How to Block YouTube Ads

When you stream a YouTube video, you would meet ads not just in the beginning of the video. To improve its ads income, YouTube would put ads into video streaming processes, which means that while you stream a YouTube video, you would be interrupted by YouTube ads after certain periods. Especially for those long videos, you need to stop for several times to wait for the ads to go.

This is greatly reduce people's satisfaction in streaming videos. YouTube offered a way to solve this - if you want to remove the ads, subscribe to YouTube Premium. But when you stop the subscription, the ads will come up again. Are there any ways to block YouTube ads without subscribing for YouTube Premium constantly? Here are two methods for you!

CONTENT Method 1. Download YouTube Videos Offline Without Any AdsMethod 2. Block YouTube Ads with AdBlock

Method 1. Download YouTube Videos Offline Without Any Ads

The first method is simple. To get rid of YouTube ads permanently, you can download YouTube videos. This is the simplest way to remove YouTube ads from the videos in one-shot. Another benefit of this method is that you don't need to worry about how to solve some sudden YouTube playback errors as well. But the problem is, what is the reliable video downloader we can use to save YouTube videos offline with the best quality?

Here VideoHunter is recommended. VideoHunter is an all video downloader that is able to download online videos from 1,000+ sites, and it performs extremely good in downloading YouTube videos. You can check its highlighted features below.

VideoHunter A Reliable and High-quality Any Video Downloader for Windows/Mac Enable 6X faster conversion as well as downloading speed; Provide HD resolution 1080p to output YouTube long videos; Allow to download subtitles from the original YouTube videos; Extract soundtracks from YouTube videos to MP3 320kbps; Detect and analyze YouTube playlist very quickly; Provide 100% secure platform without virus or spyware. Free Download Free Download

With VideoHunter, you can easily remove the ads from them forever. You have to pay for $11.99 every month for subscribing for YouTube Premium. But with VideoHunter lifetime plan, which costs only $29.95, you can enjoy the online video/audio downloading service forever!

# Tutorial on Using VideoHunter to Download YouTube Video

Today, when be tha of life. People just try to keep everything as simple and VideoHunter is not a complicated tool that require complex operation process to get video downloaded. You only need several simple steps to save your favorite YouTube videos with the quality you need offline, thus get rid of the annoying ads.

STEP 1. Download VideoHunter from the official website. After installation completed, launch the program and enter the main feed of its "Downloader".

VideoHunter for Windows

STEP 2. Now move to YouTube in your browser and select the YouTube video you want to download for getting rid of the annoying ads. You have to copy its URL.

STEP 3. In this step, turn back to VideoHunter program, and then insert the video URL into its frame bar. Also, press the "Analyze" button beside the bar to start converting the YouTube video.

Paste YouTube Video URL to VideoHunter

STEP 4. Just wait for a short time when VideoHunter generates some output choices to you, you can select an option you prefer, and hit the "Download" icon below to start downloading the YouTube video. Then the ads can be removed and you and enjoy the ads-free YouTube video offline!

Select Format and Quality to Download

Method 2. Block YouTube Ads with AdBlock

Another convenient way to block YouTube ads is to use a lightweight add-on, which can be installed on both Chrome and Firefox. This is user friendly to those who prefer streaming YouTube videos online instead of downloading them for occupying large part of devices' storage space. It would not be difficult to install and use this add-on. Here comes the procedure of using AdBlock on Chrome.

STEP 1. Go to the extension store and find AdBlock from its database.

STEP 2. When you find the extension, click the button for adding it to your Chrome browser. Just follow the instruction and the extension can be simply added within only simple clicks.

Add AdBlock to Chrome

STEP 3. Every time when you launch browser and go to YouTube for streaming YouTube video, turn on AdBlock and it will count the total number of ads appeared on the site for you. When you need to skip an ad, just click the AdBlock icon and choose to block the ads. It is easy to use.

AdBlock Block YouTube Ads

# Drawback of AdBlock:

AdBlock can't automatically block ads when there is one appearing in your sight. So every time when there is an ad showing up in YouTube video, you need to click AdBlock for skipping it manually.

We all don't like ads while watching videos because it greatly affect our experience in having a smooth and enjoyable video playback. But how to block ads should be a problem you can think of. Not only for YouTube ads but also many other platforms, using VideoHunter to download the videos in advance is a very good choice. You even don't need to worry about the playback errors. Why not give it a try?

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