pornhub videos, you can either download them through VideoHunter or use a screen recorder to capture the scenes. It is not complicated to use all these methods. Thus, saving Pornhub videos for offline playback is not a difficult task at all. When you get the video in high quality, you can enjoy it flexible and more comfortable.

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