For those frequent visitors of Xhamster, it would be annoying or embarrassing when the videos are keeping loading with the image stuck at some points. This post has collected 3 methods available for you to download Xhamster videos for having a smooth streaming experience locally, without disturbing you when the Internet connectivity is unstable. Now, please scroll down and learn the way to download videos from Xhamster effortlessly.

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How to Download Videos from Xhamster Without Quality Loss

The powerful one-stop program, VideoHunter, is definitely the first-ranking option available to download Xhamster videos on desktops. The program delivers high definitions (best at 8K) and the most popular formats, MP4, to retain the best streaming experience for you regardless of what devices or media players you are utilizing.

Meanwhile, when VideoHunter detects the subtitles, it will provide corresponding options to select downloading with the videos, or merge them for easier playback. Even if you discover any blocked Xhamster videos in your region, don't worry! VideoHunter has embedded with the proxy setup to bypass the obstacles and help download videos from Xhamster without any restriction! With the program, you can enjoy both the Xhamster video download as well as offline streaming processes in an enjoyable way than you can imagine!

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VideoHunter Beneficial Features

  • Over 1,000+ streaming sites such as Pornhub, YouTube, Dailymotion, and more are supported.
  • Definitions ranging from 720p to the highest 8K are available to select.
  • Multi-thread downloads are supported to facilitate higher productivity.
  • Proxy setup is equipped to break regional restrictions and download Xhamster videos more easily.
  • Keep original subtitles when you save videos from Xhamster.

How to Download Xhamster in VideoHunter

Once getting more familiar with VideoHunter and how it can facilitate the Xhamster videos download, its your turn to follow up the instructions and download Xhamster videos with the program. In the following manipulation, you will learn about the correct way to download videos from Xhamster just in one shot! Please check.

Step 1. Register and Log in VideoHunter
Firstly, please complete the program installation and run VideoHunter on your computer. You ought to follow the sign up and login processes before getting started with its download function.

Log in VideoHunter

Step 2. Copy and Paste Xhamster Video URL
Subsequently, turn to Xhamster streaming platform and access the Xhamster video you wish to download. After copying the video link of it, return back to the program and paste it into the downloading bar. You then can click on the Analyze button to proceed with the link resolving.

Paste Soundcloud Video URL

Step 3. Select Format and Quality to Download
When the analysis is over, there will be optimal output options with different formats and definitions to select in preference. Subsequently, click on the Download button to initiate the Xhamster videos download in no time!

Select Video Format

When the Xhamster videos are all completed, you can access them under the Finished module and then click on the Open Folder button.

Access Downloaded Videos

How to Download Xhamster Videos Online Without Software

Instead of using a third-party program, there are some web-based platforms are actually supported downloading Xhamster videos online, and XXXSave Downloader is one of them which you can try.

XXXSave Downloader has simplified the downloading process. With only one Xhamster video URL, you can process the conversion and download Xhamster video in MP4 with full HD quality for a great streaming experience offline.

More than Xhamster, XXXSave Downloader also supports other popular pornographic sites such as Pornhub, Spankbang, Youporn, and more. If you have great demands in downloading videos from these sites, XXXSave Downloader is a rational platform you shall not miss.

Now, please follow the manipulation guide and master the way to download Xhamster videos on XXXSave Downloader:

1. First, go to Xhamster and copy the URL of the Xhamster video you wish to download and play locally instead of online.

2. Open a new tab in the browser and go to XXXSave Downloader. Once you paste the URL on its downloading bar, click the search icon to proceed with the URL analyzing.

3. When the downloading options are provided, you can choose your preferred one and click on the Download button to save Xhamster video offline in no time.

XXXSave Downloader

How to Save Xhamster Videos in Browser with Extension

Fewer users know that some extensions can also work to help download Xhamster videos without account registration or third-party programs installation needed, and Video DownloadHelper provides the corresponding Xhamster video download service for you.

This extension can be well installed on both Firefox and Chrome. After installing it, when there are videos on the web page, Video DownloadHelper can detect the sources and provide the download options to save them in no time. Although it lacks the definitions for format selection, it brings a more convenient way for you to download Xhamster videos without carrying the URLs between platforms.

Now, please read further and see how Video DownloadHelper works:

1. In Chrome Web Store, confirm to add the Video DownloadHelper extension to the browser first.

2. When you open an Xhamster video in browser, click on the extension icon, then Video DownloadHelper will detect the video embedded on the page for you.

3. When all Xhamster videos are listed in the drop-down list of Video DownloadHelper extension, select the one you need to download and click on the download icon to save it offline in no time.

Video DownloadHelper Download Xmaster Videos

More FAQs to Download Xhamster Videos

If you still have some confusion about Xhamster video download, hope these FAQs can help. Please check.

Can You Download Videos from Xhamster Free?

When Xhamster doesn't offer an official download service, you can only use some third-party tools to download Xhamster videos offline. Therefore, whether you can download videos from Xhamster free or not would depend on the tool you select. Some of them are free of charge, while others may need a charge. So it depends.

Is It Legal to Download Videos on Xhamster?

For any streaming content, if you download them for commercial purposes, whose behavior has brought to incalculable loss to the creators, it is completely illegal. But when you only download Xhamster videos for personal streaming offline, it is a legal action.


If you want to enjoy Xhamster video streaming with a more fluent experience, this post has provided 3 easy methods to help download Xhamster videos for storing locally. Compared among these 3 best Xhamster video downloaders, VideoHunter will deliver the most stable downloading function and the greatest output definitions. Therefore, for me, it will be the most rational option. What about you?

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